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Arena lyrics
Genre: Rock
Songs from the Lions Cage (1995) 01. Out of the Wilderness [add]
02. Crying for Help One [add]
03. Valley of the Kings [add]
04. Crying for Help Two [add]
05. Jericho lyrics
06. Crying for Help Three [add]
07. Midas Vision lyrics
08. Crying for Help Four [add]
09. Solomon lyrics

Pride (1996) 01. Welcome to the Cage [add]
02. Crying for Help V [add]
03. Empire of a Thousand Days [add]
04. Crying for Help IV [add]
05. Medusa lyrics
06. Crying for Help VII [add]
07. Fool's Gold [add]
08. Crying for Help VIII [add]
09. Sirens lyrics

Welcome to the Stage (1997) 01. William Tell Overture [add]
02. Valley of the Kings [add]
03. Out of the Wilderness [add]
04. Midas Vision lyrics
05. The Healer [add]
06. Sirens lyrics
07. Medusa lyrics
08. Welcome to the Cage [add]
09. Jericho lyrics
10. Solomon lyrics

The Cry (1997) 01. Theme [add]
02. The Cry [add]
03. The Offering [add]
04. Problem Line [add]
05. Isolation [add]
06. Fallen Idols [add]
07. Guidance [add]
08. Only Child [add]
09. Stolen Promise [add]
10. The Healer [add]

The Visitor (1998) 01. A Crack in the Ice [add]
02. Pins and Needles [add]
03. Double Vision lyrics
04. Elea [instrumental] [add]
05. The Hanging Tree lyrics
06. A State of Grace [add]
07. Blood Red Room [instrumental] [add]
08. In the Blink of an Eye [add]
09. (Don't Forget to) Breathe [add]
10. Serenity [instrumental] [add]
11. Tears in the Rain [add]
12. Enemy Without lyrics
13. Running from Damasens [add]
14. The Visitor lyrics

The Visitor Re-Visited (1999) 01. Medusa [Acoustic Set with Rob Sowden] [add]
02. Pins and Needles [Acoustic Set with Rob Sowden] [add]
03. (Don't Forget to) Breathe [Acoustic Set with Rob Sowden] [add]
04. Tears in the Rain [Acoustic Set with Rob Sowden] [add]
05. Crying for Help IV [Acoustic Set with Rob Sowden] [add]
06. Double Vision [Live from the Visitor Tour] [add]
07. Elea [Live from the Visitor Tour] [add]
08. The Hanging [Tree Live from the Visitor Tour] [add]
09. Jericho [Live from the Visitor Tour] [add]
10. Solomon [Live from the Visitor Tour] [add]
11. Enemy Without [demo version] [add]

Immortal? (2000) 01. Chosen lyrics
02. Waiting for the Flood [add]
03. The Butterfly Man lyrics
04. Ghost in the Firewall [add]
05. Climbing the Net [add]
06. Moviedrome lyrics
07. Friday's Dream lyrics

Breakfast in Biarritz (2003) 01. Moviedrome lyrics
02. Crack in the Ice [add]
03. Double Vision lyrics
04. Midas Vision lyrics
05. Serenity [add]
06. The Butterfly Man lyrics
07. The Hanging Tree lyrics
08. A State of Grace [add]
09. Enemy Without lyrics
10. Crying for Help VII [add]
11. Chosen lyrics
12. Elea [add]
13. Friday's Dream lyrics

Contagion (2003) 01. Witch Hunt lyrics
02. An Angel Falls lyrics
03. Painted Man lyrics
04. This Way Madness Lies [instrumental] [add]
05. Spectre at the Feast [add]
06. Never Ending Night lyrics
07. Skin Game lyrics
08. Salamander lyrics
09. On the Box [instrumental] [add]
10. Tsunami lyrics
11. Bitter Harvest lyrics
12. The City of Lanterns [add]
13. Riding the Tide [instrumental] [add]
14. Mea Culpa lyrics
15. Cutting the Cards [add]
16. Ascension lyrics

Contagious (2003) 01. Vanishing Act [add]
02. I Spy [add]
03. Contagious [add]
04. The Hour Glass [add]
05. Special Remix of Witch Hunt [add]

Contagium (2004) 01. On the Edge of Despair [add]
02. The March of Time [add]
03. Confrontation [add]
04. Salamander [Special Remix] [add]
05. Painted Man Special Video Footage from the Contagion Live Show [add]

Live & Life (2004) 01. Witch Hunt lyrics
02. An Angel Falls lyrics
03. Painted Man lyrics
04. This Way Madness Lies [add]
05. Spectre at the Feast [add]
06. Skin Game lyrics
07. Salamander lyrics
08. Bitter Harvest lyrics
09. City of Lanterns [add]
10. Riding the Tide [add]
11. Cutting the Cards [add]
12. Ascension lyrics
13. Serenity [add]
14. Chosen lyrics
15. Double Vision lyrics
16. Hanging Tree [add]
17. (Don't Forget To) Breathe [add]
18. The Butterfly Man lyrics
19. Enemy Without lyrics
20. Solomon lyrics
21. Jericho lyrics
22. Crying for Help VII [add]

Pepper's Ghost (2005) 01. Bedlam Fayre [add]
02. Smoke and Mirrors [add]
03. The Shattered Room [add]
04. The Eyes of Lara Moon [add]
05. Tantalus [add]
06. Purgatory Road [add]
07. Opera Fanatica [add]

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