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Demis Roussos lyrics
Genre: Vocal
In Holland [live] (0000) 01. Ouverture: Act de Provence [add]
02. Eleni [add]
03. One Way Wind [add]
04. Give Me Back My Love [add]
05. Red Rose Caf? [add]
06. You Don't Own Me [add]
07. Paloma Blanca [add]
08. No More Boleros [add]
09. On My Own [add]
10. Mon Amour [add]
11. If I Could Only Be With You [add]
12. Sister Mary [add]
13. My Broken Souvenirs [add]
14. Come Waltz With Me [add]
15. Thimame (An Anixis Tin Cardia Mou) [add]
16. Sailin' Home [add]

A La France (0000) 01. On ?crit Sur Les Murs [add]
02. Quand Je l'Aime [add]
03. Amis Pour la Vie [add]
04. Le Grec [add]
05. Spleen [add]
06. Les Oiseaux de Ma Jeunesse [add]
07. Apr?s la Fin du Monde [add]
08. Prier [add]
09. Tout Ce Que Je Cherche Est en Toi [add]
10. Comme le Vent d'Hier [add]
11. Qui Plus Que Moi [add]
12. Po?sie [add]
13. Piano [add]
14. Billy [add]
15. Tous Les "Je Vous Aime" [add]
16. Sandra, Princesse Rebelle [add]
17. Plaisir d'Amour [add]
18. La Mer [add]

Demis Roussos [Halahup] (0000) 01. We Shall Dance [add]
02. From Souvenirs to Souvenirs [add]
03. Someday Somewhere [add]
04. Mourir Aupres de Mon Amour [add]
05. Summerwine [add]
06. Mary Was an Only Child [add]
07. Goodbye My Love Goodbye [add]
08. Let It Be Me [add]
09. Ainsi Suit-Il [add]
10. Before [add]
11. Sing an Ode to Love [add]
12. I Hear You Now [add]
13. End of the World [add]
14. My Reason lyrics
15. Far Away [add]
16. Santa Lucia [add]
17. Lovely Love de Paris [add]
18. Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun [add]
19. This Time Isn't Au-Revoir [add]
20. Lust in Love [add]
21. It's Five O'Clock [add]
22. Can't Say How Much I Love You [add]
23. In My Dreams [add]
24. Dance O la Vie [add]
25. Fallin' lyrics
26. Velvet Mornings [add]
27. Sister Emeline [add]
28. Rebecca lyrics
29. My Only Fascination [add]
30. Lovely Sunny Days [add]
31. Bambina [add]
32. Perdoname [add]
33. My Friend the Wind [add]
34. Bahia Blue [add]
35. I'll Be Your Friend [add]
36. Time and Tide [add]
37. So Dreamy [add]
38. Names [add]
39. Rain and Tears lyrics
40. Winter Rains [add]
41. For Ever and Ever [add]
42. Lovely Lady of Arcadia [add]
43. Tell Me Now [add]
44. Lost in a Dream [add]
45. Before the Storm [add]
46. Femme Maintenant [add]

Demis Roussos [Mercury] (0000) 01. Feel Like I'll Never This Way Again [add]
02. Loving Arms [add]
03. Life in the City [add]
04. I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself lyrics
05. I Just Live [add]
06. Hey Friend [add]
07. Other Woman [add]
08. This Song [add]
09. That Once in a Lifetime [add]
10. L.O.V.E. Got a Hold on Me [add]

Magic (0000) 01. Because [add]
02. Time and Tide [add]
03. Maybe Forever [add]
04. My Face in the Rain [add]
05. I Dig You [add]
06. Margarita [add]
07. Let It Happen [add]
08. Bambine [add]
09. The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) [add]
10. Sister Emilyne [add]
11. Before the Storm [add]

Mon Ile (0000) 01. Mon ?le [add]
02. Je Te Donnerai Ma Vie [add]
03. Dinata [add]
04. Elle Attend [add]
05. Amapola [Version Francaise] [add]
06. Les Sables Aurif?res [add]
07. Iqbal [add]
08. Oh? [add]
09. Femme Maintenant [add]
10. Danse ? la Vie [add]
11. Dinata [Radio Edit] [add]

Morning Has Broken (0000) 01. Morning Has Broken [add]
02. Tous les "Je Vous Aime" [add]
03. Oxygen [add]
04. Too Many Dreams [add]
05. Les Mots Qui Font Peur [add]
06. Adagio [add]
07. Italian Song [add]
08. Take Me Home [add]
09. Spleen (Baundelaire) [add]
10. Sergueii [add]

The Greek (0000) 01. Le Grec [add]
02. Spleen [add]
03. The Beauty of Your Eyes [add]
04. Prier [add]
05. Tout Ce Que Je Cherche Est en Toi [add]
06. Comme le Vent d'Hier [add]
07. Futureless Forever [add]
08. Quand Je T'Aime [add]
09. The Moon and I [add]
10. Time [add]
11. Dance of Love [add]
12. My Song of Love [add]
13. On Ecrit Sur Les Murs (Graffiti) [add]
14. Amico Sincero [add]
15. Qui Plus Que Moi [add]
16. Petite Fille [add]
17. Wanna Die the Way I Love You [add]
18. Young Love [add]

