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Michael Tomlinson lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Living Things (1991) 01. Living Things [add]
02. Take the Breath [add]
03. Make It This Way [add]
04. Angelenos [add]
05. I Knew You Well [add]
06. Live Again [add]
07. Earth Roll On [add]
08. I Might Be Dreaming [add]
09. Things the Angels Say [add]
10. For Old Times [add]

Face Up in the Rain (1991) 01. Gettin' Gone [add]
02. Safe at Home [add]
03. All Is Clear [add]
04. I've Got Dreams [add]
05. Rocks and Water [add]
06. Always Warming Me [add]
07. Everything We Need [add]
08. Light for Tomorrow [add]
09. Such Good Friends [add]
10. Everything I've Learned Is Going to Change [add]
11. Years [add]
12. The Way We're Going [add]

Run This Way Forever (1991) 01. Asphalt Dream [add]
02. Raining Away [add]
03. Blue Eyes [add]
04. No Bad Dreams [add]
05. Yellow Windows [add]
06. Waves [add]
07. By a Friend [add]
08. I Will Not Pass You By [add]
09. Run Like the River Runs [add]

Still Believe (1991) 01. Dawning on a New Day [add]
02. Highway Rain [add]
03. Sunlight [add]
04. Light of Love [add]
05. Still Believe [add]
06. Run With Me [add]
07. Don't Know When [add]
08. Let Us Dream [add]
09. So Long Garden Dream [add]
10. Lover of the World [add]

At Your House (1993) 01. Hello [add]
02. So Alive [add]
03. Sunlight [add]
04. All Is Clear [add]
05. Humming [add]
06. Asphalt Dream [add]
07. Always Warming Me [add]
08. Waves [add]
09. For Old Times [add]
10. Let Us Dream [add]
11. Littlefield [add]
12. The Climb [add]
13. Lover of the World [add]
14. Yellow Windows [add]
15. We Won't Ever Say Goodbye [add]
16. Bye-Bye [add]

Calling Me Back to the Wild (1996) 01. Lover's Eyes [add]
02. In My Dream [add]
03. Breathe in Again [add]
04. River Alive [add]
05. Beating of My Heart [add]
06. So Alive [add]
07. Living Here [add]
08. Why We're Here [add]
09. Let Love In [add]
10. All Love for Good [add]

Trace the Sky (1998) 01. Choices [add]
02. The Big Secret [add]
03. Trace the Sky [add]
04. Blink of an Eye [add]
05. All These Sounds [add]
06. Desert Rose [add]
07. Already Miss [add]
08. Write Me a Letter [add]
09. Another New Year [add]
10. Stars [add]

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