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Keith Hemmerling lyrics
Genre: Country
Fairies and Figurines (2000) 01. Therapist Spells the Rapist [add]
02. Alice Comes to Town [add]
03. Pico Permit Parking [add]
04. Mom Became an Attorney [add]
05. I Fell Off the Wagon at the Apple Pan [add]
06. Methadone Maintenance Man [add]
07. Mermaid Fo Malibu [add]
08. Minnesota Pipeline [add]
09. Money on the Other End [add]
10. Fairies and Figurines [add]

Honky Tonk Fairy Tale (2002) 01. Nothin I Wouldn't Do [add]
02. Who Would Have Thought [add]
03. Holdin on for Dear Wife [add]
04. What I Was Made Of [add]
05. Who U Don't Love Can't Hurt You [add]
06. I Ain't Ever Lovin Back [add]
07. Come What May [add]
08. Honky Tonk Heros [add]
09. Honky Tonk Yer Horn [add]
10. Walk Out That Door [add]

Gin for Every Virgin (2003) 01. Billie Lee [add]
02. Gin for Every Virgin [add]
03. Whiskey, Cigarettes and Whores [add]
04. Didn't Do the Dishes [add]
05. In Every Woman's Body [add]
06. I Could Have Been [add]
07. Candy's Fun House [add]
08. Methadone Maintenance Man [add]
09. Queen Elizabeth Is Not a Prostitute [add]
10. Minnesota Pipeline [add]
11. Money on the Other End [add]
12. Rubber Man/Sally Sloppy Eater [add]
13. Couple Killed in Room [add]
14. A Needle Never Gets Soft [add]
15. Whip Me Where It Hurts [add]
16. Methadone Maintenance Man [add]
17. Square of Time/Minnesota Pipeline [add]
18. The Money Side [add]

Jigsaw Puzzle Personality (2003) 01. Jigsaw Puzzle Personality 1 [add]
02. Jigsaw Puzzle Personality 3 [add]

Law School Suicide (2003) 01. CD a [add]
02. CD B [add]
03. CD C [add]
04. CD D [add]

Fairies, Witches and Figurines [# 2] (2004) 01. Now That I'm on My Own [add]
02. Methadone Maintenance Man [add]
03. Keruac Rap [add]
04. Methadone Maintenance Man [add]
05. My Beautiful Child [add]
06. Therapist Spells the Rapist [add]
07. The Lawyer on the Edge [add]
08. Rotterdam [add]
09. Under the Influence of You [add]
10. Tapeworm [add]
11. Therapist Rap [add]
12. Therapist Spells the Rapist [add]
13. Jesus in the Hardware Store [add]
14. Methadone Maintenance Man [add]
15. The Weyburn [add]
16. Stained Glass Heart [add]
17. All That Remains [add]
18. I Fell off the Wagon at the Apple Pan [add]
19. Stephen Sleeps [add]
20. Marbles of Pain [add]

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