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Pitboss 2000 lyrics
Genre: Rock
Everyone's a Winner (1999) 01. Lifes Too Short [add]
02. Get off the Nutz [add]
03. Blow the Ladder/Coapayback [add]
04. Nailbomb [add]
05. Driving with Your Chin [add]
06. Bros Before Hoes [add]
07. Wiggario [add]
08. Hardcore Loser [add]
09. Fat Pig [add]
10. Cash for the Rage [add]
11. Bats & Gats [add]
12. Billy C [add]
13. Sell Out [add]
14. Duncans a Fruit [add]
15. Circle Moshing Rules [add]
16. Bomb Tibet [add]
17. Nerdario [add]
18. Deathrace 2000 [add]
19. Texas Is the Reason Emo Kids Suck [add]
20. Welfare Driveby [add]
21. Clamroles Suck [add]
22. Lifes Too Short [2nd Version] [add]
23. Get off TH Nutz [2nd Version] [add]
24. Blow the Ladder/Coapayback [2nd Version] [add]
25. Nail Bomb [2nd Version] [add]
26. Driving with Your Chin [2nd Version] [add]
27. Bros Before Hoes [2nd Version] [add]
28. Wiggario [2nd Version] [add]
29. Hardcore Loser [2nd Version] [add]
30. Fat Pig [2nd Version] [add]
31. Cash for the Rage [2nd Version] [add]
32. Bats/Gats [2nd Version] [add]
33. Billy C [2nd Version] [add]
34. Sell Out [2nd Version] [add]
35. Duncans a Fruit [2nd Version] [add]
36. Circle Moshing Rules [2nd Version] [add]
37. Bomb Tibet [2nd Version] [add]
38. Nerdario [2nd Version] [add]
39. Deathrace 2000 [2nd Version] [add]
40. Texas Is the Reason Emo Kids Suck [2nd Version] [add]
41. Walfare Driveby [2nd Version] [add]
42. Clamroles Suck [2nd Version] [add]

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