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Hank Crawford lyrics
Genre: Jazz
After Hours (0000) 01. After Hours [add]
02. Junction [add]
03. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) [add]
04. Next Time You See Me [add]
05. Soul Shoutin' [add]
06. Makin' Whoopee [add]
07. When Did You Leave Heaven? [add]
08. The Back Slider [add]

Wildflower (0000) 01. Coraz?n [add]
02. Wildflower [add]
03. Mr. Blues [add]
04. You've Got It Bad Girl [add]
05. Good Morning Heartache [add]

Tico Rico (0000) 01. Tico Rico [add]
02. Teach Me Tonight [add]
03. Lady Soul [add]
04. Lullaby of Love [add]
05. I've Just Seen a Face [add]
06. Lament [add]
07. Funky Rooster [add]

Centerpiece (0000) 01. Centerpiece [add]
02. Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good to You [add]
03. Breezin' [add]
04. I Had a Dream [add]
05. I Can't Stand It [add]
06. Frame for the Blues [add]

Indigo Blue (0000) 01. All Alone and Blue [add]
02. The Very Thought of You [add]
03. Things Aren't What They Used to Be [add]
04. Funny [add]
05. Indigo Blue [add]
06. Just for a Thrill [add]

Down on the Deuce (0000) 01. Down on the Deuce [add]
02. Used to Be Love [add]
03. Down Home Blues [add]
04. Through the Years [add]
05. Survival [add]
06. When a Man Loves a Woman [add]

Roadhouse Symphony (0000) 01. Roadhouse Symphony [add]
02. Tragick Magick [add]
03. Jubilee [add]
04. Say It Isn't So [add]
05. Time Is on Our Side [add]
06. Precious Lord, Take My Hand [add]
07. Sugar Ditch [add]

Soul Survivors (0000) 01. Because of You [add]
02. The Frim Fram Sauce [add]
03. The Peeper [add]
04. One Mint Julep [add]
05. The Second Time Around [Long Version] [add]
06. After Supper [add]

Steppin' Up (0000) 01. River's Invitation [add]
02. The Real Deal [add]
03. Tippin' In [add]
04. Vicki [add]
05. Be Anything (But Be Mine) [add]
06. Steppin' Up [add]
07. Lift Every Voice and Sing [add]
08. Something for Bubba [*] [add]

Night Beat (0000) 01. For the Love of You [add]
02. Mobile Bay [add]
03. Midnight Fantasy [add]
04. K.C. Blues [add]
05. What a Wonderful World [add]
06. Sleepin' on the Sidewalk [add]
07. Trouble in Mind [add]

On the Blue Side (0000) 01. Any Day Now [add]
02. Jimmy's Groove [add]
03. The Glory of Love [add]
04. You're the One [add]
05. Tuff [add]
06. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid [add]
07. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You [add]
08. Hank's Groove [add]

Groove Master (0000) 01. Grown and Gone [add]
02. There Is a Way [add]
03. Blues for the Red Boy [add]
04. Saving All My Love for You [add]
05. Bluebird [add]
06. A Toast to Lovers [add]
07. Holy Moly [add]
08. Canadian Sunset [add]

South Central (0000) 01. Falling in Love With Love [add]
02. I Should Care [add]
03. South-Central [add]
04. I Want to Talk About You [add]
05. In a Mellow Tone [add]
06. Conjunction Mars [add]
07. Fool That I Am [add]
08. Splanky [add]
09. O Holy Night [add]

After Dark (0000) 01. My Babe [add]
02. Share Your Love With Me [add]
03. Git It! [add]
04. TAin't Nobody's Bizness If I Do [add]
05. Our Day Will Come [add]
06. Mother Nature [add]
07. That's All [add]
08. St. Louis Blues [add]
09. Beale Street After Dark [add]
10. Amazing Grace [add]

More Soul (1960) 01. Boo's Tune [add]
02. Angel Eyes [add]
03. Four Five Six [add]
04. The Story [add]
05. Dat Dere [add]
06. Misty [add]
07. Sister Sadie [add]

The Soul Clinic (1961) 01. Please Send Me Someone To Love [add]
02. Easy Living [add]
03. Playmates [add]
04. What a Diff'rence a Day Made [add]
05. Me and My Baby [add]
06. Lorelei's Lament [add]
07. Blue Stone [add]

From the Heart (1961) 01. Don't Cry Baby [add]
02. Sweet Cakes [add]
03. You've Changed [add]
04. Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand [add]
05. Sherri [add]
06. The Peeper [add]
07. But on the Other Hand Baby [add]
08. Stoney Lonesome [add]
09. What Will I Tell My Heart? [add]

Soul of the Ballad (1963) 01. I'm Getting Sentimental over You [add]
02. Blueberry Hill [add]
03. If I Didn't Care [add]
04. I Left My Heart in San Francisco [add]
05. Whispering Grass (Don't Tell the Trees) [add]
06. Stormy Weather [add]
07. Blueberry Hill [add]
08. Sweet Slumber [add]
09. If I Didn't Care [add]
10. Stormy Weather [add]
11. Stardust [add]
12. I Left My Heart in San Francisco [add]
13. Anytime [add]
14. There Goes My Heart [add]
15. Sweet Slumber [add]
16. There Goes My Heart [add]
17. Time Out for Tears [add]
18. Have a Good Time [add]

