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Fruitcake lyrics
Genre: Rock
How to Make It (1995) 01. How to Make It? [add]
02. Inside Our Place [add]
03. Fly Away [add]
04. Whims of Time [add]
05. Play My Part [add]
06. Whatever [add]
07. Sky Is Dark [add]
08. Stone of Light [add]
09. Earl Grey [add]
10. Mountain Queen [add]
11. The Inflated Man [add]
12. Never Really Learn [add]

Room for Surprise (1996) 01. Time to Go [add]
02. Tall 'N' Dark [add]
03. Keep the Light [add]
04. Room for Surprise [add]
05. Touch the Sky [add]
06. Hunting Old Ladies [add]
07. Golden Age [add]
08. The Famous Hill [add]
09. A Whisper [add]

One More Slice (1998) 01. The Joke [add]
02. Spirit of This Day [add]
03. Hell's Kitchen [add]
04. Between Reality and Dream [add]
05. Have a Slice [add]
06. Somewhat Late for Supper [add]
07. Final Signals [add]
08. Just Another Weird Vector [add]

Power Structure (1998) 01. Hold Your Ground [add]
02. The River of the Dog [add]
03. Just a Little Bit More Time [add]
04. The Bogeyman (Pt. 2) [add]
05. Velvet Night [add]
06. Touched by the Fire [add]
07. There's an Angel [add]
08. This One Will Make Us Rich [add]
09. Silence Reigns [add]

A Battle a Day (2001) 01. Mopery and Dopery in Deep Space [add]
02. One Night [add]
03. Reaching Out [add]
04. Stories One Hears [add]
05. Water Colours [add]
06. The Old Man [add]
07. This Room [add]
08. Thundercloud [add]

Man Overboard (2004) 01. Intelligence [add]
02. Backwards Sounds [add]
03. Lazy Timing [add]
04. My Nights [add]
05. Passion Impossible [add]
06. The Smoking Gun [add]
07. Once Upon a Naked Floor [add]
08. Goblin Dinner [add]
09. I've Taken Nothing [add]
10. Power in You [add]
11. Big Wave [add]
12. Can You Recall [add]
13. Where I've Been [add]
14. Lost My Way [add]
15. At Midnight [add]
16. Winds of Space [add]
17. Wait for Me [add]
18. On the Edge [add]
19. Marcabian Nights [add]
20. The Guardian [add]

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