On the Greek Side of My Mind (1971) 01. On the Greek Side of My Mind [add]
02. She Came Up from the North [add]
03. Good Days Have Gone [add]
04. We Shall Dance [add]
05. I Know I'll Do It Again [add]
06. Fire and Ice [add]
07. End of the Line [add]
08. My Blue Ship's A-Sailin' [add]
09. Mountains Beyond [add]
10. O My Friends You've Been Untrue to Me [add]
11. Lord of the Flies [add]
12. Without You [add]
13. No Way Out [*] [add]

Demis Roussos [Big Tree] (1974) 01. O My Friends You've Been Untrue to Me [add]
02. Rebecca lyrics
03. End of the Line [add]
04. (When) I'm a Kid [add]
05. Goodbye My Love, Goodbye [add]
06. She Came up from the North lyrics
07. Lay It Down [add]
08. Velvet Mornings [add]
09. My Blue Ship's A-Sailin' [add]
10. Forever and Ever [add]

Happy to Be (1976) 01. This Time It Isn't au-Revoir [add]
02. Mary Was an Only Child [add]
03. Fallin' lyrics
04. So Dreamy [add]
05. Funny Man [add]
06. Can't Say How Much I Love You [add]
07. Happy to Be on a Island in the Sun [add]
08. Bahia Blue [add]
09. Before [add]
10. Far Away [add]
11. Lovely Love de Paris [add]

Demis (1982) 01. Lament [add]
02. We're Shining [add]
03. Take Me Sailing [add]
04. Song Without End [add]
05. Song for the Free [add]
06. Gypsy Lady [add]
07. Need to Forget [add]
08. Race to the End [add]
09. Where Are They Now? [add]

Lost in Love (1993) 01. Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun [add]
02. Forever and Ever [add]
03. Can't Say How Much I Love You [add]
04. When Forever Has Gone [add]
05. Goodbye My Love Goodbye [add]
06. My Reason lyrics
07. Lost in Love [add]
08. I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself lyrics
09. Lost in a Dream [add]
10. Velvet Mornings [add]
11. Midnight Is the Time I Need You [add]
12. Gypsy Lady [add]
13. I Need You [add]
14. The Wedding Song [add]

Greater Love (1998) 01. Tropicana Bay [add]
02. Summer in Her Eyes [add]
03. Quantanamera [add]
04. Greater Love [add]
05. Follow Me lyrics
06. Island of Love [add]
07. I Miss You [add]
08. Tropicana Bay [add]
09. How [add]
10. Amis Pour la Vie [add]
11. Summer Wine [add]
12. Another Time [add]
13. In Love [add]

Demis Roussos [Universal] (1999) 01. Goodbye My Love Goodbye [add]
02. When I Am a Kid [add]
03. From Souvenirs to Souvenirs [add]
04. My Friend the Wind [add]
05. Good Days Have Gone [add]
06. Someday Somewhere [add]
07. Smile [add]
08. Marlene [add]
09. Midnight Is the Time I Need You [add]
10. I'll Be Your Friend [add]
11. My Reason lyrics
12. Lay It Down [add]
13. Rebecca lyrics
14. Lord of the Flies [add]
15. Lovely Sunny Days [add]
16. She Came Up from the North [add]
17. Reverie [add]
18. We Shall Dance [add]
19. Shadows [add]
20. Perdoname [add]
21. My Only Fascination [add]
22. Lovely Lady of Arcadia [add]
23. Say You Love Me [add]
24. Lost in a Dream [add]
25. Forever and Ever [add]
26. No Way Out [add]
27. End of the Line [add]
28. Fire and Ice [add]
29. Let It Be Me (Je T'Appartiens) [add]
30. I Know I'll Do It Again [add]
31. Can't Say How Much I Love [add]
32. Without You [add]
33. My Blue Ship's A-Sailin' [add]
34. Velvet Mornings [add]

Forever in Your Heart (1999) 01. Forever and Ever [add]
02. Marlene [add]
03. Smile, Tho' Your Heart Is Aching [add]
04. My Reasons [add]
05. Shadows [add]
06. My Only Fascination [add]
07. Lord of the Flies [add]
08. When I Am a Kid [add]
09. We Shall Dance [add]
10. Lost in a Dream [add]
11. Someday, Somewhere [add]
12. From Souvenirs to Souvenirs [add]
13. Reverie [add]
14. Without You [add]
15. Let It Be Me [add]
16. Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye [add]

