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Gabor Csupo lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Liquid Fire (2001) 01. Intro (Flow In) [add]
02. Neenana Neenana Nina [add]
03. Duna [add]
04. Liquid Krampus [add]
05. Frozen Princess of the Shallow Meadows [add]
06. Anal Sorrow [add]
07. Hungarian Dance #1 [add]
08. Swallowing Flowers [add]
09. Horace's Octopus [add]
10. The Dark Gloss in Her Teary Eyes [add]
11. Folk Song in the Bottle [add]
12. Tragic Flight of the Beekeeper [add]
13. Rainforest Prostitute [add]
14. Dripping Shadow [add]
15. Release Her! [add]
16. Nomad Rap-Sodium [add]
17. Lotus Pocus [add]
18. Prayer in the Storm [add]
19. On the Shore of Tisza [add]
20. Intro (Burn In) [add]
21. Rubber Foul [add]
22. Arabian Lobster Inferno [add]
23. Big Brother Is Watching You [add]
24. Kossuth Radio Budapest [add]
25. Chromo- Zone [add]
26. Cluster Bimbo [add]
27. Hungarian Dance #2 [add]
28. Burning Love in Pompeii [add]
29. Intergalactic Frog Wedding [add]
30. Himalayan Fire Suckers [add]
31. Sizzler [add]
32. Hungarian Dance #3 [add]
33. Bad Hair-Day in Egypt [add]
34. Thrombosis [add]
35. Arsonist in Flames [add]

Kalmopyrin (2002) 01. Mary Goes Around [add]
02. Shaharezade [add]
03. When They Can't Get Enough [add]
04. Rodeo Drive [add]
05. Lemoncholy [add]
06. Pleasure Fakir [add]
07. Good Night, Suckers! [add]
08. The Wet Dream of Princess Moreau [add]
09. Take No Techno Prisoners [add]
10. City of Forgotten Souls [add]
11. Anybody Seen My Pajamas? [add]
12. Torso [add]
13. Three Fish and the Seven Dwarfs [add]

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