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John Hammond, Jr. lyrics
Genre: Blues
John Hammond (1962) 01. Two Trains Running [add]
02. Give Me a 32-20 [add]
03. Maybellene [add]
04. Louise [add]
05. This Train [add]
06. East St. Louis Blues [add]
07. Going Back to Florida [add]
08. Mean Old Frisco [add]
09. I Got a Letter This Morning [add]
10. Alabama Woman Blues [add]
11. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man [add]
12. Cross Road Blues [add]
13. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean [add]

Big City Blues (1964) 01. I'm Ready [add]
02. My Starter Won't Start [add]
03. Barbecue Blues [add]
04. I'm a Man [add]
05. Barrelhouse Woman Blues [add]
06. Midnight Hour Blues [add]
07. Back Door Man [add]
08. I Live the Life I Love [add]
09. No Money Down [add]
10. My Babe [add]
11. When You Got a Good Friend [add]
12. Baby, Won't You Tell Me [add]

Country Blues (1964) 01. Traveling Riverside Blues [add]
02. Hitchhiking Woman [add]
03. Statesborough Blues [add]
04. Milk Cow's Calf Blues [add]
05. Crawling King Snake [add]
06. Bull Frog Blues [add]
07. Drop Down Mama [add]
08. Little Rain Falling [add]
09. Seventh Son [add]
10. Who Do You Love? [add]
11. 32-20 Blues [add]
12. Goin' Down Slow [add]

So Many Roads (1965) 01. Down in the Bottom [add]
02. Long Distance Call [add]
03. Who Do You Love? [add]
04. I Want You to Love Me [add]
05. Judgment Day [add]
06. So Many Roads, So Many Trains [add]
07. Rambling Blues [add]
08. O Yea! [add]
09. You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover [add]
10. Gambling Blues [add]
11. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
12. Big Boss Man [add]

I Can Tell (1967) 01. I Wish You Would [add]
02. I'm in the Mood [add]
03. I Can Tell [add]
04. Spoonful [add]
05. Coming Home [add]
06. My Baby Is Sweeter [add]
07. Brown Eyed Handsome Man [add]
08. Smokestack Lightning [add]
09. Five Long Years [add]
10. You're So Fine [add]
11. Going to New York [add]
12. Forty Days and Forty Nights [add]
13. Shake for Me [add]
14. Cryin' for My Baby [add]
15. I'm Leaving You [add]
16. You'll Be Mine [add]

Sooner or Later (1968) 01. Crosscut Saw [add]
02. How Many More Years [add]
03. Sooner or Later [add]
04. Shake Your Money Maker [add]
05. Sugar Mama [add]
06. Nine Below Zero [add]
07. Dust My Broom [add]
08. Evil Is Going On [add]
09. That's Alright [add]
10. Don't Start Me Talking [add]

Southern Fried (1969) 01. Shake for Me [add]
02. Cryin' for My Baby [add]
03. I'm Tore Down [add]
04. Don't Go No Further [add]
05. I'm Leavin' You [add]
06. It's Too Late [add]
07. Nadine [add]
08. Mystery Train [add]
09. My Time After Awhile [add]
10. I Can't Be Satisfied [add]
11. You'll Be Mine [add]
12. Riding in the Moonlight [add]

Source Point (1970) 01. I Got Love If You Want It [add]
02. Hoo Doo Blues [add]
03. Mellow Down Easy [add]
04. Takin' Care of Business [add]
05. She Moves Me [add]
06. Let's Go Home [add]
07. Tell Me Mama [add]
08. No Place to Go [add]
09. My First Place [add]
10. Junco Partner [add]
11. As the Years Go Passing By [add]

I'm Satisfied (1972) 01. Outside Your Door [add]
02. If You Ever Need a Man [add]
03. Man in the Road [add]
04. Mama, 'Tain't Long Fo' Day [add]
05. Farther up the Road [add]
06. I'm Satisfied [add]
07. If You Got the Feelin' [add]
08. Ride 'Til I Die [add]
09. I'm Gonna Leave [add]
10. From Four Till Late [add]

Can't Beat the Kid (1975) 01. Can't Beat the Kid [add]
02. It's Mighty Crazy [add]
03. I Hate to See You Go [add]
04. Groovin' Time [add]
05. Diddley Daddy [add]
06. Help Me [add]
07. South Bound Blues [add]
08. Statesborough Blues [add]
09. Terraplane Blues [add]
10. Chattanooga Choo Choo [add]
11. Screamin' and Cryin' [add]
12. Rag Mama [add]
13. Drop Down Mama [add]

