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Paragon Ragtime Orchestra lyrics
Genre: Jazz
On the Boardwalk (1986) 01. Chatterbox Rag [add]
02. The Memphis Blues [add]
03. George M. Cohan Medley [add]
04. Paragon Rag [add]
05. Heart of America [add]
06. Made in America [add]
07. In the Hills of Old Kentucky Medley [add]
08. Aggravation Rag [add]
09. Slippery Hank [add]
10. On the Level, You're a Little Devil [add]
11. An Operatic Nightmare: Desecration Rag. No. 2 [add]
12. Snookums Rag [add]
13. Mr. Black Man [add]
14. Kentucky Home [add]
15. That Epidemic Rag [add]
16. Under the Mellow Arabian Moon [add]
17. That Eccentric Rag [add]
18. Black and White Rag [add]
19. "Old Timers" Waltz Medley [add]
20. The St. Louis Rag [add]
21. On Jersey Shore [add]
22. Chatterbox Rag [add]

The Whistler and His Dog (1988) 01. Dynamite Rag [add]
02. Bring Me Back My Lovin' Honey Boy [add]
03. Aviation Rag [add]
04. Smiles [add]
05. Pineapple Rag [add]
06. Triplets [add]
07. The Love Kiss [add]
08. La Belle Parisienne [add]
09. The Whistler and His Dog [add]
10. Banana Peel Rag [add]
11. Symphonic Nightmare: Desecration Rag No. 1 [add]
12. The Jogo Blues [add]
13. The Winter Garden Rag [add]
14. Black Rock [add]
15. Oh You Drummer! [add]
16. I Wonder Whether I've Loved You All My Life? [add]
17. Grizzly Bear Rag [add]
18. The Junk Man Rag [add]
19. Old Chestnuts [add]
20. Gold Dust Twins Rag [add]

That Demon Rag (1992) 01. Muslin Rag [add]
02. Melancholy Baby [add]
03. That Hindu Rag [add]
04. A Cakewalk Contest [add]
05. The Favorite [add]
06. Shadow Time [add]
07. Ragtime Travesty on "Il Trovatore" [add]
08. Ghost Dance [add]
09. The Bullfrog Blues [add]
10. Bombs and Bullets: An Explosion in Ragtime [add]
11. Smiles and Chuckles [add]
12. The Dallas Blues [add]
13. That Demon Rag! [add]
14. Chevy Chase Foxtrot [add]
15. Great Scott Rag [add]
16. The Booster: An American Absurdity [add]
17. Palm Leaf Rag [add]
18. Spirit of Independence [add]
19. They Didn't Believe Me [add]
20. Muslin Rag (Reprise) [add]

Knockout Drops (1997) 01. Knockout Drops [add]
02. At a Georgia Campmeeting [add]
03. The Persian Lamb Rag: A Pepperette [add]
04. Cornetski: A Trumpet Tantrum [add]
05. Peg O' My Heart [add]
06. The Kansas City Blues [add]
07. Liberty Bell March [add]
08. Glances [add]
09. Some Jazz Blues [add]
10. The Peacherine Rag [add]
11. Drumology [add]
12. Stop It! [add]
13. 'Till the Coulds Roll By [add]
14. Alkalai Ike Rag: A North Dakota Misunderstanding [add]
15. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee & Ragtime Cowboy Joe [add]
16. The Teddy Bear's Picnic [add]
17. Lucy's Sextette: A Ragtime Travesty on Donizetti [add]
18. I Ain't Got Nobody & The Neutral Rag [add]
19. Scott Joplin's New Rag [add]
20. Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland [add]
21. General Mixup, U.S.A. [add]
22. Knockout Drops (Reprise) [add]

'Round the Christmas Tree (2001) 01. Nutcracker Rag: A Sweet Travesty of Tchaikovsky [add]
02. Variations on "Oh Tannenbaum" [add]
03. Reindeer Rag [add]
04. The Night Before Christmas (Ballad) [add]
05. Mr. Santa Claus, Don't Forget Me (Parlor Song) [add]
06. The Lily Queen Rag [add]
07. Hallelujah (Chorus) Trombone (One Step) [add]
08. Selections from "Babes in Toyland" [add]
09. The Tishomingo Blues (Fox Trot) [add]
10. Please Let Me Sleep! (Vaudeville Specialty) [add]
11. Parade of the Tin Soldiers (Characteristic Novelty) [add]
12. The Snow Baby [Song from the Operetta "The Bride Elect"] [add]
13. Mrs. Hooligan's Christmas Cake (Music-Hall Song) [add]
14. 'Round the Christmas Tree: Grand Yuletide Fantasia [add]
15. Nutcracker Rag (Reprise) [add]