True Blue (1963) 01. Read 'Em and Weep [add]
02. Two Years of Torture [add]
03. Save Your Love for Me [add]
04. Mellow Down Easy [add]
05. Merry Christmas, Baby [add]
06. Blues in Bloom [add]

Dig These Blues (1965) 01. Dig These Blues [add]
02. Don't Get Around Much Anymore [add]
03. Banana Head [add]
04. H.C. Blues [add]
05. These Tears [add]
06. Hollywood Blues [add]
07. Baby Won't You Please Come Home [add]
08. New Blues [add]
09. Bluff City Blues [add]

Mr. Blues (1966) 01. Smoke City [add]
02. Hush Puppies [add]
03. Route 66 [add]
04. Teardrops [add]
05. Lonely Avenue [add]
06. The Turfer [add]
07. Danger Zone [add]
08. Mr. Blues [add]
09. On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever) [add]

Double Cross (1967) 01. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) [add]
02. Bud Island Blues [add]
03. I Can't Stand It [add]
04. Glue Fingers [add]
05. In the Heat of the Night [add]
06. Double Cross [add]
07. Jimmy Mack [add]
08. The Second Time Around [add]

Mr. Blues Plays Lady Soul (1969) 01. Groovin' [add]
02. Never Let Me Go [add]
03. Ain't No Way [add]
04. I Can't See Myself Leaving You [add]
05. Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby) [add]
06. Going Down Slow [add]
07. Lady Soul [add]
08. Take a Look [add]
09. Baby, I Love You [add]
10. Soul Serenade [add]

Help Me Make It Through the Night (1972) 01. Help Me Make It Through the Night [add]
02. Brian's Song [add]
03. Uncle Funky (AKA Bowl Full O' Blues) [add]
04. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning [add]
05. Go Away Little Girl [add]
06. Imagine [add]
07. Ham [add]
08. The Sun Died AKA LL Est Mort le Soleil [add]

We Got a Good Thing Going (1972) 01. We Got a Good Thing Going [add]
02. Imagination [add]
03. Down to Earth [add]
04. The Christmas Song [add]
05. Alone Again [add]
06. I Don't Know [add]
07. I'm Just a Lucky So and So [add]
08. Winter Wonderland [add]
09. Little Tear [add]

Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing (1975) 01. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing [add]
02. Jana [add]
03. All in Love Is Fair [add]
04. Sho Is Funky [add]
05. Groovy Junction [add]

I Hear a Symphony (1975) 01. I Hear a Symphony [add]
02. Madison (Spirit, the Power) [add]
03. Hang It on the Ceiling [add]
04. Stripper [add]
05. Sugar Free [add]
06. Love Won't Let Me Wait [add]
07. I'll Move You No Mountain [add]
08. Baby! This Love I Have [add]

Hank Crawford's Back (1976) 01. Funky Pigeon [add]
02. I Can't Stop Loving You [add]
03. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine [add]
04. Canadian Sunset [add]
05. Midnight over Memphis [add]

Cajun Sunrise (1978) 01. What a Difference You've Made in My Life [add]
02. I Don't Want No Happy Songs [add]
03. New York's One Soulful City [add]
04. Take This Job and Shove It [add]
05. Just the Way You Are [add]
06. Daytime Friends [add]
07. Evergreen [add]
08. Cajun Sunrise [add]

Midnight Ramble (1982) 01. Midnight Ramble [add]
02. Forever Mine [add]
03. Theme for Basie [add]
04. Mister C. [add]
05. Street of Dreams [add]
06. Next Time You See Me [add]
07. Deep River [add]

Mr. Chips (1986) 01. Endless Love [add]
02. You Send Me [add]
03. Mr. Chips [add]
04. Stand by Me [add]
05. Let's Fall in Love (All over Again) [add]
06. Bedtime [add]
07. Robbins Nest [*] [add]

Tight (1996) 01. I Had a Dream [add]
02. If It's the Last Thing I Do [add]
03. Breezin' [add]
04. Don't Start Nuttin', Won't Be Nuttin' [add]
05. Mona Lisa [add]
06. Little Sunflower [add]
07. Everything I Have Is Yours [add]
08. Manhattan Blues [add]

Road Tested (1997) 01. Peanuts [add]
02. I Only Have Eyes for You [add]
03. Happy Feet [add]
04. For Sentimental Reasons [add]
05. Caravan [add]
06. Road Tested [add]
07. Hope That We Can Be Together Soon [add]
08. Mr. P.C. [add]
09. Summertime [add]
10. A Little Bit South of East St. Louis [add]

Crunch Time (1999) 01. Bow Legs [add]
02. It's All Good [add]
03. Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go) [add]
04. Sandu [add]
05. Crunch Time [add]
06. What's Going On [add]
07. Without a Song [add]
08. The Preacher [add]

The World of Hank Crawford (2000) 01. Grab the World [add]
02. Way Back Home [add]
03. Trust in Me [add]
04. Back in the Day [add]
05. Love for Sale [add]
06. Come Sunday [add]
07. Sonnymoon for Two [add]
08. Good Bait [add]
09. Star Eyes [add]

It's a Funky Thing to Do (2004) 01. It's a Funky Thing to Do [add]
02. If Ever I Should Leave You [add]
03. Hills of Love [add]
04. Sophisticated Soul [add]
05. You're the One [add]
06. Parker's Mood [add]
07. Kingsize Man [add]

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