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Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown lyrics
Genre: Blues
Texas Guitarman (0000) 01. Boogie Rambler [add]
02. Justice Blues [add]
03. Atomic Energy [add]
04. Two O'Clock in the Morning [add]
05. Mary Is Fine [add]
06. Didn't Reach My Goal [add]
07. I Live the Life [add]
08. My Time Is Expensive [add]
09. She Walks Right In [add]
10. I've Been Mistreated [add]
11. Win With Me Baby [add]
12. Just Got Lucky [add]
13. Mercy on Me [add]
14. Too Late Baby [add]
15. Taking My Chances [add]
16. It Can Never Be That Way [add]

The Blues Ain't Nothin' (1972) 01. Sad Sad Hour [add]
02. You Got Money [add]
03. My Time Is Expensive [add]
04. Slow Down [add]
05. Taking My Chances [add]
06. Just Got Lucky [add]
07. Deep, Deep Water [add]
08. Goin' to Chicago [add]
09. Dirty Work at the Crossroads [add]
10. Here I Am [add]
11. New Okie Dokie Stomp [add]
12. Piney Brown Blues [add]
13. Hot-Club Drive [add]
14. The People [#] [add]

Black Jack (1975) 01. Here Am I [add]
02. Tippin' In [add]
03. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again [add]
04. Street Corner [add]
05. Pressure Cooker [add]
06. Chickenshift [add]
07. Black Jack [add]
08. Honey Boy [add]
09. Take Me Back to Tulsa [add]
10. Dark End of the Hallway [add]
11. Up Jumped the Devil [add]

Down South in the Bayou County (1975) 01. Breaux Bridge Rag [add]
02. Folks Back Home [add]
03. Bayou Sam [add]
04. Loup Garou [add]
05. Louisian' [add]
06. Sweet Texas Rose [add]
07. Sheriff's Barbecue [add]
08. Bad Week for Old Fiddlers [add]
09. Sunrise Cajun Style [add]
10. Louisiana Woman [add]
11. Rosalie [add]
12. Jamboree [add]
13. Waiting for Gate's Express [add]

Gate's on the Heat (1975) 01. Gate's on the Heat [add]
02. Man and His Environment [add]
03. Funky Mama [add]
04. Please Mr. Nixon [add]
05. St. Louis Blues [add]
06. The Drifter [add]
07. One Mint Julep [add]
08. Dollar Got the Blues [add]
09. River's Satisfaction [add]

Alright Again! (1981) 01. Frosty [add]
02. Strollin' With Bones [add]
03. Give Me Time to Explain [add]
04. Baby Take It Easy [add]
05. Sometimes I Slip [add]
06. I Feel Alright Again [add]
07. Alligator Boogaloo [add]
08. Dollar Got the Blues [add]
09. Honey in the Be-Bo [add]
10. Gate Walks to Board [add]

One More Mile (1982) 01. Information Blues [add]
02. Song for Rene? (Gate's Tune) [add]
03. Stranded [add]
04. Sunrise Cajun Style [add]
05. Big Yard [add]
06. Ain't That Dandy [add]
07. One More Mile [add]
08. I Wonder [add]
09. Flippin' Out [add]
10. Near Baku [add]

Real Life (Live) (1987) 01. Real Life [add]
02. Okie Dokie Stomp [add]
03. Frankie and Johnny [add]
04. Next Time You See Me [add]
05. Take the "A" Train [add]
06. Please Send Me Someone to Love [add]
07. Catfish [add]
08. St. Louis Blues [add]
09. What a Shame, What a Shame [add]

Standing My Ground (1989) 01. Got My Mojo Working [add]
02. Born in Louisiana [add]
03. Cool Jazz [add]
04. I Hate These Doggone Blues [add]
05. She Walks Right In [add]
06. Left Over Blues [add]
07. Louisiana Zydeco [add]
08. What Am I Living For? [add]
09. Never Unpack Your Suitcase [add]

No Looking Back (1992) 01. Better off With the Blues [add]
02. Digging New Ground [add]
03. Dope [add]
04. My Own Prison [add]
05. Stop Time [add]
06. C Jam Blues [add]
07. Straighten Up [add]
08. The Peeper [add]
09. Alligator Eating Dog [add]
10. I Will Be Your Friend [add]
11. We're Outta Here [add]

Live 1980 (1994) 01. Pressure Cooker [add]
02. Frosty [add]
03. Gates Tune [add]
04. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again [add]
05. Louisianne [add]
06. Up Jumped the Devil [add]
07. The Dark End of the Hallway [add]
08. Chicken Shift [add]
09. Take the "A" Train [add]
10. Honey Boy [add]
11. Boogie Woogie on St. Louis Blues [add]

Man (1995) 01. Honky Tonk [add]
02. Early in the Morning [add]
03. You Can Disagree [add]
04. Say You Love Me [add]
05. I Wonder [add]
06. Unchained Melody [add]
07. Big Mammou [add]
08. There You Are [add]
09. Solid Gold Plated Fool [add]
10. Old Folks Cry a Lot More (Than We'll Ever Know) [add]
11. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
12. Someday My Luck Will Change [add]
13. Up Jumped the Devil [add]

A Long Way Home (1996) 01. Blues Power [add]
02. Somebody Else [add]
03. Dockside Boogie [add]
04. I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) [add]
05. Here I Go Again [add]
06. Deep, Deep Water [add]
07. The Blues Walk [add]
08. Mean and Evil [add]
09. Underhand Boogie [add]
10. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [add]
11. Tobacco Road [add]
12. Don't Cry Sister [add]
13. Long Way Home [add]

Gate Swings (1997) 01. Midnight Hour [add]
02. Honey Dew [add]
03. Toughen Up [add]
04. Take the "A" Train [add]
05. Too Late Baby [add]
06. Gate's Blues Waltz [add]
07. Caldonia (What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?) [add]
08. Bits and Pieces [add]
09. River's Invitation [add]
10. One O'Clock Jump [add]
11. Take Me Back, Baby [add]
12. Since I Fell for You [add]
13. Flying Home [add]

American Music, Texas Style (1999) 01. Rock My Blues Away [add]
02. Half Steppin' [add]
03. Hootie Blues [add]
04. Front Burner [add]
05. I'm Beginning to See the Light [add]
06. Swamp Ghost [add]
07. Without Me Baby [add]
08. Gate Swings Again [add]
09. Strange Things Happen [add]
10. Don't Get Around Much Anymore [add]
11. Guitar in My Hand [add]
12. Jumpin' the Blues [add]
13. Things Ain't What They Used to Be [add]

Back to Bogalusa (2001) 01. Folks Back Home [add]
02. It All Comes Back [add]
03. Same Old Blues [add]
04. Going Back to Louisiana [add]
05. Breaux Bridge Rag [add]
06. Why Are People Like That [add]
07. Grape Jelly [add]
08. Bogalusa Boogie Man [add]
09. Louisian' [add]
10. Dixie Chicken [add]
11. Lie No Better [add]
12. Slap It [add]
13. Dangerous Critter [add]

Just Got Lucky [Snapper] (2004) 01. Gatemouth Boogie [add]
02. Guitar in My Hand [add]
03. After Sunset [add]
04. Without My Baby [add]
05. Didn't Reach My Goal [add]
06. Atomic Energy [add]
07. Mercy on Me [add]
08. My Time's Expensive [add]
09. Mary Is Fine [add]
10. I Live My Life [add]
11. 2 O'Clock in the Morning [add]
12. Boogie Rambler [add]
13. I've Been Mistreated [add]
14. It Can Never Be That Way [add]
15. Justice Blues [add]
16. Just Got Lucky [add]

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