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Her Majesty's Royal Marines lyrics
Genre: Marches
Marches of Kenneth a (1994) 01. The Thin Red Line [add]
02. Holyrood [add]
03. The Vedette [add]
04. Colonel Bogey [add]
05. The Great Little Army [add]
06. On the Quarter Deck [add]
07. The Middy [add]
08. The Voice of the Guns [add]
09. The Vanished Army [add]
10. The Mad Major [add]
11. Cavalry of the Clouds [add]
12. Dunedin [add]
13. Old Panama [add]
14. HM Jollies [add]
15. The Standard of St George [add]
16. By Land and Sea [add]
17. Army of the Nile [add]
18. Eagle Squadron [add]
19. Lilliburlero [add]
20. A Life of the Ocean Wave [add]
21. Vesper Hymn [add]

Martial Music of V. Dunn (1994) 01. Supreme Command [add]
02. Cockleshell Heroes [add]
03. Cannatex [add]
04. The Globe and Laurel [add]
05. Royal Vanguard [add]
06. Man of Action [add]
07. Westering Home [add]
08. Sarie Marais [add]
09. The Admiral's Regiment [add]
10. The Preobrajensky March [add]
11. The Captain General [add]
12. Salute for Heroes [add]
13. Commando Patrol [add]
14. Where E'er You Walk [add]
15. Soldiers of the Sea [add]
16. Passing By [add]
17. March and Air [add]
18. Under the White Ensign [add]
19. The Mountbatten March [add]
20. The Tudor Maiden [add]
21. Famous Songs of the British Isles [add]

Those in Peril on the Sea (1994) 01. Plymouth Hoe [add]
02. Seashore [add]
03. The Mulberry Harbours March [add]
04. From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific [add]
05. A Caribbean Fantasy [add]
06. Three Jolly Sailormen [add]
07. Seascape [add]
08. Trafalgar Square [add]
09. Rhapsody on Sea Shanties [add]
10. The Shanghai Sailor [add]
11. The Hydrographer [add]
12. Sea Songs [add]
13. Victory at Sea [add]
14. For Those in Peril on the Sea [add]
15. Sunset [add]

Ashokan Farewell (1995) 01. The Ashokan Farewell [Bob's Radio Edit] [add]
02. Rhapsody for Trombone [add]
03. Bach's Flute Sonata No. 4 in C [BWV 1033] [add]
04. Traumerei [add]
05. The Ashokan Farewell [Album Version] [add]
06. Rhapsody for Euphonium [add]
07. Clarinet Concerto in C [add]
08. Gabriel's Oboe [add]
09. Trumpet Concerto [add]
10. Xylophonist's Apprentice [add]
11. The Swan [add]
12. Bach Flute Sonata No 4 in C BMV 1033 [add]
13. Evening Breeze [add]

The Big Band Sound (1996) 01. The Stars and Stripes Forever [add]
02. Makin' Whoopee! [add]
03. Li'l Darlin' [add]
04. Samba de Los Gatos [add]
05. The Pink Panther [add]
06. Frankie and Johnny [add]
07. Route 66 [add]
08. Drink Tolly Only [add]
09. Yankee Doodle Dandy [add]
10. Moonlight Serenade [add]
11. American Patrol [add]
12. Hot Toddy [add]
13. Georgia [add]
14. Take the 'A' Train [add]
15. Stardust [add]
16. Rabble Rouser [add]
17. Swing Low [add]
18. Cruisin' for a Bluesin' [add]

Songs of the Sea (1999) 01. Drake's Drum (Tempo di marcia moderato) [add]
02. Outward Bound (Andante espressivo) [add]
03. Devon, O Devon, In Wind and Rain (Allegro con fuoco) [add]
04. Homeward Bound (Andante tranquillo) [add]
05. The Old Superb (Allegro vivace) [add]
06. MCPS [add]
07. Sailing at Dawn (andante molto tranquillo) [add]
08. The Song of the Sou'wester (Allegro non troppo, ma con fuoco) [add]
09. The Middle Watch (Andante molto tranquillo) [add]
10. The Little Admiral (Allegro vivace) [add]
11. Fare Well (Quasi adagio) [add]
12. Augener Ltd (Sea Fever) [add]

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