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Honeymoon Suite lyrics
Genre: Rock
Honeymoon Suite (1984) 01. New Girl Now lyrics
02. Burning in Love [add]
03. Wave Babies [add]
04. Stay in the Light [add]
05. Now That You Got Me [add]
06. Funny Business [add]
07. Heart on Fire [add]
08. Turn My Head [add]
09. It's Your Heart [add]
10. Face to Face [add]

The Big Prize (1986) 01. Bad Attitude lyrics
02. Feel It Again lyrics
03. Lost and Found [add]
04. What Does It Take lyrics
05. One by One [add]
06. Wounded [add]
07. Words in the Wind [add]
08. All Along You Knew [add]
09. Once the Feeling [add]
10. Take My Hand [add]

Racing After Midnight (1988) 01. Lookin' Out for Number One [add]
02. Long Way Back [add]
03. Cold Look [add]
04. Love Fever [add]
05. Other Side of Midnight [add]
06. Love Changes Everything [add]
07. It's Over Now [add]
08. Fast Company [add]
09. Tears on the Page [add]
10. Lethal Weapon [Remix -- From the Motion Picture] [add]

Lemon Tongue (2002) 01. Lemon Tongue [add]
02. What I Know [add]
03. So Hard [add]
04. Undone [add]
05. Don't Make Me Want You [add]
06. Touch the Sun [add]
07. Lagavulin [add]
08. Knew You When [add]
09. The Way I Do [add]
10. Gone [add]
11. Into Me, Unto You [add]

Dreamland (2002) 01. What I Know [add]
02. So Hard [add]
03. Still Lovin' You [add]
04. Just Love Somebody [add]
05. The Way I Do [add]
06. Dreamland [add]
07. Too Little, Too Late [add]
08. Gone [add]
09. Undone [add]
10. Lagavulin [add]
11. Radiant [add]
12. Even Now [add]

13 Live (2004) 01. Say You Don't Know Me [add]
02. Burning in Love [add]
03. Lookin' Out for Number One [add]
04. Wave Babies [add]
05. Stay in the Light [add]
06. All Along You Knew [add]
07. Bad Attitude lyrics
08. Feel It Again lyrics
09. The Road [add]
10. Love Changes Everything [add]
11. What Does It Take lyrics
12. New Girl Now lyrics
13. If Ya Love Me [add]

Monsters Under the Bed (2004) 01. Say You Don't Know Me [add]
02. Bring on the Light [add]
03. If Ya Love Me [add]
04. The Road [add]
05. Little Sister [add]
06. How Long [add]
07. Come (Let Me Take You There) [add]
08. Miracle [add]
09. It's Only Love [add]
10. Next to You [add]
11. Stand Alone [add]
12. All I Wanted [add]

HMS Live (2005) 01. Other Side of Midnight [add]
02. What I Know [add]
03. Stay in the Light [add]
04. Burning in Love [add]
05. Wave Babies [add]
06. Touch the Sun [add]
07. Piano Solo [add]
08. What Does It Take lyrics
09. Feel It Again lyrics
10. All Along You Knew [add]
11. Lookin' Out for No. 1 [add]
12. Guitar Solo [add]
13. Bad Attitude lyrics
14. New Girl Now lyrics

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