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Lillian Axe lyrics
Genre: Rock
Lillian Axe (1988) 01. Dream of a Lifetime [add]
02. Inside Out [add]
03. Vision in the Night [add]
04. Picture Perfect [add]
05. The More That You Get [add]
06. Misery Loves Company [add]
07. Nobody Knows [add]
08. Hard Luck [add]
09. Waiting in the Dark [add]
10. Laughing in Your Face [add]

Love and War (1989) 01. All's Fair in Love and War [add]
02. She Likes It on Top [add]
03. Duana [add]
04. Down on You [add]
05. World Stopped Turning [add]
06. Ghost of Winter [add]
07. My Number [add]
08. Show a Little Love [add]
09. Fool's Paradise [add]
10. Letters in the Rain [add]

Poetic Justice (1992) 01. Poetic Justice [add]
02. Innocence [add]
03. True Believer lyrics
04. Body Double [add]
05. See You Someday [add]
06. Living in the Grey [add]
07. Digital Dreams [add]
08. Dyin' to Live [add]
09. Mercy [add]
10. The Promised Land [add]
11. No Matter What [add]
12. She's My Salvation [add]
13. A Moment of Reflection [add]

Psychoschizophrenia (1993) 01. Crucified [add]
02. Deepfreeze [add]
03. Moonlight in Your Blood [add]
04. Stop the Hate [add]
05. Sign of the Times [add]
06. The Needle and Your Pain [add]
07. Those Who Prey [add]
08. Voices in My Walls [add]
09. Now You Know [add]
10. Deep Blue Shadows [add]
11. The Day I Met You [add]
12. Psychoschizophrenia [add]

Fields of Yesterday (1999) 01. Death Valley Daze [add]
02. Pulling the Rats Out [add]
03. For Cryin' out Loud [add]
04. When It Rains [add]
05. The Last Time [add]
06. Blood on the Moon [add]
07. Calm Before the Storm [add]
08. Daddy Long Legs [add]
09. Do It [add]
10. Twilight in Hell [add]
11. Become a Monster [add]
12. Thirst [add]
13. Throw You Away [add]
14. Kill Me Again [add]

Live 2002 (2002) 01. Misery Loves Company [add]
02. All's Fair in Love + War [add]
03. Innocence [add]
04. The World Stopped Turning [add]
05. Letters in the Rain [add]
06. Waiting in the Dark [add]
07. Deepfreeze [add]
08. Pullin' the Rats Out [add]
09. Ghost of Winter [add]
10. Fool's Paradise [add]
11. Crucified [add]
12. Nobody Knows [add]
13. Sign of the Times [add]
14. Mercy [add]
15. Show a Little Love [add]
16. Voices in My Walls [add]
17. The Day I Met You [add]
18. Those Who Prey [add]
19. Dream of a Lifetime [add]
20. Become a Monster [add]
21. True Believer lyrics

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