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Glenn Hughes lyrics
Genre: Blues
Play Me Out (1977) 01. I Got It Covered [add]
02. Space High [add]
03. It's About Time [add]
04. La Cut Off [add]
05. Well [add]
06. Soulution [add]
07. Your Love Is Like a Fire [add]
08. Destuny [add]
09. I Found a Woman [add]
10. Smile [add]
11. Getting Near to You [add]
12. Fools Condition [add]
13. Take Me With You [add]
14. She Knows [add]

Hughes/Thrall (1991) 01. I Got Your Number [add]
02. Look in Your Eye [add]
03. Beg, Borrow or Steal [add]
04. Where Did the Time Go [add]
05. Muscle and Blood [add]
06. Hold Out Your Life [add]
07. Who Will You Run To [add]
08. Coast to Coast [add]
09. First Step of Love [add]

Blues: L.A. Blues Authority, Vol. 2 (1993) 01. The Boy Can Sing the Blues lyrics
02. I'm the Man lyrics
03. Here Come the Rebel lyrics
04. What Can I Do for Ya? lyrics
05. You Don't Have to Save Me Anymore lyrics
06. So Much Love to Give lyrics
07. Shake the Ground lyrics
08. Hey Buddy (You Got Me Wrong) lyrics
09. Have You Read the Book? lyrics
10. Life of Misery [add]
11. Can't Take Away My Pride [add]
12. A Right to Live lyrics

Burning Japan: Live (1995) 01. Burn [add]
02. The Liar [add]
03. Muscle and Blood [add]
04. Lay My Body Down [add]
05. Into the Void [add]
06. Coast to Coast [add]
07. Owed to "G" [add]
08. Gettin' Tighter [add]
09. Lady Double Dealer [add]
10. I Got Your Number [add]
11. Stormbringer [add]

Addiction (1997) 01. Death of Me [add]
02. Down [add]
03. Addiction [add]
04. Madeleine [add]
05. Talk About It [add]
06. I'm Not Your Slave [add]
07. Cover Me [add]
08. Blue Jade [add]
09. Justified Man [add]
10. I Don't Want to Live That Way Again [add]
11. Way Back to the Bone [*] [add]
12. Touch My Life [*] [add]
13. You Fool No One [live/*] [add]

The Way It Is (1999) 01. The Way It Is [add]
02. You Kill Me [add]
03. Neverafter [add]
04. Rain on Me [add]
05. The Curse [add]
06. Freedom lyrics
07. The Truth Will Set Me Free [add]
08. Stoned in the Temple [add]
09. Too Far Gone [add]
10. Second Son [add]
11. Take You Down [add]
12. Don't Look Away [add]

Tribute to Tommy Bolin (2000) 01. Teaser [add]
02. Shake the Devil [add]
03. You Told Me That You Loved Me [add]
04. Gypsy Soul [add]
05. Alexis [add]
06. Coast to Coast [add]
07. Gettin' Tighter [add]
08. You Keep on Movin' [add]
09. Dreamer [add]
10. Your Love Is Alright [add]

Return of Crystal Karma (2000) 01. The State I'm In [add]
02. Midnight Meditated [add]
03. It's Alright [add]
04. Switch the Mojo [add]
05. Gone [add]
06. The Other Side of Me [add]
07. Angela [add]
08. Owed to "J" [add]
09. This Life [add]
10. Days of Avalon [add]
11. You Kill Me [add]
12. Neverafter [add]
13. First Step of Love [add]
14. No Stranger to Love [add]
15. Coast to Coast [add]
16. Your Love Is Alright [add]

Feel (2000) 01. Big Time [add]
02. Livin' for the Minute [add]
03. Does It Mean That Much to You? [add]
04. Save Me Tonight (I'll Be Waiting) [add]
05. Redline [add]
06. Coffee and Vanilla [add]
07. Push! [add]
08. She Loves Your Money [add]
09. Speak Your Mind [add]
10. Talkin' to Messiah [add]
11. Maybe Your Baby [add]
12. Holy Man [add]

Building the Machine (2001) 01. Can't Stop the Flood [add]
02. Inside [add]
03. Out on Me [add]
04. I Just Want To Celebrate [add]
05. Don't Let It Slip Away [add]
06. Feels Like Home [add]
07. Highball Shooter [add]
08. When You Fall [add]
09. I Will Follow [add]
10. Beyond The Numb [add]
11. Big Sky [add]

Live in Tokyo (2002) 01. Devil's Road [add]
02. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll [add]
03. Death Alley Driver [add]
04. I Surrender [add]
05. Stormbringer [add]
06. Dark Days [add]
07. Mistreated [add]
08. No Stranger to Love [add]
09. Can't Stop the Flood [add]
10. Better Man [add]
11. Ride the Storm [add]
12. King of Dreams [add]
13. Street of Dreams [add]
14. Spotlight Kid [add]

Hughes-Turner Project (2002) 01. Devil's Road [add]
02. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll [add]
03. Missed Your Name [add]
04. Mystery of the Heart [add]
05. Sister Midnight [add]
06. Beter Man [add]
07. Heaven's Missing an Angel [add]
08. Fade Away [add]
09. Ride the Storm [add]
10. Run Run Run [add]
11. Against the Wall [add]
12. On the Ledge [add]

HTP: 2 (2003) 01. Revelation [add]
02. Alone I Breathe [add]
03. Losing My Head [add]
04. Going My Way [add]
05. Hold On [add]
06. Lost Dreams [add]
07. Time and Time Again [add]
08. Goodbye Friday [add]
09. Burning the Sky [add]
10. Keep on Shining [add]
11. Sofia [add]
12. Let's Talk About It Later [add]

Songs in the Key of Rock (2003) 01. In My Blood [add]
02. Lost in the Zone [add]
03. Gasoline [add]
04. Higher Places (Song for Bonzo) [add]
05. Get You Stoned [add]
06. Written All Over Your Face [add]
07. Standing on the Rock [add]
08. Courageous [add]
09. Secret Life [*] [add]
10. The Truth [add]
11. Wherever You Go [add]

Soulfully Live in the City of Angels (2004) 01. Can't Stop the Flood [add]
02. Higher Places [add]
03. Written All Over Your Face [add]
04. Medusa [add]
05. Wherever You Go [add]
06. Seafull [add]
07. Coast to Coast [add]
08. First Step of Love [add]
09. Mistreated [add]
10. Gettin' Tighter [add]
11. You Keep on Moving [add]
12. The Healer [Bonus Studio Track] [add]
13. Change [*] [add]

Soul Mover (2005) 01. Soul Mover lyrics
02. She Moves Ghostly lyrics
03. High Road lyrics
04. Orion lyrics
05. Change Yourself lyrics
06. Let It Go [add]
07. Dark Star lyrics
08. Isolation lyrics
09. Land of the Livin' (Wonderland) lyrics
10. Miss Little Insane [add]
11. Last Mistake lyrics
12. Don't Let Me Bleed [add]
13. [multimedia track] [add]

Music for the Divine (2006) 01. The Valiant Denial [add]
02. Steppin' On [add]
03. Monkey Man [add]
04. This House [add]
05. You Got Soul [add]
06. Frail [add]
07. Black Light [add]
08. Nights in White Satin [add]
09. Too High [*] [add]
10. This Is How I Feel [*] [add]
11. The Divine [*] [add]

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