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Googol Power lyrics
Genre: Children's
Multiplication Vacation (2004) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Multiplication Vacation [add]
03. Something About Nothing [add]
04. Only One of Each [add]
05. Two Two Two [add]
06. Ancient Egypt [add]
07. Animals of Africa [add]
08. Multiply by Fives [add]
09. Penguin Rap [add]
10. Googol Power [add]
11. Seven Natural Wonders [add]
12. Yodel Odel Eight [add]
13. Kangaroo Didge [add]
14. Leonardo da Vinci [add]
15. Art of the World [add]
16. Planetary Rock [add]
17. Constellations and Stars [add]
18. We Know How to Multiply [add]

Crazy 4 Math (2006) 01. Are You Ready for Math? (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]
02. Crazy 4 Math 1 (Island) (David and Krista Pavane and Susan Jarem [add]
03. Crazy Welcome (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]
04. Crazy 4 Math 2 (Rock)(Yurgen Ilaender and Susan Jarema) [add]
05. Math Is Everywhere, Egypt, 50 BC (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]
06. Counting in the Country (Christine Frandsen, Krista Pavane and D [add]
07. Ancient Greece – Archimedes (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]
08. Where Would We Be Without Math (Gary Huntbatch) [add]
09. Italy, 1615 – Galileo (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]
10. Galileo (David Pavane) [add]
11. Philadelphia, 1780 – Benjamin Franklin (Dialogue by Susan Jarema [add]
12. Electromagnetism (Gary Huntbatch) [add]
13. Soundwaves, Pi, Phi, Fibonacci (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]
14. Mathemaction (Jon Hemingway, David and Krista Pavane and Susan J [add]
15. Fact Families, Skip Counting, Mozart (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]
16. Math Pattern Chant (David and Krista Pavane) [add]
17. Rhythm and the Science of Patterns (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]
18. Leonardo Da Vinci (David Pavane) [add]
19. Leonardo's Math Force (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]
20. Math Force (Yurgen Ilaender, Susan Jarema, David Pavane and Jon [add]
21. You Want More Math (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]
22. Mathemaction 2 (Reprise)(Jon Hemingway, David and Krista Pavane [add]
23. Googol Jokes and the Very End (Dialogue by Susan Jarema) [add]

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