More Candy (2001) 01. Red Rose Rag [add]
02. More Candy (One-Step) [add]
03. The Jungle Jubilee (Syncopated Novelty) [add]
04. Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet (Medley March) [add]
05. The Jelly Roll Blues (Fox Trot) [add]
06. Paddy Whack (Characteristic Two-Step) [add]
07. The Witching Hour: A Spooky Rag [add]
08. The Get-A-Way (March) [add]
09. My Uncle Sammy Gals (One-Step) [add]
10. The Mississippi Rag (Cakewalk) [add]
11. Toreador Humoresque: A Ragtime Travesty on "Carmen" [add]
12. L' Encore (Duet for Flute & Clarinet) [add]
13. Silver Heels (Indian Intermezzo) [add]
14. Sweetmeats Rag (Two-Step) [add]
15. Some Shape (One-Step) [add]
16. The White Star Line March [add]
17. The Hesitating Blues [Slow Drag] [add]
18. Swanee (One-Step) [add]
19. Big Foot Lou (Cakewalk) [add]
20. Mona Lisa Valse [add]
21. By the Beautiful Sea (One-Step) [add]
22. Barnyard Blues (Jazz Fox Trot) [add]
23. Red Onion Rag [add]
24. Babes in the Wood (Fox Trot) [add]
25. When You Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose (Medley One-Step) [add]
26. Delirium Tremens Rag: A Trombone Spasm [add]

On the Level You're a Little Devil (2001) 01. Rockaway [add]
02. After You've Gone [add]
03. By the Light of the Silvery Moon [add]
04. The Cubanola Glide [add]
05. The Dardanella Blues [add]
06. On the Level You're a Little Devil (But I'll Soon Make an Angel of You) [add]
07. Poor Butterfly [add]
08. The Honeysuckle and the Bee [add]
09. Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis [add]
10. Oh! How I Wish I Could Sleep [add]
11. The International Rag [add]
12. They Didn't Believe Me [add]
13. Shine on, Harvest Moon [add]
14. Ragtime Violin! [add]
15. Who Are You with Tonight? [add]
16. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Wan't to Do It) [add]
17. You Can't Get Away from It! [add]

Black Manhattan (2003) 01. The Castle Perfect Trot [add]
02. Carolina Fox Trot [add]
03. Overture to "In Dahomey" [add]
04. Deep River [Old Negro Melody] [add]
05. Sambo: A Charcteristic Two Step March [add]
06. When the Band Plays Ragtime [add]
07. Castle House Rag [add]
08. Smyrna: A Turkish Serenade [add]
09. Ballin' the Jack/What It Takes to Make Me Love You- You've Got It [Med] [add]
10. Meno d' Amour (Intermezzo) [add]
11. Hey There! (Hi There!) [One Step] [add]
12. The Tar Heel Blues Rag [add]
13. Congratulations: The Castles' Lame Duck Waltz [add]
14. Strut Miss Lizzie [Foxtrot] [add]
15. Panama: A Characteristic Novelty [add]
16. The Clef Club March [add]
17. Under the Bamboo Tree [add]
18. Cocoanut Grove Jazz [add]
19. Swing Along! [add]

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra Finally Plays "The Entertainer" (2004) 01. The Entertainer - Rag Time Two Step [add]
02. Magnetic Rag - Syncopations Classique [add]
03. Stoptime Rag [add]
04. Kinklets [add]
05. Rose Leaf Rag [add]
06. Contentment [add]
07. Pleasant Moments - Rag-Time Waltz [add]
08. Frog Legs - Rag [add]
09. Elite Syncopations [add]
10. Bohemia [add]
11. Dixie Dimples - Novelty Rag Fox Trot [add]
12. The Sycamore - A Concert Rag [add]
13. A Breeze from Alabama [add]
14. The Rosebud March [add]
15. Prosperity [add]
16. Eugenia [add]
17. The Easy Winners [add]
18. Reindeer [add]
19. Search-Light [add]
20. The Strenuous Life [add]
21. Maple Leaf - Rag [add]

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