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Randy Bachman lyrics
Genre: Rock
Axe (1970) 01. Zarahemla [add]
02. Not to Return [add]
03. Pookie's Skuffle [add]
04. Tally's Tune [add]
05. Take the Long Way Home [add]
06. La Jolla [add]
07. Tin Lizzie [add]
08. Suite Theam [add]
09. Noah [add]

Survivor (1978) 01. Just a Kid [add]
02. One Hand Clappin' [add]
03. Lost in the Shuffle [add]
04. Is the Night Too Cold for Dancin'? [add]
05. You Moved Me [add]
06. I Am a Star [add]
07. Maybe Again [add]
08. Survivor [add]
09. Noah [add]
10. Just a Kid [add]
11. One Hand Clappin' [add]
12. Lost in the Shuffle [add]
13. Is the Night Too Cold [add]
14. You Moved Me [add]
15. I Am a Star [add]
16. Maybe Again [add]
17. Survivor [add]

Any Road (1993) 01. Prairie Town [add]
02. Any Road [add]
03. I Wanna Shelter You [add]
04. Overworked and Underpaid [add]
05. 15 Minutes of Fame [add]
06. Tailspin [add]
07. Vanishing Heroes [add]
08. One Step Ahead of the Law [add]
09. It's Only Money [add]
10. One Night in Texas [add]
11. Why Am I Loneley [add]
12. Prairie Town [add]

Merge (1995) 01. Born to Ride [add]
02. There Ain't Nothin' Like It [add]
03. Bad News Travels Fast [add]
04. I Play the Fool for You [add]
05. Nothin's Gonna Bring You Down [add]
06. Anthem: For the Young [add]
07. Please Come to Paris [add]
08. No Reason to Cry [add]
09. Can't Go Back to Memphis [add]
10. Burnin' up the Floor [add]
11. Made in Canada [add]
12. That's Ok [add]

Every Song Tells a Story [live] (2002) 01. Prairie Town [add]
02. Prairie Town (Story) [add]
03. No Sugar Tonight (Story) [add]
04. No Sugar Tonight [add]
05. New Mother Nature (Story) [add]
06. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature [add]
07. Undun (Story) [add]
08. Undun [add]
09. Let It Ride (Story) [add]
10. Let It Ride [add]
11. These Eyes (Story) [add]
12. These Eyes [add]
13. Laughing [Pre-Story] [add]
14. Laughing [add]
15. Laughing [Post-Story] [add]
16. Four Wheel Drive (Story) [add]
17. Four Wheel Drive [add]
18. No Time (Story) [add]
19. No Time [add]
20. American Woman (Story) [add]
21. American Woman [add]
22. Hey You (Story) [add]
23. Hey You [add]
24. Looking Out for #1 (Story) [add]
25. Looking out for #1 [add]
26. You Aint Seen Nothing Yet (Story) [add]
27. You Aint Seen Nothing Yet [add]
28. Taking Care of Business (Story) [add]
29. Taking Care of Business [add]
30. Shakin' All Over [add]

JazzThing (2004) 01. Let's Call It a Night [add]
02. In Blue [add]
03. That Old Feeling [add]
04. Rose Coloured Glasses [add]
05. Summertime [add]
06. Sentimental Fool [add]
07. I Walk the Line [add]
08. Dead Cool [add]
09. The First Time You Said Hello [add]
10. Breau's Place (Quiet and Blue) [live] [add]
11. Our Leaves Are Green Again [add]

Bachman-Cummings Songbook (2006) 01. Laughing [add]
02. These Eyes [add]
03. Undun [add]
04. American Woman [add]
05. Albert Flasher [add]
06. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature [add]
07. No Time [add]
08. Share the Land [add]
09. Sour Suite [add]
10. Let It Ride [add]
11. Takin' Care of Business [add]
12. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet [add]
13. Hey You [add]
14. Lookin' Out for #1 [add]
15. Stand Tall [add]
16. My Own Way to Rock [add]
17. I'm Scared [add]
18. Break It to Them Gently [add]
19. I Will Play a Rhapsody [add]

Jazzthing II (2007) 01. Exactly Like You [add]
02. Everybody's Cryin' Mercy [add]
03. Two Trains Runnin' [add]
04. Closing Time [add]
05. Runaway [add]
06. Your Mind Is on Vacation [add]
07. Takin' Care of Business [add]

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