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The Ghost Orchid lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
An Introduction to EVP (0000) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Raymond Cass [add]
03. Polyglot Voices: Commentary [add]
04. Polyglot Voices: Sonja Liepina [add]
05. Polyglot Voices: Where's Mable? [add]
06. Polyglot Voices: Cold Soldart [add]
07. Polyglot Voices: Gorgestov [add]
08. Polyglot Voices: Dawson [add]
09. Polyglot Voices: Germans Visit Frederic [add]
10. Polyglot Voices: You're Very Good [add]
11. PSB Interrupt: Commentary [add]
12. PSB Interrupt: She Doesn't Bother [add]
13. PSB Interrupt: Aircraft Intercept [add]
14. PSB Interrupt: Elvis [add]
15. PSB Interrupt: Out It on Ice and I'll Mend Your Feet [add]
16. PSB Interrupt: Jesus [add]
17. PSB Interrupt: Radio Luxemburg [add]
18. PSB Interrupt: Radive [add]
19. PSB Interrupt: Not Enough There to Copy [add]
20. PSB Interrupt: Oliver [add]
21. PSB Interrupt: Don't Do It! [add]
22. Singing Voices: Commentary [add]
23. Singing Voices: Out of This World [add]
24. Singing Voices: All Your Sorrows [add]
25. Singing Voices: Only Sonja Will Make It [add]
26. Singing Voices: Uppsala Sun Contess [add]
27. Singing Voices: I'm Joined to Many Countries [add]
28. Singing Voices: I've Made It! [add]
29. Singing Voices: Copist [add]
30. Instant Response Voices: Commentary [add]
31. Instant Response Voices: Promethesu Passedemus [add]
32. Instant Response Voices: Of Unknown Origin [add]
33. Instant Response Voices: Raudive 2 [add]
34. Instant Response Voices: Mrs. Green [add]
35. Instant Response Voices: Waistcoast [add]
36. Instant Response Voices: Justified Theft [add]
37. Instant Response Voices: Philip Larkin [add]
38. Instant Response Voices: Tramping [add]
39. Instant Response Voices: Unknown Possible [add]
40. Instant Response Voices: So Strange I Remember You [add]
41. Instant Response Voices: Bruckerby [add]
42. Instant Response Voices: Burned with Force [add]
43. Alien Voices: Commentary [add]
44. Alien Voices: Raymond Cass [add]
45. Alien Voices: Dead Machines [add]
46. Alien Voices: Mysterious Voices [add]
47. Alien Voices: Cosmic Race [add]
48. Alien Voices: Wacky Shout [add]
49. Alien Voices: We Are Eagles [add]
50. Alien Voices: Less Weird [add]

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