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A Perfect Murder lyrics
Genre: Rock
Cease to Suffer (2003) 01. I've Lost [add]
02. Pushed Too Far lyrics
03. Cease to Suffer [add]
04. The Burning Cross lyrics
05. Last Kiss lyrics
06. Laughed at My Pain [add]
07. Choke lyrics
08. Disappear lyrics
09. Lose It All lyrics
10. Dead and Gone [add]
11. Interlude [add]
12. Prophet on a Lie [add]

Unbroken (2004) 01. Jaded lyrics
02. Possessed lyrics
03. Time Bomb lyrics
04. Speak Without Faith lyrics
05. Slave to the Clock [add]
06. Unbroken lyrics
07. No Truce lyrics
08. Eye for an Eye [add]
09. Savior lyrics
10. Bouc Emissaire lyrics
11. Die With Regret [add]
12. No Pulse in My Veins [add]
13. Another Day, Another Plague [add]

Blood Covered Words (2005) 01. Crucified by Fear [add]
02. Downfall of the Human Empire [add]
03. God's Worthless Promises lyrics
04. There Is No Escape lyrics
05. Dig Your Grave [add]
06. A Perfect Murder lyrics

Rehearsal (2005) 01. Trapped [add]
02. One Last Time [add]
03. Metal Up Your Ass [add]
04. Season in the Abyss [add]
05. Black Sabbath [add]
06. A Perfect Murder lyrics

Strength Through Vengeance (2005) 01. Strength Through Vengeance [add]
02. Black Hate Machine [add]
03. Wake Up and Die [add]
04. Snake Eyes [add]
05. Path of Resistance [add]
06. Deceit of Man [add]
07. Body and Blood [add]
08. Rotten I [add]
09. Suffocation of Thought [add]
10. Time Changes Nothing [add]
11. Slay the Masses [add]

War of Aggression (2007) 01. War of Aggression [add]
02. Enemy of Mine [add]
03. Label Me [add]
04. Within [add]
05. In Hell [add]
06. Rapture [add]
07. Disconnect [add]
08. Sadist [add]
09. Fortunate Son [add]
10. Legion of Doom [add]

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