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The Happy Boys lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Techno Party, Vol. 1 (2003) 01. E [add]
02. Supadupafly [add]
03. The Crowd Song [add]
04. Loneliness [add]
05. Addicted to Bass [Differentgear Mix] [add]
06. Punk [add]
07. Don't Go [add]
08. Derb [add]
09. 140 BPM [add]
10. Godd [add]
11. Power [add]
12. Horizon [add]
13. Hard to Say I'm Sorry [add]
14. Operation Blade [add]
15. Children [Future Breeze vs. Junkfood Junkies Mix] [add]
16. On the Move [add]

Trance Party, Vol. 3 (2003) 01. The Boys of Summer [add]
02. Diving [add]
03. Come.... (Into My Dream) [add]
04. The Way (Put Your Hand in My Hand) [add]
05. Gates of Mind [Pimpsmackers Mix] [add]
06. If I Were You [add]
07. Alone [add]
08. La Marche de la Lune [add]
09. Be With You [add]
10. Keep It Up [add]
11. The One [add]
12. U R (My Love) [add]
13. Beautiful Things [Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix] [add]
14. Dreaming [add]
15. Wherever You Are (I Feel Love) [add]
16. Secret Love [add]

Dance Party (Like It's 2004) (2003) 01. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven [add]
02. Give It Up [add]
03. Appreciate Me [add]
04. No Letting Go [Al B. Rich Club Mix] [add]
05. Never (Past Tense) [add]
06. I Begin to Wonder [add]
07. Right Stuff [add]
08. Burn for You [add]
09. I Like Love (I Love Love) [add]
10. No, No, No [add]
11. Deepest Blue [add]
12. Destination Unknown [add]
13. Get Better [add]
14. Lucky Star [add]
15. Alone [add]
16. Sunlight [add]

Techno Party, Vol. 2 (2004) 01. (I Just Want to Be A) Drummer [add]
02. Spread Love [add]
03. Satisfaction [add]
04. Rock Your Body, Rock [add]
05. Poison [add]
06. Plastic Dreams [add]
07. Traffic [add]
08. Music Is Life [add]
09. Sound of Arena [add]
10. Shake Ya Shimmy [add]
11. Raumpatrouille [add]
12. Put Your Hands in the Air (Uhh Ooh!) [add]
13. Go Insane [add]
14. Tell Me Where You Are [add]
15. Classical Gas [add]
16. Maria (I Like It Loud) [add]

Mix Show 3: The Ultimate Club Mix (2004) 01. Shining [add]
02. Husan [add]
03. Stupidisco [add]
04. Let's Get It Right [add]
05. Heart [add]
06. You Never Know [add]
07. Time [add]
08. How Did You Know? [add]
09. You Make Me Wanna [add]
10. Set the Stakes High [add]
11. If I Close My Eyes [add]
12. It's All Vain [add]
13. Plastic Dreams [add]
14. Ex Ex Girlfriend [add]
15. Straight Ahead [add]
16. I Can't Let You Go [add]

Trance Party, Vol. 4 (2004) 01. Cruising [add]
02. As the Rush Comes [add]
03. It's All Vain [Innervisions Mix] [add]
04. Rain Down on Me [Tiësto Remix] [add]
05. Love Comes Again [add]
06. I Believe [add]
07. Livin' on a Prayer [add]
08. Burned With Desire [add]
09. Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) [add]
10. Surrender [add]
11. Miracle [add]
12. Show Me a Sign [add]
13. Sunrise [add]
14. Where Are You Now? [add]
15. Tell Me Where You Are [O.S.I.R.I.S. vs. Boostar Mix] [add]
16. Listen to Your Heart [Furious F. Ez MX] [add]

Dance Party (Like It's 2005) (2004) 01. Lola's Theme [add]
02. Move Ya Body [Norty Cotto Mix] [add]
03. Get Up Stand Up [add]
04. How Did You Know? [add]
05. You Never Know [add]
06. I Like It [add]
07. Pump It Up [add]
08. White Flag [Scumfrog Remix] [add]
09. Everytime [Valentin Remix] [add]
10. Easy as Life [Theme from Aida] [add]
11. If I Close My Eyes [add]
12. Déjà Vu (It's Hard to Believe) [add]
13. Cherish the Day [Antillas Mix] [add]
14. I Want to Know What Love Is [Piper Remix] [add]
15. Rise Again [add]
16. Surrender [add]

Dance Party (Like It's 2006) (2005) 01. Waterman [add]
02. Put 'Em High [add]
03. Calabria [add]
04. All This Time [add]
05. Story of My Life [add]
06. Love on My Mind [add]
07. Up & Down [add]
08. Satellites [add]
09. And She Said... [add]
10. Be My World [add]
11. If You Don't Know Me by Now [add]
12. You Shine on Me [add]
13. Faithfully [add]
14. Forgive [add]
15. Everytime We Touch [Verano Mix] [add]
16. Listen to Your Heart [add]

Trance Party, Vol. 6 (2006) 01. Fire [add]
02. Cut [Bronleewe & Bose Radio Edit] [add]
03. I Think I Love You [add]
04. All About Me [add]
05. Kiss the Sky [Mike Rizzo Global Mixshow Edit] [add]
06. All My Love [Koishii & Hush Remix] [add]
07. When You Say Nothing at All [add]
08. Lying [add]
09. Tracking Treasure Down [add]
10. Raindrops [add]
11. Push It [add]
12. Alive [German Club Edit] [add]
13. Piece of Heaven [add]
14. Bad Boy [add]
15. Satellites [Flip & Fill Remix] [add]
16. I Go Crazy [Hardbounze Extended Mix] [add]

Dance Party 2007 (2006) 01. Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) [add]
02. Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) [add]
03. Let's Get Down [add]
04. Look on the Floor (Hypnotic Tango) [Angel City Extended Remix] [add]
05. Elektro [The Cube Guys Delano Remix] [add]
06. I Wish U Would [add]
07. Since You've Been Gone [Discoblaster Remix] [add]
08. On My Own [Eddie Thoneick Mix] [add]
09. What a Feeling [add]
10. Just a Girl [add]
11. By the Way [Al B Rich Club Mix] [add]
12. It's Too Late [add]
13. Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) [Aural Flux Mix] [add]
14. Miracle [add]
15. Music Box Dancer [add]
16. I Go Crazy [Giuseppe D.'s Euro Madness Mix] [add]

Dance Party (Like It's 2008) (2007) 01. Love Is Gone [add]
02. Changes [add]
03. Proper Education [add]
04. Shining Star [add]
05. Put Your Hands Up for Detroit [add]
06. Feels Like Heaven [add]
07. In My Arms [Bimbo Jones Radio Edit] [add]
08. Counting Down the Days [add]
09. Sound of Freedom [add]
10. Cry for You [add]
11. All out of Love [add]
12. Big Area [add]
13. Put 'Em Up [add]
14. Again [add]
15. Tell Me [add]
16. White Lies [add]

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