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Sha Na Na lyrics
Genre: Rock
Is Here to Stay (1971) 01. Sixteen Candles [add]
02. Earth Angel [add]
03. (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet [add]
04. Great Balls of Fire [add]
05. Breaking up Is Hard to Do [add]
06. Young Love [add]
07. At the Hop [add]
08. Silhouettes [add]
09. Come Go with Me [add]
10. Rock & Roll Is Here to Stay [add]

Sha Na Na (1971) 01. Yakety Yak [add]
02. Jailhouse Rock [add]
03. Duke of Earl [add]
04. Tell Laura I Love Her [add]
05. Blue Moon lyrics
06. I Wonder Why [add]
07. Great Balls of Fire [add]
08. Rock & Roll Is Here to Stay [add]
09. Only One Song [add]
10. Depression [add]
11. Canadian Money [add]
12. Top Forty [add]
13. Ruin Me Blues [add]
14. Just a Friend [add]

The Night Is Still Young (1972) 01. Sunday Morning Radio [add]
02. Sea Cruise [add]
03. You Can Bet They Do [add]
04. Bounce in Your Buggy [add]
05. It Ain't Love (The Vote Song) [add]
06. Sleepin' on a Song [add]
07. Bless My Soul [add]
08. So Fine - You're So Fine [add]
09. Oh! Lonesome Boy [add]
10. It's What You Do With What You Got [add]
11. Glasses [add]
12. In the Still of the Night [add]

Sha Na Na Now (1975) 01. Shot Down in Denver [add]
02. Only Light on My Horizon [add]
03. Runaway [add]
04. Chills in My Spine [add]
05. Sha Bumpin' [add]
06. Breaking up Is Hard to Do [add]
07. Basement Party [add]
08. (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet [add]
09. Don't Want to Say Goodbye [add]
10. Shanghied [add]
11. Party Lights [add]
12. Circles of Love [add]

Havin' an Oldies Party With (1980) 01. Charlie Brown [add]
02. The Birds and the Bees [add]
03. Boney Maroney [add]
04. Alley-Oop [add]
05. Mr. Bass Man [add]
06. Splish Splash lyrics
07. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini [add]
08. Rama Lama Ding Dong [add]
09. Rockin' Robin [add]
10. The Purple People Eater [add]
11. Get a Job [add]
12. Monster Mash [add]

Halloween Oldies Party (1997) 01. Charlie Brown [add]
02. Da Doo Ron Ron [add]
03. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini [add]
04. Rockin' Robin [add]
05. Splish Splash lyrics
06. Wooly Bully [add]
07. Boney Maroney [add]
08. Purple People Eater [add]
09. Witch Doctor lyrics
10. Monster Mash [add]

Live in Japan (2000) 01. At the Hop [add]
02. Peppermint Twist [add]
03. The Twist [add]
04. The Stroll [add]
05. The Loco-Motion [add]
06. It's My Party [add]
07. Blue Moon lyrics
08. Willie and the Hand Jive [add]
09. It's Just a Matter of Time [add]
10. Great Balls of Fire [add]
11. Come Go with Me [add]
12. Love Potion No. 9 [add]
13. A Teenager in Love [add]
14. In the Still of the Night [add]
15. Rock Around the Clock [add]
16. Be My Baby-Then He Kissed Me [add]
17. Kiss My Eyes [add]
18. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On [add]
19. Good Night, Sweet Heart, Good Night [add]
20. Smokin' Boogie [add]

Rockin' Christmas (2002) 01. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree [add]
02. Christmas Bells [add]
03. Santa's on a Diet [add]
04. You're All I Want for Christmas [add]
05. Run Run Rudolph [add]
06. An Angel for Christmas [add]
07. I Want to Rock'n'roll for Christmas [add]
08. Blue Christmas [add]
09. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) [add]
10. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [add]
11. I Got the Blues for Christmas [add]
12. Jingle Bells [add]
13. The Rockin' Dreidel Song [add]
14. Wish You Were Here [add]

One More Saturday Night (2006) 01. The Cat in the P.T. Cruiser [add]
02. Don't You Remember [add]
03. One More Saturday Night [add]
04. Tokyo Bop [add]
05. Blue [add]
06. Tell Me Something I Don't Know [add]
07. Lovin' Ain't So Hard to Find [add]
08. Sandy [add]
09. Good Rockin' Tonite [add]
10. Hold On (Wait a Minute) [add]
11. Don't Ask Don't Tell [add]
12. Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame [add]
13. Maybe [add]
14. Love Can Hurt [add]
15. Tokyo Bop [*] [add]
16. Blue 2 [*] [add]

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