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Wigwam lyrics
Genre: Rock
Highlights (0000) 01. Eddie and the Boys [add]
02. Tramdriver [add]
03. Freddy Are You Eady [add]
04. Kite [add]
05. Nuclear Nightclub [add]
06. Autograph [add]
07. Just My Situation [add]
08. Cheap Evening Returning [add]
09. Frederick & Bill [add]
10. Tombstone Valentine [add]
11. Do or Die [add]
12. June May Be Too Late [add]
13. Losing Hold [add]
14. Lost Without a Trace [add]
15. Henry's Highway Code [add]
16. Silver Ubilee [add]
17. Grass for Blades [add]
18. Prophet [add]
19. Marvelry Skimmer [add]

Hard N' Horny (1969) 01. 633 Jesu F?glar [add]
02. Pid?an Sinusta [add]
03. En Aio Paeta [add]
04. Neron Muistolle; Hyv?? Y?t? [add]
05. Guardian Angel, The Future [add]
06. No Pens, Ei Karsinoita [add]
07. Henry's Mountain Range or Thereabouts [add]
08. Henry's Geographical and Astronomical Mistakes [add]
09. Henry's Highway Code [add]
10. Henry's Ghastly and Diabolical Mistakes [add]
11. Henry's Cancelled Holiday Plans [add]
12. Henry's Concentration Camp Brochure [add]
13. Henry's Ears, Eyes, Girlfriend and Feet [add]
14. Henry's Hard and Horny All-Niter [add]
15. Henry's Milk Round in the Morning [add]
16. Luulosairas [*] [add]

Tombstone Valentine (1970) 01. Tombstone Valentine [add]
02. In Gratitude [add]
03. Dance of the Anthropoids [add]
04. Frederick & Bill [add]
05. Wishful Thinker [add]
06. Autograph [add]
07. 1936 Lost in the Snow [add]
08. Let the World Ramble On [add]
09. For America [add]
10. Captain Supernatural [add]
11. End [add]

Fairyport (1971) 01. Losing Hold [add]
02. Lost Without a Trace [add]
03. Fairyport [add]
04. Gray Traitors [add]
05. Cafffkaff, The Country Psychologist [add]
06. May Your Will Be Done, Dear Lord [add]
07. How to Make It Big in Hospital [add]
08. Hot Mice [add]
09. P.K.'s Super Market [add]
10. One More Try [add]
11. Rockin' Ol' Galway [add]
12. Every Fold [add]
13. Rave-Up for the Roadies [live] [add]
14. Losing Hold/Finlandia [live/*] [add]

Being (1974) 01. Proletrarian [add]
02. Inspired Machine [add]
03. Petty-Bourgeois [add]
04. Pride of the Biosphere [add]
05. Pedagogue [add]
06. Crisader [add]
07. Planetist [add]
08. Maestro Mercy [add]
09. Prophet [add]
10. Marvelry Skimmer [add]

Live Music from the Twilight Zone (1975) 01. The Moon Struck One [add]
02. Let It Be [add]
03. Groundswell [add]
04. Pig Storm [add]
05. Nipistys [add]
06. Imagine [add]
07. Help Me/Checkin' Up on My Baby [add]
08. Grass for Blades [add]

Nuclear Nightclub (1975) 01. Nuclear Nightclub [add]
02. Freddie Are You Ready [add]
03. Bless Your Lucky Stars [add]
04. Kite [add]
05. Do or Die [add]
06. Simple Human Kindness [add]
07. Save My Money and Name [add]
08. Pig Storm [add]

The Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose (1976) 01. Sane Again [add]
02. International Disaster [add]
03. Colossus [add]
04. Eddie and the Boys [add]
05. Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpos [add]
06. June May Be Too Late [add]
07. Never Turn You In [add]
08. In a Nutshell [add]

Dark Album (1977) 01. Oh Marlene! [add]
02. Cheap Evening Return [add]
03. The Item Is the Totem [add]
04. The Silver Jubilee [add]
05. Horace's Aborted Rip-Off Scheme [add]
06. The Big Farewell [add]
07. The Vegetable Rumble [add]
08. Helsinki Nights [add]
09. Grass for Blades [add]
10. Daemon Duncetan's Request [add]

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