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In the Woods... lyrics
Genre: Rock
Heart of the Ages (1997) 01. Yearning the Seeds of a New Dimension [add]
02. Heart of the Ages [add]
03. the Woods: Prologue/Moments Of.../Epilogue [add]
04. Mourning the Death of Aase [add]
05. Wolan's Return [add]
06. Pigeon [add]
07. The Divinity of Wisdom [add]

Omnio (1997) 01. 299.796 KM/S [add]
02. I Am Your Flesh [add]
03. Kairos [add]
04. Weeping Willow [add]
05. Omnio (Pre) [add]
06. Omnio?: Bardo [add]
07. Omnio?: Post [add]
08. Post [add]

Strange in Stereo (1999) 01. Closing In [add]
02. Cell [add]
03. Vanish in the Absence of Virtue [add]
04. Basement Corridors [add]
05. Ton [add]
06. Generally More Worried Than Married [add]
07. Path of the Righteous [add]
08. Dead Man's Creek [add]
09. Titan Transcendence [add]
10. Shelter [add]
11. By the Banks of Randemonium [add]

Three Times Seven on a Pilgrimage (2000) 01. Seed of Sound [add]
02. Karmakosmik [add]
03. Epitaph [add]
04. Empty Room [add]
05. Let There Be More Light [add]
06. Child of Universal Tongue [add]
07. Soundtrax for Cycoz [add]
08. White Rabbit [add]
09. Mourning the Death of Aase [add]
10. If It's in You [add]

Return to the Isle of Men (2001) 01. The Wings of My Dreamland [add]
02. Tell de Dode [add]
03. In the Woods... [add]
04. Creations of an Ancient Shape [add]
05. Wotan's Return [add]
06. Heart of the Ages [add]
07. ...and All This... [add]

Liveatthecaledonienhall (2003) 01. Introducing... [live] [add]
02. Medley on Heartworks [live] [add]
03. Heart of the Ages [live] [add]
04. Beer [live] [add]
05. White Rabbit [live] [add]
06. Mourning the Death of Aase [live] [add]
07. 299.796 KM/S [live] [add]
08. I Am Your Fles [live] [add]
09. Kairos [live] [add]
10. Weeping Willow [live] [add]
11. Omnio (Pre) [live] [add]
12. Omnio (Bardo + Post) [live] [add]
13. Empty Room [live] [add]
14. Don't Care [live] [add]
15. Dead Man's Creek [live] [add]
16. Karmakosmik [live] [add]
17. Path of the Righteous [live] [add]
18. Titan Transcendence [live] [add]
19. Epitaph [live] [add]
20. Closing In [live] [add]
21. So^2 [add]
22. So^2 (Continued) [add]
23. One World [add]
24. Highwayman [add]
25. I Can Cry [add]
26. Badass [add]
27. Death of a Child [add]
28. I'll Make You Understand [add]
29. Crying in the Chapel [add]
30. To Plan - Strofe Zwei [add]
31. One Million Questions [add]
32. Reason Why [add]
33. Counting Thought [add]
34. The Girl and the Road [add]
35. S?rlandet [add]
36. Hope [add]

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