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Glenwood Smith lyrics
Genre: Rock
Calm the Fire (2006) 01. Heart of Stone [add]
02. Oh Yeah I'm Down [add]
03. What I Want [add]
04. Calm the Fire [add]
05. In This World (There Is Love) [add]
06. Break the Chain [add]
07. You're All That Matters [add]
08. Let Peace Rule [add]
09. Let's Love Each Other [add]

Into the Wild Blue (2006) 01. Walked Out [add]
02. Nobody But You [add]
03. I Remember (The Things You Said) [add]
04. Ten Years Gone [add]
05. Got to Get You [add]
06. Cold Car [add]
07. Millions of People (The Prisoner's Blues) [add]
08. A Long Way from Heaven [add]
09. Why Can't You See? [add]
10. God Is! [add]

Love Is Stronger (2006) 01. Out of the Dust [add]
02. I Am the One [add]
03. Hold on to Me [add]
04. Lost in a Crowd [add]
05. Little One [add]
06. Love Is Stronger [add]
07. Beautiful But Fleeting [add]
08. Your Love Is [add]
09. Friend's Unchanged [add]
10. Without Your Love [add]
11. Woman in My Dreams [add]

Partners in Time (2006) 01. Prettiest Thing [add]
02. Do You Think She Cares? [add]
03. Fly [add]
04. Cold Rain [add]
05. D.F.A. [add]
06. Get Ready [add]
07. On the Verge [add]
08. Peace [add]
09. 1st Time on the Radio [add]
10. Follow His Example [add]

Rough Wood (2006) 01. You Love Me! [add]
02. Jubal [add]
03. North Wind Flight [add]
04. Don't Let the Fire Die [add]
05. Seven Days a Week [add]
06. I Must've Been Blind [add]
07. On the Run [add]
08. Put on a Happy Face [add]
09. New Earth [add]
10. Sun on Fire [add]
11. Live in Peace [add]

Tender Plant (2006) 01. Tender Plant [add]
02. Out of the Dust [add]
03. You Love Me! [add]
04. Jubal [add]
05. In This World [add]
06. Love Is Stronger [add]
07. Live in Peace [add]
08. Psalm 34 [add]
09. Let Peace Rule [add]
10. Psalm 19 [add]
11. God Is! [add]
12. Follow His Example [add]

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