John Hammond Solo [live] (1976) 01. I Can't Be Satisfied [add]
02. Driftin' Blues [add]
03. Trucking Little Boy [add]
04. The Sky Is Crying [add]
05. Look on Yonder's Wall [add]
06. Honest I Do [add]
07. I Wish You Would [add]
08. Hellhound Blues [add]
09. Tell Me [add]
10. Guitar King [add]
11. Got My Mojo Working [add]

Footwork (1978) 01. Preaching Blues [add]
02. Crossroad Blues [add]
03. Broke Down Engine [add]
04. Who Do You Love [add]
05. Forty Four Rifle Blues [add]
06. Ask Me Nice [add]
07. Driving Wheel [add]
08. Everybody Cryin' Mercy [add]
09. Go No Further [add]
10. Come on in My Kitchen [add]
11. Gambler Blues [*] [add]
12. Sweet Home Chicago [*] [add]
13. Five Long Years [*] [add]
14. Tell Me Mama [*] [add]
15. Ain't That Loving You Baby [*] [add]
16. The Sky Is Crying [*] [add]
17. Honest I Do [*] [add]
18. Guitar King [*] [add]

Hot Tracks (1979) 01. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut [add]
02. Who's Been Talking? [add]
03. Sugar Mama [add]
04. Howlin' for My Darlin' [add]
05. You Better Watch Yourself [add]
06. Pretty Thing [add]
07. Caress Me Baby [add]
08. Nadine [add]
09. Last Night [add]
10. Sweet Home Chicago [add]

Mileage (1980) 01. My Babe [add]
02. Standing Around Crying [add]
03. Riding in the Moonlight [add]
04. Big 45 [add]
05. Seventh Son [add]
06. Red Hot Kisses [add]
07. Help Me [add]
08. It Hurts Me Too [add]
09. 32-20 Blues [add]
10. You'll Miss Me [add]
11. Mr. Luck [add]
12. Hot Tamales [add]
13. Diddley Daddy [add]

Frogs for Snakes (1982) 01. You Don't Love Me [add]
02. Got to Find My Baby [add]
03. Step It up and Go [add]
04. Fattening Frogs for Snakes [add]
05. Gypsy Woman [add]
06. Key to the Highway [add]
07. My Baby Left Me [add]
08. Louisiana Blues [add]
09. Mellow Down Easy [add]
10. Your Funeral and My Trial [add]
11. Mellow Peaches [add]
12. Gone So Long [add]

Live (1983) 01. I Wish You Would [add]
02. Saddle My Pony [add]
03. Cat Man Blues [add]
04. Custard Pie [add]
05. One Kind Favor [add]
06. I Can't Be Satisfied [add]
07. Dust My Broom [add]
08. Low Down Dog [add]
09. Little School Girl [#] [add]
10. Shake for Me [add]
11. Drop Down Mama [add]
12. Texas Tornado [add]
13. Steady Rollin' Man [#] [add]
14. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby [#] [add]
15. Sail On [#] [add]
16. Wang Dang Doodle [#] [add]
17. Honeymoon Blues [#] [add]
18. I'm Movin' On [add]

Spoonful (1984) 01. Spoonful [add]
02. Coming Home [add]
03. I Can Tell [add]
04. I Wish You Would [add]
05. Brown Eyed Handsome Man [add]
06. You're So Fine [add]
07. I'm in the Mood [add]
08. My Baby Is Sweeter [add]
09. Nadine [add]
10. I'm Torn Down [add]
11. Riding in the Moonlight [add]
12. You'll Be Mine [add]
13. I'm Leaving You [add]
14. Cryin' for My Baby [add]
15. Smokestack Lightning [add]
16. Forty Days and Forty Nights [add]

Nobody But You (1988) 01. Ride Till I Die [add]
02. Sail On [add]
03. Diddley Daddy [add]
04. Maephis Town [add]
05. Lost Lover Blues [add]
06. Nobody But You [add]
07. Papa Wants a Cookie [add]
08. If I Get Lucky [add]
09. Move on Up the Line [add]
10. Killing Me on My Feet [add]
11. Mother in Law Blues [add]

Got Love If You Want It (1992) 01. I've Got Love If You Want It [add]
02. Driftin' Blues [add]
03. Dreamy Eyed Girl [add]
04. Mattie Mae [add]
05. You Don't Love Me [add]
06. Nadine [add]
07. No One Can Forgive Me But My Baby [add]
08. You're So Fine [add]
09. No Place to Go [add]
10. Preachin' Blues [add]

You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover (1993) 01. You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover [add]
02. I Can't Be Satisfied [add]
03. Midnight Hour Blues [add]
04. I Hate to See You Go [add]
05. My Babe [add]
06. Shake for Me [add]
07. Long Distance Call [add]
08. My Starter Won't Start [add]
09. South Bound Blues [add]
10. I'm Leaving You [add]
11. I Live the Life I Love [add]
12. Help Me [add]
13. Gambling Blues [add]

