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Michael Katon lyrics
Genre: Blues
Bustin' Up The Joint: Live! (0000) 01. Rip It Hard [add]
02. Water Won't Boil [add]
03. No More Whiskey [add]
04. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky [add]
05. Love Hoo Doo [add]
06. Rock Around [add]
07. Roadtested [add]
08. Desil's Daughter [add]
09. Boogie Whip [add]
10. Two Angels Flyin' [add]
11. Wake Up Call [add]
12. Barbeque on My Boogie [add]
13. Get on the Boogie Train [add]
14. Rock 'N' Run [add]

Get on the Boogie Train (0000) 01. Wake-Up Call [add]
02. Junior Keep on Walkin' [add]
03. Get on the Boogie Train [add]
04. You Can Run But You Can't Hide [add]
05. Put My Blues Back On [add]
06. Where the Wild Ones Go [add]
07. Roadtested [add]
08. Cadillac Assembly Line [add]
09. Every Girl I See [add]
10. Walking Blues [add]
11. Water Won't Boil [add]
12. Rock Me 'Till the Hounds Come Home [add]
13. Love Hoo Doo [add]

Rip It Hard (0000) 01. Rip It Hard [add]
02. Buncha Loud Boogie [add]
03. You Love Me up [add]
04. Burn the Joint Down [add]
05. No More Whiskey [add]
06. Fried Jalapenos [add]
07. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky [add]
08. Big Twin [add]
09. Barbeque on My Boogie [add]
10. Big Bad Booty [add]
11. Wound up [add]

Proud to Be Loud (1988) 01. Gotta Move [add]
02. Boogie Whip [add]
03. Tight White Pants [add]
04. I Ain't Ready to Go Steady [add]
05. Roadhouse 69 [add]
06. Boogie Is My Business [add]
07. Boogie Man [add]
08. Burn Me (with Electricity) [add]
09. Love Stepped in My Way [add]
10. Proud to Be Loud [add]
11. Cat Squirrel [add]

The Rage Called Rock 'N' Roll (2000) 01. She's All Mine [add]
02. The Rage Called Rock 'N' Roll [add]
03. No More, Baby [add]
04. Jesus Wears Adidas [add]
05. Runaway Train [add]
06. Blue Jeans and Leather [add]
07. Jump Back (Your Baby Wants to Boogie) [add]
08. The Opposite Sex [add]
09. Hidden Fire [add]
10. I'm Just Along for the Ride [add]
11. Two Angels Flyin' [add]
12. January Rain [add]

Bad Machine (2002) 01. American McMofo [add]
02. Rock 'N' Roll, Whiskey, Blood 'N' Guts [add]
03. The Pierced, Tattooed and Twenty Somethin' Boogie [add]
04. Bad Machine [add]
05. Sugar Pie [add]
06. Red Moon Risin' [add]
07. Wild Ass [add]
08. The Lost T.V. Clicker Blues [add]
09. Lowdown in Swamptown [add]
10. Boogiefied [add]
11. The Detroit River Dirty Blues [add]

MK (2006) 01. Back to Your Cages [add]
02. On the Prowl for a Hoochie Mama [add]
03. Diablo Boogie [add]
04. Need It Awful Bad [Tribute to JH and RT] [add]
05. Rock 'N' Roll Man [add]
06. Whiskey Hill [add]
07. In the Land of Rock 'N' Roll [add]
08. Dirty Thang [add]
09. Luv a Dawg [add]
10. Motor Cycle Blues [add]

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