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Roy Rogers lyrics
Genre: Blues
Chops Not Chaps (1986) 01. 32-20 Blues [add]
02. Hot to Trot/Ready to Go [add]
03. Guilty of Lovin' You [add]
04. Judgment Day [add]
05. Devil Got My Woman [add]
06. Feel So Blue [add]
07. Terraplane Blues [add]
08. Kind Hearted Woman [add]
09. One More Time [add]
10. Shake Your Moneymaker [add]
11. Happy Trails [add]

Slidewinder (1988) 01. Cover Up [add]
02. I Wish You Luck [add]
03. Coming on Too Strong [add]
04. Walking Blues [add]
05. Terraplane Blues [add]
06. Gazing Out My Window [add]
07. Tip-Walk [add]
08. Red Hot [add]
09. Pretty Girls Everywhere [add]
10. Down in Mississippi [add]

Blues on the Range (1989) 01. Black Cat Bone [add]
02. Crawfish City [add]
03. Blues on the Range [add]
04. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
05. You Better Run [add]
06. Spanish Blues [add]
07. She's Cold as Ice [add]
08. Dreamin' at the Juke [add]
09. Hellhound on My Trail [add]
10. Ramblin' Blues [add]

R&B (1991) 01. So Much to Say and So Few Words [add]
02. Ain't No Bread in the Breadbox [add]
03. Is It Love? [add]
04. Strange Love [add]
05. Song for Jessica [add]
06. Tender Heart [add]
07. Heaven Sittin' Down [add]
08. That's the Last Time [add]
09. When They Talk Like That [add]
10. You're Gone (With the Wind) [add]
11. Move on Way from Here [add]
12. Too Bad When You Touch It [add]

Slide of Hand (1993) 01. Don't Give It Up [add]
02. Bad Situation [add]
03. Don't Say a Word [add]
04. Stones in My Passway [add]
05. Cure for an Achin' Heart [add]
06. Mellow Apples [add]
07. Slide of Hand [add]
08. Make Your Paradise [add]
09. Rockin' at the Hey Hey [add]
10. Down Home Girl [add]
11. Work Hard for the Money [add]
12. Change of the Season [add]
13. Bull Hog Grind [add]

Slide Zone (1994) 01. Get Back in Line [add]
02. Spent Money [add]
03. House of Blue Dreams [add]
04. Lover's Moon [add]
05. Livin' on Borrowed Time [add]
06. Ode to the Delta [add]
07. Not Fade Away [add]
08. Slide Zone [add]
09. Lookin' up at the Downside [add]
10. Rough House [add]
11. Still a Long Ways to Go [add]
12. Off the Cuff [add]

Rhythm & Groove (1996) 01. Vida's Place [add]
02. My Heart's Desire [add]
03. Call on Me [add]
04. Built for Comfort [add]
05. Feel My Care [add]
06. For the Love of a Woman [add]
07. Shakin' Hands With the Devil [add]
08. Your Mind Is on Vacation [add]
09. Proud Man [add]
10. Blues for Brazil [instrumental] [add]
11. Love Me or Leave Me [add]
12. Ever Since I Lost You [add]
13. Wrong Number [add]
14. Remembering You [instrumental] [add]

Pleasure & Pain (1998) 01. Down Here in the Real Big Empty [add]
02. Will My Love to You [add]
03. Maybe Not [add]
04. My Lost Home in Your Arms [add]
05. You Can't Stop Now [add]
06. I'm Fallin' by Degrees [add]
07. Gertie Ruth [add]
08. Bloody Barefoot Blues [add]
09. My Rose in the Snow [add]
10. Down at Josephine's [add]
11. What the Funk [add]
12. Gone But Not Forgotten [add]

Everybody's Angel (1999) 01. Molly O & Dog Boy [add]
02. Joey [add]
03. You Choose [add]
04. Nothing Left to Lose [add]
05. Here We Go [add]
06. Mate of Fate [add]
07. Hello Stranger [add]
08. Therapy [add]
09. Amy Sky [add]
10. Playin' the Feel [add]
11. Lover's Moon [add]
12. Everybody's Angel [add]

Slideways (2002) 01. Avalanche [add]
02. Smoke and Mirrors [add]
03. Razor's Edge [add]
04. Duckwalk [add]
05. I'm With You [add]
06. Talking Walls [add]
07. Crescent Steps [add]
08. No Destination [add]
09. Swamp Dream [add]
10. There Is Only You [add]
11. Precious Moments [add]
12. Gumbo Funk [add]
13. For the Children [add]

Roots of Our Nature (2002) 01. Don't Throw Your Changes on Me [add]
02. All I Want [add]
03. Under the Rug [add]
04. Requiem [add]
05. If I Were a King [add]
06. Ritmo de las Almas (Rythm of the Souls) [add]
07. Making New Love Out of Old [add]
08. Long Hard Road [add]
09. Trinity [add]
10. Deny and Down the Distance [add]
11. Seven Hearts [add]
12. Highway Bound [add]
13. Happy Go Lucky [add]

Live! At The Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room (2004) 01. Ever Since I Lost You [add]
02. Down Home Girl [add]
03. Mellow Apples [add]
04. Built for Comfort [add]
05. Terraplane Blues [add]
06. I'm a Stranger Here [add]
07. Gertie Ruth [add]
08. Down in Mississippi [add]
09. Vida's Place [add]
10. Duck Walk [add]
11. Shake Your Moneymaker [add]
12. For the Children [add]

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