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The Howling Hex lyrics
Genre: Rock
All-Night Fox (2005) 01. Now, We're Gonna Sing [add]
02. Instilled With Mem'ry [add]
03. Pair Back Up Mass With [add]
04. Activity Risks [add]
05. To His Own Front Door [add]
06. What, Man? Who Are You?! [add]
07. Cast Aside the False [add]
08. Soft Enfolding Spreads [add]

You Can't Beat Tomorrow (2005) 01. Teeange Doors [add]
02. Cobra Heart [add]
03. Apache Energy Plan [add]
04. S.C. Coward [add]
05. Sick & Old 1 [add]
06. Diamond Tank [add]
07. You Can't Beat Tomorrow [add]
08. Meet Me at the Dance [add]
09. Sick & Old 2 [add]
10. No Numbers [add]
11. You Can't Beat Tomorrow [DVD] [add]

1-2-3 (2006) 01. If You Can't Tell the Difference, Why Pay Less? [add]
02. Aim Pride Show [add]
03. Catalytic Convert [add]
04. Breakaway [add]
05. Imaginary Saints [add]
06. You Remind Me That I'm Hanging by a Moment [add]
07. Centerville Springs [add]
08. De Colores [add]
09. I'm Rocklyn Immigrant [add]
10. Doing Fine [add]
11. The Preserve, The Common [add]
12. Where's the Party at, Peaches and Cream? (It's Been a While) [add]
13. Pretty [add]
14. Slapshot! [add]
15. Hero [add]
16. Bird to Mutt [add]
17. Be the Last to Stay in a Haunted House [add]
18. Rock-A-Doodle-Doo [add]
19. When You Got Money [add]
20. Wrong Ace [add]
21. Fatter Than Anything [add]
22. Juniper Tree [add]
23. See Copy [add]

Nightclub Version of the Eternal (2006) 01. Hammer and Bluebird [add]
02. Lips Begin to Move [add]
03. This Planet Sweet [add]
04. How Many Steps Now [add]
05. Good Things Are Easy [add]
06. Six Pack Days [add]
07. Out, Out, Out [add]

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