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Brain Surgeons lyrics
Genre: Rock
Eponymous (1994) 01. Language of Love [add]
02. Most Romantic Place in the World [add]
03. I Play the Drums [add]
04. Soul Jive [add]
05. Brain from Terra Incognita [add]
06. Love Potion No. 9 [add]
07. Mad Dude [add]
08. Big Bang Theory [add]
09. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye [add]
10. (666) Devil Got Your Mother [add]
11. Name Your Monster [add]
12. Time Will Take Care of You [add]

Trepanation (1995) 01. Gimme Nothin' [add]
02. Stones in My Speedway [add]
03. Medusa [add]
04. A Kiss Is a Promise [add]
05. Sally [add]
06. My Civilization [add]
07. Happy New Year [add]
08. Sisters of the Precious Blood [add]
09. Ramblin' Rose [add]
10. Hansel and Gretel [add]
11. Everything Is Blue [add]
12. If U Come Close [add]
13. Bad Habit [add]
14. Night of the 1,000 Guitars [add]

Box of Hammers (1996) 01. Saint Vitus Dance [add]
02. Locked Up [add]
03. Gun [add]
04. I'm on Fire [add]
05. 'Lil Egypt [add]
06. Earthquake Boogie [add]
07. Donkey Show [add]
08. Date With a Guitar [add]
09. End in Tears [add]
10. Tender Was the Night [add]
11. Operation Luv [add]
12. Laura's Plastic Swords [add]
13. Casa del Sol [add]
14. Overture [add]

Piece of Work (1999) 01. Biloxi [add]
02. Rain, Rain [add]
03. On the Road (Again) [add]
04. Practice Makes Perfect [add]
05. Swamp Thing [add]
06. Alpha and Omega [add]
07. More Than Truth [add]
08. Hot Dog Man [add]
09. Bad Hair Day [add]
10. Last Angry Woman [add]
11. Way of the World [add]
12. Pink Roses [add]
13. Rock & Roll Is Dead [add]
14. Confession #9 [add]
15. Billy's Song [add]
16. Simple Man [add]
17. Victory Boulevard [add]
18. Madame X Factor [add]
19. Lost [add]
20. Competition [add]
21. Prince Albert in the Cans [add]
22. Lady of the Harbor [add]

To Helen With Love!: A Tribute to the Life and Music of Helen Wheels (2001) 01. Helen Wheels [add]
02. Lover's Loan [add]
03. Sinful Love [add]
04. Elle Sol [add]
05. Niagara Falls [add]
06. Will to Survive [add]
07. Fallen Angel [add]
08. Room to Rage [add]
09. Hero [add]
10. St. Vitus [add]
11. Goodbye Joe [add]
12. As I Bleed [add]
13. Chimes of Freedom [add]

Beach Party (2003) 01. Naked If I Want To [add]
02. State of Emergency [add]
03. The Red and the Black [add]
04. Medusa [add]
05. Krakatoa [add]
06. Niagara Falls [add]
07. Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein's Castle [add]
08. Date With a Guitar [add]
09. Stealin' Thing [add]
10. Whatever Works [add]
11. Gas Hog [add]
12. Pissin' Away the Summer [add]

Black Hearts of Soul: 10th Anniversary (2005) 01. Lady of the Harbor [add]
02. Cities on Flame with Rock 'N' Roll [add]
03. The Revenge of Vera Gemini [add]
04. Swamp Thing [add]
05. Krakatoa [add]
06. State of Emergency [add]
07. Gun [add]
08. My Civilzation [add]
09. Competition [add]
10. Victory Boulevard [add]
11. Operation Luv [add]
12. Sally [add]
13. Saint Vitus Dance [add]
14. Baby Ice Dog [add]
15. (666) Devil Got Your Mother [add]

Denial of Death (2006) 01. Rocket Science [add]
02. Dark Secrets [add]
03. Strange Like Me [add]
04. Constantine's Sword [add]
05. Jimmy Boots Fetish [add]
06. Plague of Lies [add]
07. 1864 [add]
08. Tomb of the Unknown Monster [add]
09. Swans?ng [add]
10. Verb?ten [add]
11. Lonestar [add]
12. Change the World Henry [add]

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