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Eric Hansen [Singer/Songwriter] lyrics
Genre: Folk
A Lover's Lullaby (0000) 01. The Holy Man lyrics
02. Telephone for Tulip [add]
03. My Garden of Love [add]
04. A Lover's Lullaby [add]
05. This Too Shall Pass [add]
06. Box of Chihuahuas [add]
07. Lay This Thing to Rest [add]
08. I Am a Simple Fisherman [add]
09. I'm Over You [add]
10. Little Lamp [add]
11. It's Over Now [add]

Lucky (1997) 01. Scrub a Dub [add]
02. Someday [add]
03. I Surrender [add]
04. Big Bodied Woman [add]
05. Without You [add]
06. I Love My Guitar [add]
07. Honor [add]
08. Two Crazy People (Lucky) [add]
09. Dear Carl [add]
10. In Grandpa's Eyes [add]

Real Slow (1997) 01. Trouble [add]
02. Suntan and a Cellular Phone [add]
03. Let It Rain [add]
04. Real Slow [add]
05. Hello Billie Ann [add]
06. Take My Hand [add]
07. Charlie the Frog [add]
08. I've Got You [add]
09. We Lived in Paris [add]
10. Gently [add]
11. The Differences Between Us [add]
12. Day After Tomorrow [add]
13. Leap of Faith [add]
14. We've Got to Let Go [add]
15. I Am I [add]

Hero in the Dark (2001) 01. Hero in the Dark [add]
02. Cast Your Stone [add]
03. Memphis Afternoon [add]
04. Fold into My Arms [add]
05. True Friends [add]
06. It'll Be Good to Feel the Sun [add]
07. You Are the Music [add]
08. Awake 'N' Laugh [add]
09. Simple Song [add]
10. Nobody Knows [add]
11. God's Garden [add]
12. Oh Navajo Girl [add]

Nobody Knows, Music for Kids of All Ages, Shapes & Sizes (2001) 01. Nobody Knows [add]
02. The Sky Is Crying [add]
03. Awake 'N' Laugh [add]
04. Charlie the Frog [add]
05. I Am I [add]
06. Circle of Smiles [add]
07. It'll Be Good to Feel the Sun [add]
08. Let It Rain [add]
09. I Love My Guitar [add]
10. Oh Navajo Girl [add]
11. The Boo Boo Blues [add]
12. Cast Your Stone [add]
13. Leap of Faith [add]
14. True Friends [add]

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