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Lenny Solomon lyrics
Genre: Folk
After You've Gone [live] (0000) 01. Ol' Man River [add]
02. Summertime [add]
03. After You've Gone [add]
04. Stay with Me [add]
05. Georgia (On My Mind) [add]
06. Cherokee [add]
07. I Found a Million Dollar Baby (In a Five and Ten Cent Store) [add]
08. Goin' Places [add]
09. (Back Home Again In) Indiana [add]
10. Bluesette [add]
11. Frozen Rain [add]
12. I Found a New Baby [add]
13. Stompin' at Decca [add]
14. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) [add]
15. Someone to Watch Over Me [add]

Manual for the Moral Minded (1994) 01. Benefit of the Doubt [add]
02. Striving for the Truth [add]
03. The Formula [add]
04. Selfless Heart [add]
05. What Happened [add]
06. Keep on Giving [add]
07. Manual for the Moral Minded [add]
08. You Can't Know Where to Go [add]
09. Poison Words [add]
10. Good Name [add]
11. Positive Thinking [add]

Gershwin Sessions (1996) 01. 'S Wonderful [add]
02. They Can't Take That Away from Me [add]
03. A Foggy Day [add]
04. Strike up the Band [add]
05. Oh, Lady Be Good [add]
06. How Long Has This Been Going On? [add]
07. Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away) [add]
08. The Man I Love [add]
09. But Not for Me [add]
10. Fascinating Rhythm [add]
11. Rhapsody in Blue [add]
12. Bess, You Is My Woman Now [add]
13. Slap That Bass [add]
14. Love Is Here to Stay [add]

Mikdash (1997) 01. Kel Hahodaos [add]
02. Kum [add]
03. Mikimi [add]
04. Yom Shabbason [add]
05. V'na Al Tatzricheinu [add]
06. Et Achai Anochi Mivakesh [add]
07. Get the Feeling [add]
08. Z'chor Y'mos Olam [add]
09. Ki Lekach Tov [add]
10. Aseh Lecha Rav [add]

Stories from the Holy Land (1997) 01. The Streets of Jerusalem [add]
02. Aliyah Dream [add]
03. Can We Feel the Pain [add]
04. Limited Perspective [add]
05. Angel from Heaven [add]
06. Luckiest Ones in the World [add]
07. Rhythm of the Nation [add]
08. Living Legends [add]
09. Tel Aviv PD [add]
10. Prayer for a Leader [add]

Rock Moshiach (2002) 01. Yoshev [add]
02. S'U Marom [add]
03. B'itah Achishenah [add]
04. Yechadshayhu [add]
05. Vachai Bahem (Intro) [add]
06. Vachai Bahem [add]
07. Boee B'shalom [add]
08. Rak Mashiach [add]
09. T'Ka B'shofar [add]
10. Achas Shoalti [add]
11. Chag Ha-Succot [add]
12. Elokai [add]
13. Tzidkatcha [add]

Armando's Pie (2004) 01. Five More Minutes [add]
02. Dead Man Smile [add]
03. Armando's Pie [add]
04. Margaret [add]
05. Global Warming Blues [add]
06. Drinkin' the Blues [add]
07. He's a Cowboy [add]
08. Here With Me [add]
09. The Vegan Song [add]
10. Gettysburg [add]
11. Come Take My Hand [add]
12. Jews in Country Music [add]
13. One More Night [add]
14. Life at the Time [add]

Tnu Lanu Siman/Give Us a Sign (2004) 01. Tnu Lanu Siman [add]
02. Ani Yehudi [add]
03. V'neemar [add]
04. V'samachta [add]
05. Laasok [add]
06. Seu Shearim [add]
07. V'alu [add]
08. Ki Visimcha [add]
09. Ki Mitzion [add]
10. V'zacharti [add]
11. Yedid Nefesh [add]
12. Kilo [add]
13. Uvacharta [add]

Maybe Today (2007) 01. It's Snowin' [add]
02. Maybe Today [add]
03. Island of Misplaced Souls [add]
04. Other Side of the Street [add]
05. Friendly Rock [add]
06. The Great Judgment [add]
07. Nashville Star [add]
08. Why [add]
09. When No One's on the Run [add]
10. Rockabilly Kid [add]
11. Let's Go to Mars [add]
12. The Flood [add]
13. Spare Change [add]
14. Players in the Band [add]

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