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Helix lyrics
Genre: Rock
Breaking Loose (1979) 01. I Could Never Leave [add]
02. Don't Hide Your Love [add]
03. Down in the City [add]
04. Crazy Women [add]
05. Billy Oxygen [add]
06. Here I Go Again [add]
07. You're a Woman Now [add]
08. Wish I Could Be There [add]

White Lace & Black Leather (1981) 01. Breaking Loose [add]
02. It's Too Late [add]
03. Long Distance Heartbreak [add]
04. Time for a Change [add]
05. Hangman's Tree [add]
06. It's What I Wanted [add]
07. Mainline [add]
08. Women, Whiskey & Sin [add]
09. Thoughts That Bleed [add]

No Rest for the Wicked (1983) 01. Does a Fool Ever Learn [add]
02. Let's All Do It Tonight [add]
03. Heavy Metal Love lyrics
04. Check Out the Love [add]
05. No Rest for the Wicked [add]
06. Don't Get Mad, Get Even [add]
07. Ain't No High Like Rock 'N' Roll [add]
08. Dirty Dog [add]
09. Never Want to Lose You [add]
10. White Lace and Black Leather [add]

Walkin' the Razor's Edge (1984) 01. Rock You [add]
02. Young and Wreckless [add]
03. Animal House [add]
04. Feel the Fire [add]
05. When the Hammer Falls [add]
06. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' [add]
07. My Kind of Rock [add]
08. (Make Me Do) Anything You Want [add]
09. Six Strings, Nine Lives [add]
10. You Keep Me Rockin' [add]

Long Way to Heaven (1985) 01. Kids Are All Shakin' [add]
02. Deep Cuts the Knife [add]
03. Ride the Rocket [add]
04. Long Way to Heaven [add]
05. House on Fire [add]
06. Christine [add]
07. Without You (Jasmine's Song) [add]
08. School of Hard Knocks [add]
09. Don't Touch the Merchandise [add]
10. Bangin' Offa the Bricks [add]

Wild in the Streets (1987) 01. Wild in the Streets [add]
02. Never Gonna Stop the Rock [add]
03. Dream On [add]
04. What Ya Bringin' to the Party [add]
05. High Voltage Kicks [add]
06. Give 'Em Hell [add]
07. Shot Full of Love [add]
08. Love Hungry Eyes [add]
09. She's Too Tough [add]
10. Kiss It Goodbye [add]

It's a Business Doing Pleasure (1993) 01. That Day Is Gonna Come [add]
02. Tug O' War [add]
03. Wrong Side of Bed [add]
04. Can't Even Afford to Die [add]
05. Misery Loves Company [add]
06. Look Me Straight in the Heart [add]
07. Trust the Feeling [add]
08. Love Is a Crazy Game [add]
09. Sleepin' in the Dog House Again [add]
10. Mad Mad World [add]

Back for Another Taste (1993) 01. The Storm [add]
02. Running Wild in the 21st Century [add]
03. That's Life [add]
04. Breakdown [add]
05. Heavy Metal Cowboys [add]
06. Wild in the Streets [add]
07. Back for Another Taste [add]
08. Rockin' Rollercoaster [add]
09. Midnight Express [add]
10. Good to the Last Drop [add]
11. Give It to You [add]
12. Wheels of Thunder [add]

Half Alive (1998) 01. Shock City Psycho Rock [add]
02. Wrecking Ball [add]
03. The Pusher [add]
04. Big Bang Boom [add]
05. The Same Room [add]
06. No Rest for the Wicked [add]
07. Dirty Dog [add]
08. Running Wild in the 21st Century [add]
09. Animal House [add]
10. When the Hammer Falls [add]
11. Deep Cuts the Knife [add]
12. Smile [add]
13. Good to the Last Drop [add]
14. Heavy Metal Love lyrics
15. Wild in the Streets [add]
16. Rock You [add]

Over 60 Minutes With... (1998) 01. No Rest for the Wicked [add]
02. Check Out the Love [add]
03. Dirty Dog [add]
04. Give It to You [#] [add]
05. Young & Wreckless [add]
06. Deep Cuts the Knife [add]
07. Animal House [add]
08. You Keep Me Rockin' [add]
09. Never Wanna Lose You [add]
10. Does a Fool Ever Learn [add]
11. Jaws of the Tiger [#] [add]
12. White Lace & Black Leather [add]
13. Long Way to Heaven [add]
14. Without You (Jasmine's Song) [add]
15. Everybody Pays the Price [#] [add]
16. Heavy Metal Love lyrics
17. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' [add]
18. When the Hammer Falls [add]
19. The Kids Are All Shakin' [add]
20. (Make Me Do) Anything You Want [add]
21. Rock You [add]

Live in Buffalo 1983 (2004) 01. No Rest for the Wicked [add]
02. 6 Strings 9 Lives [add]
03. Let's All Do It Tonite [add]
04. Never Want to Lose You [add]
05. Everybody Pays the Price [add]
06. You Keep Me Rocking [add]
07. White Lace & Black Leather [add]
08. Check out the Love [add]
09. Hot on the Heels of Love [add]
10. Heavy Metal Love lyrics
11. Dirty Dog [add]
12. No High Like Rock and Roll [add]
13. My Kind of Rock [add]

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