Trouble No More (1994) 01. Just Your Fool [add]
02. Who Will Be Next? [add]
03. I'll Change My Style [add]
04. Too Tired [add]
05. That Nasty Swing [add]
06. Trouble Blues [add]
07. Love Changing Blues [add]
08. It's Too Late Brother [add]
09. Wild Man on the Loose [add]
10. Homely Girl [add]
11. Baby How Long [add]
12. Fool's Paradise [add]

Found True Love (1996) 01. Found Love [add]
02. I Hate to See You Go [add]
03. 'Fore Day Rider [add]
04. Warm It up to Me [add]
05. Howlin' for My Darlin' [add]
06. Hello Stranger [add]
07. You Had Too Much [add]
08. My Mind Is Ramblin' [add]
09. The First Time I Met the Blues [add]
10. I've Got to Find My Baby [add]
11. Evolution Blues [add]
12. Someday Baby Blues [add]

Long as I Have You (1998) 01. Don't Start Me Talkin' [add]
02. As Long as I Have You [add]
03. I Feel So Sorry [add]
04. Stranded [add]
05. Lookin' for Trouble [add]
06. I Got Lucky [add]
07. Sad to Be Alone [add]
08. Goin' Away Baby [add]
09. So Many Roads, So Many Trains [add]
10. I'm Gonna Find My Baby [add]
11. Crying at Daylight [add]
12. Everything's Gonna Be Alright [add]
13. Untrue Blues [add]
14. Tell Me Mama [add]
15. Homeless Blues [add]

Wicked Grin (2001) 01. 2:19 [add]
02. Heartattack and Vine [add]
03. Clap Hands [add]
04. 'Til the Money Runs Out [add]
05. 16 Shells From a Thirty-Ought Six [add]
06. Buzz Fledderjohn [add]
07. Get Behind the Mule [add]
08. Shore Leave [add]
09. Fannin Street [add]
10. Jockey Full of Bourbon [add]
11. Big Black Mariah [add]
12. Murder in the Red Barn [add]
13. I Know I've Been Changed [add]

Ready for Love (2003) 01. Slick Crown Vic [add]
02. No Chance [add]
03. Easy Loving [add]
04. Gin Soaked Boy [add]
05. Spider and the Fly [add]
06. Can't Remember to Forget [add]
07. Color of the Blues [add]
08. Same Thing [add]
09. I Brought the Rain [add]
10. Comes Love [add]
11. Low Side of the Road [add]
12. Money Honey [add]
13. Just One More [add]

At the Crossroads: The Blues of Robert Johnson (2003) 01. 32-20 Blues [add]
02. Milkcow's Calf Blues [add]
03. Traveling Riverside Blues [add]
04. Stones in My Passway [add]
05. Cross Road Blues [add]
06. Hellhound Blues (Hellhound on My Trail) [add]
07. Me and the Devil Blues [live] [add]
08. Walking Blues [add]
09. Come on in My Kitchen [add]
10. Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil) [add]
11. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
12. When You Got a Good Friend [add]
13. Judgment Day (If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day) [add]
14. Rambling Blues (Rambling on My Mind) [add]

In Your Arms Again (2005) 01. Jitterbug Swing [add]
02. I Got a Woman [add]
03. In Your Arms Again [add]
04. I'm Leavin' You [add]
05. Fool for You [add]
06. Evil (Is Going On) [add]
07. Come to Find Out [add]
08. You Got Me Crying [add]
09. Serve Me Right to Suffer [add]
10. Moanin' for My Baby [add]
11. My Baby's Gone [add]
12. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [add]

Live in Greece (2006) 01. Honest I Do [add]
02. Statesboro Blues [add]
03. No Money Down [add]
04. Steady Rolling Man [add]
05. Spoonful [add]
06. Big Star Falling or Taint Long for Day [add]
07. You Can't Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover [add]
08. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean [add]
09. Tell Me Mama [add]
10. Low Down Dog Blues [add]
11. Who Do You Love [add]

Push Comes to Shove (2007) 01. Push Comes to Shove [add]
02. Come on in This House [add]
03. Mean Ol' Lonesome Train [add]
04. If You Wanna Rock & Roll [add]
05. I'm Tore Down [add]
06. Eyes Behind Your Head [add]
07. Butter [add]
08. Heartache Blues [add]
09. Everything Gonna Be Alright [add]
10. Take a Fool's Advice [add]
11. You Know That's Cold lyrics
12. Cold Water lyrics

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