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Carey Bell lyrics
Genre: Blues
Carey Bell's Blues Harp (1969) 01. I'm Ready [add]
02. I Got to Find Somebody [add]
03. I Wanna Will My Love to You [#] [add]
04. Blue Monday at Kansas City Red's [add]
05. I'm Gonna Buy Me a Train Ticket [add]
06. Come on Over Here [add]
07. I Cry So Much [add]
08. Sad Dreams [add]
09. Everything's Up Tight [add]
10. You Know It Ain't Right [#] [add]
11. Last Night [add]
12. Rocking With a Chromatic [add]
13. I'm Gonna Buy Me a Train Ticket [alternate take/#] [add]
14. Walking in the Park [#] [add]
15. Carey Bell's Blues Harp [#] [add]

Last Night (1973) 01. Last Night [add]
02. Taking You Downtown [add]
03. Rosa, I Love Your Soul [add]
04. I'm Worried [add]
05. Cho' Cho' Blues [add]
06. Tomorrow Night [add]
07. She's 19 Years Old [add]
08. Leaving in the Morning [add]
09. Love Pretty Women [add]
10. Mean Mistreater [add]
11. Freda [add]
12. I Want to See You Tomorrow Night [add]

Heartaches and Pain (1977) 01. Carey Bell Rocks [add]
02. Heartaches and Pain [add]
03. One Day You're Gonna Get Lucky [add]
04. Black Eyed Peas [add]
05. So Hard to Leave You Alone [add]
06. Stop That Train, Conductor [add]
07. Everything's Gonna Be All Right [add]
08. Capri Crash [add]

Goin' on Main Street (1982) 01. Goin' on Main Street [add]
02. I Am Worried [add]
03. Heartaches and Pain [add]
04. Easy to Love You [add]
05. Train Ticket [add]
06. When a Woman Get in Trouble [add]
07. Tribute to Big Walter [add]
08. I Need You So Bad [*] [add]
09. Man and the Blues [*] [add]

Son of a Gun (1983) 01. Ballbuster [add]
02. Better Break It Up [add]
03. I'm a Fool [add]
04. I'll Be Your .44 [add]
05. Kick Me in the Pants [add]
06. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
07. Worried Heartache Blues [add]
08. Highway Is My Life [add]
09. My Baby [add]
10. If the Ocean Was Whiskey [add]
11. I've Got to Leave Chi-Town [add]
12. Gate Bait [add]

Harpslinger (1988) 01. What My Mama Told Me [add]
02. Pretty Baby [add]
03. Blues With a Feeling [add]
04. 85% [add]
05. Sweet Little Woman [add]
06. It's So Easy to Love You [add]
07. Strange Woman [add]
08. Last Night [add]

Dynasty! [1990] (1990) 01. Brought Up the Hard Way [add]
02. (I Shoulda Did) What My Mama Told Me [add]
03. The Glady's Shuffle [add]
04. I'll Be Your .44 [add]
05. New Harp in Town [add]
06. I Need You So Bad [add]
07. I Don't Need No Woman [add]
08. As the Years Go Passing By [add]
09. Sail On [add]

Mellow Down Easy (1991) 01. Short Dress Woman [add]
02. Delta Time [add]
03. Five Long Years [add]
04. Mellow Down Easy [add]
05. For The Love Of A Woman [add]
06. Just Like You [add]
07. Walkin' Thru The Park [add]
08. St. Louis Blues [add]
09. That Spot Right There [add]
10. Big Walter Strut [add]
11. One Day [add]
12. So Easy To Love You [add]
13. Walkin' By Myself [add]

Harpmaster (1994) 01. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man [add]
02. Smokin' Dynamite [add]
03. Second Hand Man [add]
04. Crosscut Saw [add]
05. Leaving in the Morning [add]
06. I'm Your 44 [add]
07. Going Back to Louisiana [add]
08. Everybody Wants to Win [add]
09. I'm Ready [add]
10. Nineteen Years Old [add]
11. You're Gonna Get Lucky [add]
12. Sail On [add]

Deep Down (1995) 01. I Got to Go [add]
02. Let Me Stir in Your Pot [add]
03. When I Get Drunk [add]
04. Low Down Dirty Shame [add]
05. Borrow Your Love [add]
06. Lonesome Stranger [add]
07. After You [add]
08. I Got a Rich Man's Woman [add]
09. Jawbreaker [add]
10. Must I Holler [add]
11. Tired of Giving You My Love [add]
12. Easy [add]

Dynasty! [1996] (1996) 01. Brought up the Hard Way [add]
02. (I Shoulda Did) What My Mama Told Me [add]
03. Sail On [add]
04. I'm Your 44 [add]
05. The Gladys Shuffle [add]
06. I Need You So Bad [add]
07. 1215 W. Belmont [add]
08. Second Hand Man [add]
09. New Harp in Town [add]
10. Going Back to Louisiana [add]
11. No Picks [add]
12. I Don't Need No Woman [add]

Good Luck Man (1997) 01. My Love Strikes Like Lightning [add]
02. Love Her, Don't Shove Her [add]
03. Sleeping With the Devil [add]
04. Hard Hearted Woman [add]
05. Bell Hop [add]
06. Bad Habits [add]
07. Good Luck Man [add]
08. Hard Hearted Woman [add]
09. Goin' Back to Mississippi [add]
10. I'm a Business Man [add]
11. Teardrops [add]
12. Brand New Deal [add]
13. Good Lover [add]
14. Double Cross [add]

Second Nature (2004) 01. Stop Running 'Round [add]
02. Trouble in My Way [add]
03. The Road Is So Long [add]
04. Wrapped Up in Love [add]
05. Rock Me [add]
06. Short Dress Woman [add]
07. Five Long Years [add]
08. Got to Leave Chi-Town [add]
09. Heartaches and Pain [add]
10. Key to the Highway [add]
11. Do You Hear? lyrics
12. Here I Go Again [add]

Gettin Up: Live at Buddy Guy's Legends Rosa's (2007) 01. What My Mama Told Me [add]
02. Gettin' Up [add]
03. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
04. Bell's Back [add]
05. One Day [add]
06. Leaving in the Morning [add]
07. Last Night [add]
08. Low Down Dirty Shame [add]
09. Broke and Hungry [add]
10. When I Get Drunk [add]
11. Short Dress Woman [add]
12. Stand by Me [add]

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