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Duke Tumatoe lyrics
Genre: Blues
Red Pepper Hot! (0000) 01. Goodtime [add]
02. It's a Lie [add]
03. You Can't Fool Me [add]
04. Sweetest Thing [add]
05. Captive of Love [add]
06. Blues With a Feeling [add]
07. Red Pepper Hot! [add]
08. Wild Woman [add]
09. Captain Jinx and Salty Sam [add]

Naughty Child (1980) 01. Take Me Home [add]
02. Strong Man [add]
03. Brown Eyed Woman [add]
04. Slidin' on Ice [add]
05. Love to Play the Blues [add]
06. Naughty Child [add]
07. Fool Around With You [add]
08. Talk to Al [add]
09. Love Is a Three Letter Word [add]

Back to Chicago (1982) 01. Twistin' the Night Away [add]
02. My Heart Beat Fast [add]
03. Goin' Up [add]
04. Self Doubt [add]
05. The Viper [add]
06. Back to Chicago [add]
07. Song About Nothing [add]
08. Mudcat Man [add]
09. Tie You Up lyrics

Duke's Up (1986) 01. Hunter [add]
02. If I Hadn't Been High [add]
03. Tie You Up lyrics
04. Wild Woman [add]
05. Barefootin' [add]
06. There's a Limit [add]
07. No Gigolo [add]
08. Red Pepper Hot! [add]
09. Goodtime [add]
10. I'm Scared [add]
11. Back to Chicago [add]

I Like My Job! (1988) 01. Get Loose! [add]
02. Shakey Ground [add]
03. If I Hadn't Been High [add]
04. Bar-B-Que [add]
05. Tie You Up lyrics
06. More Love, More Money [add]
07. Can't Judge a Book [add]
08. Sweet Home Chicago [add]

A Ejukatid Man (1999) 01. Long Legged Women & Blues Guitar [add]
02. Green Onions [add]
03. Didn't Do It [add]
04. Make Love to You With My Guitar [add]
05. Dance With Me [add]
06. Shopaholic [add]
07. Free Chicken & Beer [add]
08. Do It Right [add]
09. Blues With a Feeling [add]
10. Sentence Me to Nothing [add]

Pompous & Overrated [live] (2001) 01. Enough Trouble of My Own [add]
02. Something Wrong With the Blues [add]
03. One Arm Womasn [add]
04. Built Like a Truck [add]
05. Back Door Man [add]
06. My Baby Is a Nudist [add]
07. Big Hands/Bass Talk [add]
08. You Know What? [add]
09. You Don't Have to Go Home [add]

It's Christmas (Let's Have Sex) (2001) 01. It's Christmas (Let's Have Sex) [add]
02. Look Out, It's Santa [add]
03. Give Me What I Want for Christmas [add]
04. Santa Claus, Santa Claus [add]
05. She Gives Me the Blues for Chirstmas [add]
06. Turn on Your Christmas Tree [add]
07. All I Want for Christmas Is to Lay Around and Love You [add]
08. Christmas at Grandma's [add]
09. Christmas-Can't Take It [add]
10. Eat Me-I'm a Turkey [add]

Duke Tumatoe & the Power Trio (2003) 01. Barefootin' [add]
02. More Love, More Money [add]
03. Don't Have It in Me [add]
04. You Can't Fool Me [add]
05. Get Loose [add]
06. Girls Must Have Funds! [add]
07. Kansas City [add]
08. Smell So Good [add]
09. If I Hadn't Been High [add]
10. Choice Tattoo [add]
11. Love to Play the Blues [add]
12. Who's That Woman? [add]
13. Tie You Up lyrics
14. Wild Animals [add]

You've Got the Problem! (2005) 01. You've Got the Problem [add]
02. Real Mean Woman [add]
03. Don't Ask [add]
04. Enough Trouble of My Own [add]
05. My Baby Is a Nudist [add]
06. Bad Day [add]
07. Be So Easy [add]
08. Mudcat Man [add]
09. Kid Stuff [add]
10. Moanin' After Blues [add]

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