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Regurgitate lyrics
Genre: Rock
Effortless Regurgitation...The Torture Sessions (1999) 01. Intro: The Act of Intestinal Regurgitation [add]
02. Disgorging Foetus [add]
03. Confluent Macular Drug Eruption [add]
04. Bullous Impetigo [add]
05. Fleshfeast [add]
06. Anorectal Ulceration [add]
07. Vulva Fermentation [add]
08. Multicysitc Kidney [add]
09. Mucupurulent Offal Grinder [add]
10. Total Dismemberment of a Female Corpse [add]
11. Carnal Cacophony [add]
12. Vomit Breath [add]
13. Complete Rectal Prolapse [add]
14. Testicular Trauma [add]
15. Genital Cancer [add]
16. Malignant Tumour [add]
17. Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis [add]
18. Owner of a Necrotic Intestine [add]
19. Newborn Regurgitation [add]
20. Torsion of the Testicle [add]
21. Worm Eaten Rectum [add]
22. Chronic Lymphatic Leukemie [add]
23. Meatal Ulcel [add]
24. Purulent Discharge from the Urethra [add]
25. Vaginal Obstriction [add]
26. Cloudy, Grayish Vomitus [add]
27. Fleshmangler [add]
28. Splattered Brains [add]
29. Bulging Vaginal Septum [add]
30. Acute Urinary Infection [add]
31. Severe Necroses of the Face [add]
32. Bleeding Peptic Ulcer [add]
33. Face Mutilation [add]
34. Extensive Ulcerative Tumour [add]
35. Tumecent Foetal Fluids to Expurgate [add]
36. Carbonized Bowels [add]
37. Effortlesss Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood [add]
38. Basic Torture Procedure [add]
39. Phrenetic Chainsaw Slaughter of a Crippled Infant [add]
40. Revel in Menstrual Excrements [add]
41. Uncontrolled Anus Violation [add]
42. Drugged, Raped, and Excreted [add]
43. Self-Dismembered Foetus [add]
44. Bloodspattered Wideopen Abdomen [add]
45. Deranged Menarche Injection [add]
46. Bludgeoned to Death [add]
47. Drastical Decapitation of a Raped Infant [add]
48. Forced Abortion Through the Rectum [add]
49. Maiming the Defenseless [add]
50. Bloody Ejaculation [add]

Carnivorous Erection (2000) 01. The Pulsating Feast lyrics
02. Domination Through Mutilation [add]
03. Escort Service of the Dead [add]
04. Obscene Body Slayings [add]
05. Fecal Freak lyrics
06. Fumillated in Your Own Blood [add]
07. Just Another Stillborn [add]
08. Parade of the Decapitated Midgets [add]
09. Ruptured Remains in a Doggy-Bag [add]
10. Copious Head Carnage lyrics
11. Carnivorous Erection lyrics
12. Relentless Pursuit of Rotting Flesh [add]
13. Swallow the Human Filth [add]
14. Dismantle the Afterbirth lyrics
15. Choked in Shit [add]
16. Funeral Genocide [add]
17. Rancid Head of Splatter lyrics
18. Rage Against Humanity [add]
19. To Boil a Corpse [add]
20. Bloody Pile of Human Waste [add]
21. Drenched in Cattleblood [add]
22. Carbonated Death lyrics
23. Skull of Shit and Sludge lyrics
24. Desperate Need for Violation [add]
25. 37 stabwounds [add]
26. Vomified (Regurgitated to the Core) [add]
27. Headless She Died [add]
28. Breath Like Rotten Meat lyrics
29. I Wanna Kill [add]
30. Claw Hammer Castration lyrics
31. Festering Embryonic Vomit [add]
32. Smeared With Bloodmixed Semen [add]
33. You're About to Fuckin' Die [add]
34. Stinking Genital Warts [add]
35. Pyronecrobestiliality [add]
36. Self-Disembowelment [add]
37. Savage Gorewhore [add]
38. The Combustions and Consumption of Pyorrheic Waste lyrics

Hatefilled Vengeance (2002) 01. Confluent Macular Drug Eruption [add]
02. Vulva Fermentation [add]
03. Complete Rectal Prolapse [add]
04. Testicular Trauma [add]
05. Cloudy, Grayish Vomitus [add]
06. Fleshmangler [add]
07. Bulging Vaginal Septum [add]
08. Bleeding Peptic Ulcer [add]
09. Deranged Menarche Injection [add]
10. Drastical Decapitation... [add]
11. Emethic Jizz Treatment [add]
12. Destined to Burn [add]
13. Hatefilled Vengeance [add]
14. 666 Casualties [add]
15. Deathlike... [add]
16. Choke That Piggy [add]
17. Devastation and Nuclear Apocalypse [add]
18. Disciples of Obliteration [add]

Deviant (2003) 01. Drowning in Filth [add]
02. Embrace Obscenity and Kiss the Eruption of Destruction [add]
03. Seal Your Doom [add]
04. Grotesque Anoplasty [add]
05. Blind Friend of Chaos [add]
06. Visions of Sodomy [add]
07. Severe Necrotic Manifesto [add]
08. Annihilation Meets Depravation [add]
09. Amphigory [add]
10. Screams of Death Your God Won't Hear [add]
11. Reeking Hellhole [add]
12. Lethean Sleep [add]
13. Waging War on Benevolence [add]
14. Exterminatate the Virtuous [add]
15. Alone in Oblivion [add]
16. Deviant Malpractice [add]
17. The Ultimate Enslavement [add]
18. Systematic Demoralization [add]
19. Unfed [add]
20. Manipulation Reigns Supreme [add]
21. Charred Remains (Unseen Terror Cover) [add]
22. Crossed Out Existence [add]
23. Vice and Iniquity [add]
24. Lobotochrist [add]
25. Twisted Rhymes of Perversion [add]
26. Depopulation of the Human Race [add]
27. Life Falls Before Our Feet [add]

Sickening Bliss (2006) 01. Bliss (Intro) [add]
02. Abducens Iminence [add]
03. Euphoric State of Butchery [add]
04. Cocoon of Filth [add]
05. Putrid Serenity [add]
06. Tenderizing the Malformed [add]
07. Violent Necrophilic Climax [add]
08. Cavernous Sores [add]
09. Reborn in Latrinic Ecstasy [add]
10. Bleed on Me [add]
11. Gutrot Hogfrenzy [add]
12. Undying Lust for Cadaverous Molestation [add]
13. Battered with a Brick [add]
14. Devoured by Ghouls [add]
15. Addiction (An Unconditional Love for Blasphemous Perversions) [add]
16. (We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum [add]
17. Worm Eater [add]
18. Perish in Blood [add]
19. Upheaval of Human Entrails [add]
20. Bathed in Feculence [add]
21. Bestial Sons of Devastation [add]
22. Defile [add]
23. Deterioration of Grated Genitals [add]
24. Excremental Ingestment [add]
25. Hacksaw Hysterectomy [add]
26. Catatonic Possession [add]

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