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Marnie Grey lyrics
Genre: Children's
Music with Marnie, Songs and Chants for New Born Babies to 6 Year Olds (2001) 01. Hello to All the Children of the World [add]
02. You Gotta Sing [add]
03. Tony Chestnut [add]
04. Bloop Bloop/Roar Roar/Boo Hoo [add]
05. Crocodile Nile [add]
06. In a Cabin [add]
07. I've Been Working on the Railroad [add]
08. Father, Mother & Uncle John [add]
09. My Pigeon House [add]
10. The Wise Man [add]
11. I Hear Thunder [add]
12. Mr. Sun [add]
13. Toot, Toot, Toot [add]
14. Sweet Babies Arms [add]
15. Sleeping Bunnies [add]
16. Ecka Becka [add]
17. It's Time I Move Along (The Bartholemew Song) [add]

Groovin' Through the Neighbourhood (2006) 01. Marnie and Her Rock N' Roll Band [add]
02. Kangaroos [add]
03. Firefighter Shuffle [add]
04. January, February, March, March, March [add]
05. Cement Truck Mix [add]
06. Oh the Bump [add]
07. Numjai [add]
08. Lily the Ladybug [add]
09. The Wheels on the Safari Bus [add]
10. I Yi Yippee Yi Yay [add]
11. The Story of the Itsy Bitsy Spider [add]
12. Clapping Land [add]
13. Go Bananas! [add]
14. Mumbu Where Are You? [add]
15. Going to the Moon [add]
16. Space Trip [add]
17. Earth Rocks [add]
18. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [add]

Peace and Puddles (2006) 01. Funga I Lufia [add]
02. The Puddle Song [add]
03. Worms [add]
04. Two Little Snicker Snakes [add]
05. Touch the World [add]
06. Oh No! [add]
07. Jelly in the Bowl [add]
08. They're Monkeys [add]
09. Jump! [add]
10. No Bananas [add]
11. Alligator 1, Alligator 2 [add]
12. Hurray! [add]
13. Senor Pedro [add]
14. Ah Rum Sum Sum [add]
15. You Can't Clap with a Cow [add]
16. Smooth Road [add]
17. My Bike [add]
18. These Little Hands of Mine [add]
19. Bubbles [add]
20. In This House [add]
21. Thank You and Good-Bye [add]

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