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Circle of Dead Children lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Genocide Machine (2001) 01. Migration lyrics
02. The Genocide Machine lyrics
03. Cremationism (Become the Flame) [add]
04. From Eros to Thanotos [add]
05. Corpses of Refinement A.K.A. The Men Behind the Sun [add]
06. Only One Per Coffin lyrics
07. Barbarians and Henchmen [add]
08. Isabella's Nightmare [add]
09. Two-Week Notice [add]
10. Extreme Cannibal Smoke! [add]
11. Digestive Ceremony lyrics
12. When We Make the Clouds Scream [add]
13. Beetoven's Children [add]
14. It's a Bloody Day When You Get Your Head Nailed to a Kross [add]
15. Wormpaste (Bled Through the Earth) [add]
16. CH / Or [add]
17. CTrl* Alt* Delete [add]

Starving the Vultures (2002) 01. Ursa Major lyrics
02. Eldorado lyrics
03. Where the Hive Hangs [add]
04. Sunday's Agenda [add]
05. Tranquilizer lyrics
06. Four Walls and a Feeling [add]
07. When Silence Glorifies Pestilence (Faint) [add]
08. Sons of Nameless [add]
09. Doom Farmer lyrics
10. Calm lyrics
11. Freethinkers Fight Song lyrics
12. Return to Water [add]
13. Heidi's Arrow [add]
14. Imprint This Stake With Your Name lyrics

Human Harvest (2003) 01. A Family Tree to Hang From [add]
02. We Wear the Gimp Mask [add]
03. Salt Rock Eyes lyrics
04. Bring Her a Mushroom Cloud, Pt.1 [add]
05. No Tolerance for Silence [add]
06. Destiny of the Slug [add]
07. Sleepwalker lyrics
08. Harvest at Dawn (Enter Fertility) [add]
09. Corsage of Fresh Meat and Rotted Pride [add]
10. Oak and Iron [add]
11. Mother Pig lyrics
12. Rocket lyrics
13. King Cobra vs. Queen Bee lyrics
14. The Buzzard Blizzard lyrics
15. White Trash Headache lyrics
16. Shadow of the Narcissist [add]
17. Bring Her a Mushroom Cloud, Pt.2 [add]
18. My Supernatural (Bells Ring Slowly) lyrics
19. Alkaline lyrics

Exotic Sense Decay (2004) 01. Pigeon vs Crow [add]
02. A Wooden Heart Never Bleeds lyrics
03. Wotton lyrics
04. Grabbing N lyrics
05. Skull of a Hermit/Brain of a Faery [add]
06. Ten Fingers (My Last Ten Minutes) [add]
07. Scarecrow Trailer Park lyrics

Zero Comfort Margin (2005) 01. Forward Through the Copper Sun [add]
02. Zero Comfort Margin [add]
03. No Tears Fall Through Hollow Eye-Sockets [add]
04. Chemical Goat [add]
05. Whimper [add]
06. Android: 120 Ampre Opiate [add]
07. Host(age) [add]
08. Bohemian Grave [add]
09. The System as the Master Deceiver [add]
10. Born on a Bomb Shell [add]
11. Strip Naked for the Killer [add]
12. A Homage to Tombstone Granite [add]
13. Footprints in Fire [add]
14. Playdumb [add]
15. For Black Eyes Only A.K.A. Depopulate: Tears of Illuminati [add]

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