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Thor lyrics
Genre: Rock
Keep the Dogs Away (1970) 01. Keep the Dogs Away [add]
02. Sleeping Giant [add]
03. Catch a Tiger [add]
04. I'm So Proud [add]
05. Tell Me Lies [add]
06. Military Matters [add]
07. Superhero [add]
08. Wasted [add]
09. Rosie [add]
10. Thunder [add]

Unchained (1983) 01. Lightning Strikes Again [add]
02. Anger [add]
03. Rock the City [add]
04. Lazer Eyes [add]
05. When Gods Collide [add]
06. Death March [add]

Only the Strong (1985) 01. 2045 [add]
02. Only the Strong [add]
03. Start Raising Hell [add]
04. Knock 'Em Down [add]
05. Let the Blood Run Red [add]
06. When Gods Collide [add]
07. Rock the City [add]
08. Now Comes the Storm [add]
09. Thunder on the Tundra [add]
10. Hot Flames [add]
11. Ride of the Chariots [add]

Triumphant (2002) 01. March to Glory [add]
02. I Am Thor [add]
03. Anger III [add]
04. Triumphant [add]
05. Intercessor [From the Intercessor: Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare 2] [add]
06. Slave [add]
07. Viking's Funeral [add]
08. Back for Blood [add]
09. Graveyard [From the Film "Graveyard"] [add]
10. Thunderhawk [add]
11. Throwing Cars at People on Coke with Thor [add]
12. The Guardian's Flame Opus: Thunder on the Tundra/Crimson Twilite/Warhammer [add]
13. Fubar Is a Super Rocker [From Fubar: The Movie] [add]
14. Everybody Needs a Hero [add]
15. Hail Steve Reeves [add]
16. Fubar Is a Super Rocker [add]
17. Thor Special [Video Highlights] [add]

Dogz II (2003) 01. Deeper Shades [add]
02. Fear of Reality [add]
03. Dogz II [add]
04. Higher [add]
05. Shout at the World [add]
06. Glory [add]
07. Ward 81 [add]
08. Freedom [add]
09. All My Might/Thunderhawk Trilogy: Thunderhawk/Danger, Stranger/Mr. Big [add]

Beastwomen from the Center of the Earth: A Rock Odyssey (2004) 01. Break the Ice [add]
02. Beastwomen [add]
03. The Sleeping Giant [add]
04. Darghila [add]
05. Sirens Calling [add]
06. The Sky Land [add]
07. We Are the Panthers [add]
08. Hail Thor [add]
09. Mushroom World [add]
10. Palace of Gold [add]
11. Cry of the Valkyrie [add]
12. Underground [add]
13. Symphony of Steel [*] [add]

Thor Against the World (2005) 01. Thor Against the World [add]
02. Creature Feature [add]
03. Easy Woman [add]
04. Serpents Kiss [add]
05. Glimmer [add]
06. Gonna Have a Hard Time [add]
07. Hard to Cry [add]
08. Long Time [add]
09. Megaton Man [add]
10. Turn to Blue [add]
11. The Coming of Thor [add]
12. Glimmer [CD-ROM Track] [add]

Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare [Original Soundtrack] (2006) 01. RNRN Intro [add]
02. Spiralling Terror [add]
03. Wild Life [add]
04. The Magic Voice [add]
05. Winds of Evil [add]
06. Live It Up [add]
07. Heads Will Turn [add]
08. Calm Before the Fear [add]
09. We Live to Rock (Let's Tune Our Weapons) [add]
10. Damage Control (Let's Rock One) [add]
11. Energy [add]
12. Nocturnal Invader (Phil's Demise) [add]
13. Mad as Hell [add]
14. Ghost Walker [add]
15. Steal Your Thunder [add]
16. I Heard Luanne Scream [add]
17. March of the Purple Star Fish [add]
18. Somewhere When Rises the Moon [add]
19. Attack of the Minions [add]
20. Face Off (The Final Confrontation) [add]
21. I Knew If I Pissed You Off [add]
22. We Accept the Challenge [add]
23. See You Again Old Scratch [add]
24. Unknown Stranger [add]
25. Rock N' Roll Nightmare [add]
26. Tritonz Theme [add]
27. Lend Me Your Ears [add]

Devastation of Musculation (2006) 01. Lords of Steel [add]
02. Devastation of Musculation [add]
03. Lies of Eternity [add]
04. Cold White Ghost [add]
05. Queen of the Damned [add]
06. Union of Power [add]
07. The Return of Odin's Son [add]
08. Release the Beast [add]
09. Abandon [add]
10. Tale of the Wolf/Warriors of the Universe [add]
11. Lords of Steel [multimedia track] [add]
12. Devastation of Musculation [multimedia track] [add]
13. Release the Beast [multimedia track] [add]

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