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Freddie Weber lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Bright Yellow Jazz (2000) 01. Bright Yellow [add]
02. Little Stranger [add]
03. Babies Know About God [add]
04. I See You [add]
05. Thoroughbred [add]
06. Go Slow [add]
07. God Bless You Baby [add]
08. I've Got You [add]
09. But There's Something [add]
10. You Get Me [add]
11. The Flow [add]
12. Dave [add]
13. Bright Yellow [add]

Chocolate Taught Me How to Love (2002) 01. Chocolate Taught Me How to Love [add]
02. I Think God Is Funny [add]
03. Don't Go Wrestling with the Pig [add]
04. Give Up and Just Let Go [add]
05. Relax [add]
06. The Ugly Song [add]
07. Talkin' to Myself [add]
08. Up the Creek [add]
09. Sitting in the Silence [add]
10. You Bring out the Love in Me [add]
11. Watch the Show [add]

Red: Original Jazz Love Songs (2002) 01. I Did It [add]
02. You Don't Know You Healed Me [add]
03. Relax [add]
04. I'm Afraid of the Flowers [add]
05. Welcome Home [add]
06. Get Ready for Freddie [add]
07. One Door Opens [add]
08. Paradise [add]
09. Love Is Over [add]
10. Heal Me [add]
11. Heroes [add]
12. Watching Sweetie Fish [add]
13. Sittin' with Me [add]

There's an Angel Inside (2002) 01. I Love Myself the Way I Am [add]
02. Let Go of That [add]
03. There's an Angel Inside [add]
04. Be Here Now [add]
05. Listening (Meditation) [add]
06. Free and Easy [add]
07. This Little Light of Mine [add]
08. Use Me [add]

We're All One (2002) 01. We're All One [add]
02. One Voice [add]
03. You're Okay [add]
04. Hook Up [add]
05. Say Yes! [add]
06. No Mind [add]
07. The Silence [add]
08. Hole in the Flute [add]
09. Angel Boy [add]
10. High Five [add]
11. I Love God [add]

Love: It's All Right Here! (2003) 01. Love - It's All Right Here! [add]
02. Don't Just Do Something, Sit There [add]
03. Enjoy Your Life [add]
04. Losin'my Mind [add]
05. This --It's This! [add]
06. I Miss God [add]
07. Ican't Go Forward in Reverse [add]
08. God Is Ising [add]
09. Who's Peering Through Your Eyes? [add]
10. Let It Be [add]
11. You/Friends Medley [add]
12. Feel It [add]

Now (2004) 01. Ride the Horse in the Direction It's Going [add]
02. A Smile Is an Amazing Thing [add]
03. Me [add]
04. I Was Looking for God with His Eyes [add]
05. After the Ecstasy, The Laundry [add]
06. Listen [add]
07. I Bow to You [add]
08. Thank You [add]
09. Now [add]
10. 60,000 Thoughts a Day [add]
11. Don't Follow That Thought [add]
12. Say Yes [add]
13. Who Are You? [add]
14. Hole in the Flute [add]

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