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Frank Foster lyrics
Genre: Jazz
New Faces, New Sounds (0000) 01. Little Red [add]
02. How I Spent the Night [add]
03. Blues for Benny [add]
04. Out of Nowhere [add]
05. Gracias [add]
06. The Heat's On [add]

Manhattan Fever (0000) 01. Little Miss No Nose [add]
02. Manhattan Fever [add]
03. Loneliness [add]
04. Stammpede [add]
05. You Gotta Be Kiddin' [add]
06. Seventh Avenue Bill [add]
07. Slug's Bag [add]
08. What's New from the Monster Mill [add]
09. Hip Shakin' [add]
10. The House That Love Built [add]
11. Fly by Night [add]

Frank Foster [1969] (0000) 01. Slug's Bag [add]
02. Buster Brown [add]
03. What's New? [add]
04. From the Monster Will [add]
05. The House That Love Built [add]
06. Fly by Night [add]
07. Hip Shakin' [add]

Shiny Stockings (0000) 01. Shiny Stockings [add]
02. Thruway Traffic [add]
03. Dayspring [add]
04. Four Five Six [add]
05. Hills of the North Rejoice [add]
06. Manhattan Fever [add]
07. Tomorrow's Blues Today [add]

Two for the Blues (0000) 01. Two for the Blues [add]
02. Send in the Clowns [add]
03. Your Beauty Is a Song of Love [add]
04. But for the Likes of You [add]
05. Heat of Winter [add]
06. Nancy (With the Laughing Face) [add]
07. Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most [add]
08. A Time for Love [add]
09. Bay Street [add]

A Fresh Taste of Thad Jones and Frank Foster (0000) 01. Counter Block [add]
02. Mean What You Say [add]
03. Ode to Joe Newman [add]
04. Winners [add]
05. Love Handles [add]
06. Basic-Ally Yours [add]
07. Victorious Blues [add]
08. Now That She's Away [add]
09. The Biddle-De-Bop Samba [add]
10. Lady in Lace [add]
11. A Fresh Taste of the Blues [add]

No Count (1956) 01. Stop Gap [add]
02. Excursion [add]
03. Casa de Marcel [add]
04. Apron Strings [add]
05. Alternative [add]
06. Serenata [add]

Basie Is Our Boss (1963) 01. Vested Interests [add]
02. I've Got a Lot of Living to Do [add]
03. Why Try to Change Now [add]
04. Kelly Blues [add]
05. May We [add]
06. Samba Blues [add]

Fearless Frank Foster (1965) 01. Raunchy Rita [add]
02. Janie Huk [add]
03. Thingaroo [add]
04. Baby Ann [add]
05. Jitterbug Waltz [add]
06. Disapproachment [add]

Soul Outing! (1966) 01. Show the Good Side [add]
02. While the City Sleep [add]
03. Skankaroony [add]
04. Chiquito Loco [add]
05. Night Song [add]

Loud Minority (1974) 01. The Loud Minority [add]
02. Requiem for Dusty [add]
03. J.P.'s Thing [add]
04. E.W. Beautiful People [add]

The House That Love Built (1982) 01. I Remember Sonny Stitt [add]
02. The House That Love Built [add]
03. John R and Garfield [add]
04. Scandia Skies [#] [add]
05. Lightly Stroking [add]
06. Dunbar's Delight [add]

Frankly Speaking (1984) 01. An' All Such Stuff as 'Dat [add]
02. The Summer Knows [add]
03. When Did You Leave Heaven? [add]
04. Up and Coming [add]
05. One Morning in May [add]
06. Two Franks [add]
07. This Is All I Ask [add]
08. Blues Backstage [add]

Leo Rising (1996) 01. You're Only as Old as You Look [add]
02. Simone [add]
03. Gray Thursday [add]
04. Cidade Alto [add]
05. Leo Rising [add]
06. When April Comes Again [add]
07. Last Night When We Were Young [add]
08. Derricksteriy [add]

Swing [live] (1998) 01. Joy Spring [add]
02. Chiquito Loco [add]
03. Simone [add]
04. Shiny Stockings [add]
05. Theme for Ernie [add]
06. Giant Steps [add]

We Do It Diff'rent [live] (2003) 01. G'on an' Git It Y'all [add]
02. Stella by Starlight [add]
03. WLD Women Don't Worry [add]
04. Fos' Alarm [add]
05. Lover [add]
06. Shiny Stockings [add]
07. Where or When [add]
08. Cecilia Is Love [add]
09. You Go to My Head [add]
10. Skull-Doug-Ery [add]

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