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Lesli Dalaba lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Core Samples (0000) 01. Core Sample: Algonkia/Jurassia/Cretacia/Permia/Now We've Done It [add]
02. From Dust [add]
03. A Violin Sentiment: Ants in Panic/Help Me Out (Of Here) /City That Never [add]
04. One Breath at a Time [add]

Lesli Dalaba, Fred Frith, Eric Glick Rieman & Carla Kihlstedt (2003) 01. How Light, A Potato Chip [add]
02. The Distance That Separates Dreams [add]
03. Spicule Maneuver [add]
04. Worm Anvils [add]
05. Shallow Weather [add]
06. Lucy Has a New Pet Kitty [add]
07. Ant Farm Morning [add]

Timelines (2004) 01. Prelude [add]
02. Timeline 1: From the Birth of the Sun 15 Minutes = 5 Billion Years [add]
03. Interlude [add]
04. Timeline 2: Dinosaurs to Mammals 15 Minutes = 150 Million Years [add]
05. Interlude [add]
06. Timeline 3: Homo Sapiens Sapiens 15 Minutes = 150 Thousand Years [add]
07. Timeline Guide [CD-ROM Track] [add]

Lung Tree (2005) 01. Opening Credits/Resolve [add]
02. The Dock-Red Ice [add]
03. Walking Ruminations [add]
04. Timbral Shift 10. Coward's Line/Lobby Bar [add]
05. Bed Shadows into Sleep [add]
06. Waking by the Refinery [add]
07. Dissolution and Redemption Animals (Dream 3) [add]
08. Morning Light Through Smokestacks [add]
09. Talking into the Wind [add]

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