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Eddie the Rat lyrics
Genre: Rock
Eddie the Rat (2000) 01. Ronnie Camaro Goes to College [add]
02. Eyeballs [add]
03. Samson & Denial [add]
04. Old Enough [add]
05. Stockpiling for the Post-Apocayptic Garage Sale [add]
06. It's Definitely More Night Than It Is Day [add]
07. There Ain't No Reason [add]
08. Sweep Me Up [add]
09. Percussion in Eightball [add]
10. Spiritual Amnesia [add]
11. Ode to Wormwood [add]
12. All of the People Are Turning to Stone [add]
13. Thorazine Shuffle (Last Call for Haldol) [add]
14. Consciousness Isn't Necessary [add]
15. Feel Your Hair Grow [add]
16. Everybody Out of the Pool [add]
17. Babble [add]
18. Hyperactive - Atrophy [add]
19. Overseer of the Mice [add]
20. At Night All Cats Are Gray [add]
21. Don't Hurt My Life [add]
22. Its Definitely More Night [Pop Format] [add]
23. Sun My Lizard (For Herb) [add]
24. Someone Left the Door Ajar for Suction-Cup Man [add]
25. ...And They All Went off into the Desert [add]
26. Captivity's the Best [add]
27. Smoking Cigarettes Is Like Talking to God [add]

Once Around the Butterfly Bush (2006) 01. Anamnesis, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Mu (Unask the Question) [add]
03. Dim [add]
04. There's No Such Place as Outer Space [add]
05. I Spy a Human Inside of You [add]
06. Chasing the Sun [add]
07. Shortcut [add]
08. Once Around the Butterfly Bush [add]
09. Anamnesis, Pt. 2 [add]

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