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Grayson Wray lyrics
Genre: Rock
Road to Paradise (2002) 01. Now You Are Here [add]
02. Follow Your Heart [add]
03. Fields of Green [add]
04. Destination Love [add]
05. Anytime It Gets Too Slow [add]
06. When You Cry [add]
07. The Love Is True [add]
08. 23 Flowers [add]
09. My Love [add]
10. 1,2,3,4,5 [add]
11. Get Me Off [add]
12. Good Good Girl [add]
13. Or I Will Never Know [add]

Picasso's Dream (2004) 01. What's Inside [add]
02. There You Were [add]
03. In 1671 [add]
04. She's the Girl [add]
05. Into the Unknown [add]
06. Universal Girl [add]
07. A Matter of Time [add]
08. With You I'm Alone [add]
09. Lucky Star [add]
10. Pure Delight [add]
11. Agent 23 [add]
12. Heaven's the Place [add]
13. Back to Cheyenne [add]
14. You Got Something [add]
15. Sun Is Shining Through [add]
16. Below the Surface [add]

Tales of Mystery and Loneliness (2005) 01. That's What I'm Talking About [add]
02. Gladiator [add]
03. Too Many People [add]
04. Last Man on Earth [add]
05. You Can't Feel [add]
06. Bad Girl [add]
07. Sun God [add]
08. Mystery and Loneliness [add]
09. Hate About Love [add]
10. I Will Never Die [add]
11. Then I'd Have No Choice [add]
12. Just Another Day in L.A. [add]
13. A Hundred Years Ago [add]
14. I'll Wonder Where [add]
15. The Summer in the Wind [add]
16. Long Way from Home [add]

Medieval Skyscrapper (2005) 01. A Chalice in My Hand [add]
02. Tell Me Your Secret [add]
03. What About My Life [add]
04. Lovely Sinner [add]
05. If I Hadn't Noticed You [add]
06. I'm Going Surfing [add]
07. Flying Over [add]
08. She Was Glowing [add]
09. Shine Shine [add]
10. That's Where I Saw the Truth [add]
11. Life Could Be Better [add]

Alternate Heavens (2006) 01. Time to Go [add]
02. With the Good and Bad [add]
03. I Got to Run [add]
04. Hong Kong Mystery [add]
05. Gonna Travel Cross the Land [add]
06. Mr. Right [add]
07. It's Only Science Fiction [add]
08. World of Our Own [add]
09. And the Angels Sing Along [add]
10. The Mountains in the Myst [add]
11. This Lonely Life I've Known [add]
12. Something Special [add]
13. Sleep Tonight [add]

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