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Smoke & Mirrors lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Perfume of Creosote: Desert Exotica, Pt. 1 (0000) 01. Surya, the Divine Sun [add]
02. Tarantulas [add]
03. Inside Saguaros [add]
04. Mirage [add]
05. Rattlesnake [add]
06. Adventures of the Pack Rat [add]
07. When the Devil Was a Little Boy [add]
08. Ocotillo [add]
09. Petroglyphs and Bones [add]
10. Thunderbirds [add]
11. Monsoon [add]
12. The Perfume of Creosote [add]
13. Riparian Oasis [add]
14. Roadrunner [add]
15. Rock Gardens, Swimming Pools, and Barbecues [add]
16. Turquoise and Copper [add]
17. Sonoran Sunset [add]
18. Pink Fairy Duster and Hummingbird Moths [add]
19. Ring Around the Moon [add]
20. Dance of the Scorpions [add]
21. Javelinas [add]
22. Night Blooming Cereus [add]
23. As Heaven Falls from the Sky [add]

Deities (2004) 01. Brahma, The Creator [add]
02. Indra, The Rainmaker [add]
03. Yellow Sapphire [add]
04. Saraswati, The Wise [add]
05. Garuda, The Wings of Vishnu [add]
06. Vishnu, The Protector [add]
07. Blue Sapphire [add]
08. Krishna, The Divine [add]
09. Peacocks and Swans [add]
10. Lakshmi, The Golden One [add]
11. Lotus Blossom [add]
12. Rama and Sita [add]
13. Hanuman, The Monkey God [add]
14. Soma, The Moon God [add]
15. Parvati, The Powerful [add]
16. Durga, The Warrior [add]
17. Temples [add]
18. Ganesha, The Remover of Obstacles [add]
19. Kali, The Mother Goddess [add]
20. Cobras and Garlands [add]
21. Nandi, The Protector of All Four-Legged Animals [add]
22. Shiva, The Destroyer [add]

White Roses Painted Red (2005) 01. Alice (Theme Song) [add]
02. The White Rabbit [add]
03. Falling into the Undeground [add]
04. Potion and Cake [add]
05. Pool of Tears [add]
06. The Dodo Bird [add]
07. Caucus Race [add]
08. Wonderland [add]
09. The Smoking Caterpillar [add]
10. Mushroom [add]
11. The Fish Footman and the Frog Footman [add]
12. The Duchess [add]
13. The Cheshire Cat [add]
14. We're All Mad Here [add]
15. The Mad Tea Party [add]
16. White Roses Painted Red [add]
17. Deck of Cards [add]
18. The Queen of Hearts [add]
19. Flamingo Croquet [add]
20. The Gryphon [add]
21. The Mock Turtle [add]
22. Who Stole the Tarts? [add]
23. A Curious Dream [add]

Smoke and Mirrors (2006) 01. The Best Tool in the Whole Damn Toolbox [add]
02. We Know Our Faults [add]
03. Swim with the Current [add]
04. Over the Mountain [add]
05. Marriage [add]
06. A Lesson in Geometry Gone Awry [add]
07. Green Eyes [add]
08. The Optimist [add]
09. Twenty-Four [add]
10. Talk [add]
11. The Ballad of Richard Rocker [add]
12. Inevitable Truth [add]
13. Spinning Wheels [add]

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