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Uncurbed lyrics
Genre: Rock
Peaclovepunklife & Other Stories (1998) 01. Tomorrow Rebels [add]
02. System Stinx [add]
03. Welfare or Hellfare? [add]
04. Anarchy and Peace (Brothers and Sisters) [add]
05. If I Need...I Make!! [add]
06. A Taste of Tomorrow [add]
07. Passed Away [add]
08. Breakout [add]
09. Realize [add]
10. Living in a Squat (So What!! ?) [add]
11. Forget the Future-Live in the Past [add]
12. Never Change [add]
13. Celebration to the Losers [add]
14. Liberation Hippies [add]
15. Government Education [add]
16. Party Punx [add]

Keeps the Banner High (2000) 01. Why Am I to Be? [add]
02. Ge Igen Med Dubble R?nta [add]
03. Bar-Star [add]
04. Horrified Future [add]
05. Freedom Road [add]
06. Ockupera Mera [add]
07. Utsliten Och Sl?ngd [add]
08. Violent Criminal [add]
09. Luffarens Klagan [add]
10. Uproar [add]
11. Riding on the Highlife [add]
12. Valium Holiday [add]
13. High of Hope [add]
14. But High in the Gutter [add]
15. Sk?t du Ditt Sa Sk?ter Jag Mitt [add]
16. Liberation Day [add]
17. Utsugarinas Afton [add]
18. Rebell Punx [add]
19. Samh?llets Avskum [add]
20. Moonshine Harmony [add]

Punks on Parole (2002) 01. Punks on Parole [add]
02. Blow the System [add]
03. Freedom Party [add]
04. Kill the Government [add]
05. Reality Escape [add]
06. Man Overboard [add]
07. Choked in Shit [add]
08. Buy Me Out [add]
09. Underground Heroes [add]
10. Share My Stones [add]
11. Lawless and Poor [add]
12. Kick 'Em Down [add]
13. Human Rebel [add]
14. A Psychedelic Party [add]
15. Moments of Anarchy [add]
16. Punk Never Dies [add]

Chords for Freedom (2003) 01. Riv Demokratin [add]
02. The Uncurbed Family [add]
03. Framtids Visioner [add]
04. Ingen F?r?ndring [add]
05. Det Sista Jag G?r [add]
06. Led Mig Hem [add]
07. Bryt Mot Alla Lagar [add]
08. Container Punk [add]

Welcome to Anarcho City (2006) 01. Welcome to Anarcho City [add]
02. Divorced from Life [add]
03. The Whore Needs More [add]
04. Dead Roses [add]
05. A Gift to Life [add]
06. Stories from an Outlaw [add]
07. Capitalist Sucker [add]
08. Time to Resign [add]
09. Gutter Romance [add]
10. Ten Points Road [add]
11. Dead Without You [add]
12. Trousers and Junk [add]
13. Suburban Heroes [add]
14. Just Another Day [add]
15. Don't Push Me to Far [add]
16. Drink My Pain [add]
17. Nervous Breakdown [add]
18. The Criminal Race [add]

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