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Genre: New Age
Wild Indians (2002) 01. Morning at Little Bighorn [add]
02. Crazy Moon [add]
03. Lucrecia's Kitchen [add]
04. The Angry Song [add]
05. Wild Indians [add]
06. Children of the Snow [add]
07. The Stars Don't Shine [add]
08. Warrior's Overture [add]

Improve Your Memory (2005) 01. Introduction [add]
02. The Fundamentals of Memory [add]
03. The Process of Brain Aging [add]
04. Drug Therapies and Memory [add]
05. How Does Memory Work? [add]
06. The Importance of Exercise [add]
07. Stress Reduction [add]
08. The Healthy Brain Diet [add]
09. The Effect of Medication on Memory [add]
10. The Importance of Mental Aerobics [add]
11. Strategies for Your Memory Program [add]
12. External Memory Tools [add]
13. Introduction [add]
14. Objective Memory Assessment [add]
15. Subjective Memory Assessment [add]
16. The Relaxation Response [add]
17. The Look-Snap-Connect Technique [add]
18. The Story Method [add]
19. Second Objective Memory Assessment [add]
20. Mental Aerobic Exercises [add]
21. Remembering Faces and Names [add]
22. Organizational Techniques [add]
23. The Roman Room Method [add]
24. The Peg Method [add]
25. A Second Relaxation Exercise [add]
26. Retaking the Objective Memory Test [add]
27. Retaking the Subjective Memory Test [add]

Blues from the Coyote' (2005) 01. Pow Wow 2-Nite [add]
02. Kirby Saloon [add]
03. Baby Jean [add]
04. Baby Jean (Refrain) [add]
05. Back in My Arms [add]
06. Right off My Face [add]
07. Cheyenne Blue [add]
08. Lover's Man [add]
09. 30 Days of Rent [add]
10. Queen of Lovey Dovin' [add]
11. Lowdown at Jimtown [add]

Crazy Woman Mountain (2007) 01. Pink Flamingos [add]
02. No-Daka Girls [add]
03. Redneck Swingin' [add]
04. Jake the Bull Snake [add]
05. Camilla Tequilla [add]
06. Crazy Woman Mountain [add]
07. Coyote' Lovin' [add]
08. Cash Cow [add]
09. Carlos Can't Surf [add]
10. Me and My Bigsby [add]

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