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Cecil Brooks III lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Hangin' With Smooth (0000) 01. Hangin' With Smooth [add]
02. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face [add]
03. Swamp Thang [add]
04. Adreena [add]
05. Don't Forget the Forgotten [add]
06. Midnight Sun [add]
07. I'm a Fool to Want You [add]
08. Autumn in New York [add]
09. Invisible Face [add]
10. Healing Rhythms for Adriane [add]

The Collective (1989) 01. The Sketch Is the Key [add]
02. We'll Be Together Again [add]
03. Ace Boy (Little Cece) [add]
04. Sunshine [add]
05. Are You Real [add]
06. West Coast Blues [add]
07. Temptation [add]
08. We'll Be Together Again [*] [add]

Neck Peckin' Jammie (1993) 01. Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa) [add]
02. Yvette [add]
03. Creepin' [add]
04. One by One [add]
05. Without a Song [add]
06. Blues Citizens [add]
07. Mood Swings [add]
08. In Jody's Corner [add]
09. Tenderly [add]
10. Neck Peckin' Jammie [add]
11. Rhythms for Moms Journey to Heaven [add]

Smokin' Jazz [live] (1993) 01. Fried Bananas [add]
02. Montclair [add]
03. Natural Selection [add]
04. Everything Happens to Me [add]
05. Gordon's Maze [add]
06. The Third (For Cecil Brooks III) [For Cecil Brooks III] [add]
07. 2 AM in the Village [add]
08. And Another Thang [add]
09. Outroduction of the Band [add]

For Those Who Love to Groove (1999) 01. I Get Lonely [add]
02. Mother and Child [add]
03. Stay One Step Ahead [add]
04. Browne James [add]
05. Sweet Summer Breeze [add]
06. Can We Talk? [add]
07. Lakumbe's Theme [add]
08. Adreena [add]
09. Swamp Run [add]
10. Yvette [add]
11. Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa) [add]
12. Medley: Body and Soul [add]
13. Medley: I Can't Get Started [add]
14. Medley: Tenderly [add]
15. Sanj's Smoke Shop [add]

Our Mister Brooks (2000) 01. Creepin' [add]
02. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face [add]
03. Temptation [add]
04. One by One [add]
05. Without a Song [add]
06. Swamp Thang [add]
07. And Another Thang [live] [add]
08. We'll Be Together Again [add]
09. Hangin' With Smooth [add]
10. West Coast Blues [add]
11. Sunshine [add]
12. Montclair [live] [add]

Live at Sweet Basil (2001) 01. Bounce [add]
02. Mood Swings [add]
03. Chelsea Bridge [add]
04. But Beautiful [add]
05. Vamp for Cho [add]

Live at Sweet Basil, Vol.2 (2002) 01. Swamp Run [add]
02. Sweet Summer Breeze [add]
03. Dreamy [add]
04. The Voice of the Saxophone [add]
05. Prelude to Yvette (Attacca) [add]
06. Yvette [add]
07. Spontaneous Percussion [add]
08. Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa) [add]

Double Exposure (2006) 01. On the Trail [add]
02. Serenade in Blue [add]
03. Tea for Two [add]
04. Bird of Beauty [add]
05. Double Exposure [add]
06. I Can't Give You Anything But Love [add]
07. You've Changed [add]
08. Cute [add]

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