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Forever Einstein lyrics
Genre: Rock
Artificial Horizon (1990) 01. A Long Time Ago People Decided to Live on the Earth [add]
02. Asian Women Desire Correspondence [add]
03. Pays de Sauvages [add]
04. Women on the Move [add]
05. Electric Pants [add]
06. Hate Me Again Like You Did Last Summer [add]
07. Pivot Man [add]
08. Swimming Lessons [live] [add]
09. A Moral Dilemma for Our Times [add]
10. The Iron Boot of Stupidity Will March Across Your Face [add]
11. Stock Footage [add]
12. Manic Depression [live] [add]
13. A Short Story About America [add]
14. Neurotica Kon Tiki [add]
15. Rainbow Head [add]
16. Eating Pie With Einstein [add]
17. World Before Elvis: The Sequel [add]

Opportunity Crosses the Bridge (1992) 01. Everybody Here Is Broke So Stop Complaining, Ok? [add]
02. This Ain't Disneyland [add]
03. My Friends Made Fun of My Pants [add]
04. Antimony [add]
05. Big Fun in the Basement [add]
06. Boron [add]
07. Appliances du Suavage [add]
08. Carbon [add]
09. Lift and Separate [add]
10. Einsteinium [add]
11. What's That on Your Shirt? [add]
12. Europium [add]
13. More of the Same for Me, Please [add]
14. Hydrogen [add]
15. Team Fight Song [add]
16. Mercury [add]
17. This Is America, Why Should I Have to Mow My Own Lawn? [add]
18. Neon [add]
19. Hercules Pushes Giant Goats over the Cliff and Watches as They Fall I [add]
20. Oxygen [add]
21. Shut That Thing off and Come to Bed [add]
22. Phosphorus [add]
23. Nude Hula [add]
24. Radium [add]
25. Sheba Wore No Nylons [add]
26. Tin [add]
27. She Wears Her Dead Mother's Hat [add]
28. On the Way to Chartres We Stopped and Walked Through Fields of Sunflo [add]
29. Bye Bye, Barbie [add]

One Thing After Another (1998) 01. Big Sky Mind [add]
02. The Girl With the Flame Maple Chest (And Black Walnut Drawers) [add]
03. Oh Lord, Please Bless This Rocket House and All Those Who Live ... [add]
04. Curly, Get the Ladder! [add]
05. Toy Boat Attacked by Toy Pirates on Real Water [add]
06. Maniacs from the Fourth Dimension [add]
07. Bad Weather (Changed Our Plans) [add]
08. On a Bright, Clear Day in January, 1965, We Went Walking Together [add]
09. Stand Back, You Bloated Museum of Treachery! [add]
10. City of Industry/Garden of Ruins [add]
11. The Pancake Song [add]

Down with Gravity (2000) 01. Maybe Spending the Rest of Your Life in a Madhouse Will Teach You Some [add]
02. My Mule Wouldn't Walk in the Mud So I Had to Put 17 Bullets in Her [add]
03. You Want Fries With That? [add]
04. My Wife's Ex-Husband's Grandfather's Bowler Is Now Mine and I ... [add]
05. Minimalism Is Not Incompatible With Density [add]
06. With a Car Like That You Must Be Knee Deep in Whores [add]
07. Tell the Little Man With the Big Head the Bank Is Closed [add]
08. A Fruit Pie Salesman With a Whoopee Cushion Living in Witchita Falls ... [add]
09. I'm Going to Cut the Soles off My Shoes Sit in a Tree and Learn to ... [add]
10. Better to Be Early Than Lift Your Leg [add]

Racket Science (2005) 01. How Come the Wrong People Are Always in Charge? [add]
02. You're Living in a World of Make-Believe With Flowers and Bells ... [add]
03. It's a Good Thing I Don't Have Super Brain Powers or You'd Be in a ... [add]
04. They're Portable, They're Annoying and They Cost Three Dollars a Case [add]
05. I'm Trying to Contain an Outbreak Here and You're Driving the ... [add]
06. It's Almost Impossible to Concentrate in This Caf? With All These ... [add]
07. God Has a Plan for Me, And It Involves Puppets [add]
08. I Wish I Had Me Some of Them Miracle Smart Pills [add]
09. I Got My Picture Taken, I Got Forty Dollars and I Get to Keep the ... [add]
10. There's Some Milk in the Fridge That's About to Go Bad... and There It [add]
11. Every Word Out of Your Mouth Is Like a Turd Falling in My Drink [add]
12. He Looks Interesting - And by Interesting I Mean Weird [add]

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