Island of Love (2000) 01. The Mood and I [add]
02. Mamy Blue [add]
03. My Song of Love [add]
04. Let the Bells Ring [add]
05. Sandra, Princess Rebelle [add]
06. One Way Wind [add]
07. Give Me Back My Love [add]
08. Una Paloma Blanca [add]
09. On My Own [add]
10. Mon Amour [add]
11. My Broken Souvenirs [add]
12. Come Waltz With Me [add]
13. Amazing Grace [add]
14. Glory Glory Hallelujah [add]
15. Jerusalem of Gold [add]
16. Quantan Anamera [add]
17. Greater Love [add]
18. Island of Love [add]
19. Summer in Her Eyes [add]
20. Summerwine [add]
21. Turning [add]
22. Step by Step [add]
23. Loving [add]
24. Follow Me lyrics
25. I Miss You [add]
26. How [add]
27. In Love [add]
28. Another Time [add]
29. Sailin' Home [add]
30. No More Boleros [add]
31. Act de Provence [add]
32. Eleni [add]

Chante Noel (2001) 01. Ave Maria [add]
02. La Chanson de David (David's Song) [add]
03. Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes (Gloria in Excelsis Deo) [add]
04. Il Est N? Divin Enfant [add]
05. L' Enfant au Tambour (Little Drummer Boy) [add]
06. Oh Come All Ye Faithful [add]
07. Petit Papa No?l [add]
08. Minuit Chr?tien [add]
09. Mon Beau Sapin (Oh Tannebaum) [add]
10. No?l Blanc (White Christmas) [add]
11. ? Douce Nuit (Silent Night) [add]
12. When a Child Is Born [add]
13. Premier No?l (The First No?l) [*] [add]
14. What Child Is This? [*] [add]
15. Feliz Navidad [*] [add]

Double Live (2002) 01. Intro-I Want to Live [#] [add]
02. Forever and Ever [#] [add]
03. O My Friends You've Been Untrue to Me [#] [add]
04. Let It Be Me [#] [add]
05. My Friend the Wind [#] [add]
06. Say You Love Me [#] [add]
07. When I'am a Kid [#] [add]
08. Velvet Mornings [#] [add]
09. With You [#] [add]
10. Goodbye My Love Goodbye [#] [add]
11. Lovely Lady of Arcadia [#] [add]
12. Someday Somewhere [#] [add]
13. My Only Fascination [#] [add]
14. A Thousand Years of Wondering [#] [add]
15. Song of Goodbyes (Sing an Ode to Love) [#] [add]
16. Feel Like I'll Never Feel This Way [add]
17. Let It Be Me [add]
18. Hollywood Lady [add]
19. Pieces of My Life [add]
20. Jennifer [add]
21. Margarita [add]
22. Forever and Ever [add]
23. Sometimes When We Touch [add]
24. Love It Away [add]
25. If You Remember Me [add]
26. Desperado [add]
27. For Love [add]
28. We're Over [add]
29. Sing an Ode to Love [add]
30. Rain and Tears [*] [add]

Forever Demis (2002) 01. Forever and Ever [add]
02. Goodbye My Love lyrics
03. My Friend the Wind [add]
04. Island of Love [add]
05. One Way Wind [add]
06. La Mer [add]
07. Rain and Tears lyrics
08. Summer in Her Eyes [add]
09. My Song of Love [add]
10. No More Boleros [add]
11. Amazing Grace [add]
12. Another Time [add]
13. La Donna E Mobile [add]
14. Let It Be Me [add]
15. Oh Tannenbaum [add]
16. The Moon & I [add]
17. In My Dreams [add]
18. Bella Notte [add]
19. Happy to Be an Island in the Sun [add]
20. Lovely Lady of Arcadia [add]
21. We Shall Dance [add]
22. Mammy Blue [add]
23. Paloma Blanca [add]
24. Kyrie Eleis [add]
25. When Forever Has Gone [add]
26. Dance of Love [add]
27. My Reason lyrics
28. Come Waltz with Me [add]
29. Quantanamera [add]
30. Plaisir d'Amour [add]
31. Torna a Surriento [add]
32. Velvet Mornings [add]
33. Santa Lucia [add]
34. My Broken Souvenirs [add]
35. Sailin' Home [add]
36. Ave Maria [add]

My Friend the Wind (2002) 01. My Friend the Wind [add]
02. Lovely Lady of Arcadia [add]
03. Forever and Ever [add]
04. Goodbye My Love, Goodbye [add]
05. One Way Wind [add]
06. Let It Be Me [add]
07. My Broken Souvenirs [add]
08. Come Waltz with Me [add]
09. Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall [add]
10. Nature Boy [add]
11. Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun [add]
12. In My Dreams [add]
13. Marie Jolie [add]
14. I Want to Live [add]

Live in Brazil (2006) 01. End of the World [add]
02. Rain and Tears lyrics
03. Forever and Ever [add]
04. We Shall Dance [add]
05. Follow Me lyrics
06. Bella Notte (This Is the Night) [add]
07. White Wings (Asa Branca) [add]
08. Lovely Lady of Arcadia [add]
09. My Friend the Wind [add]
10. Goodbye My Love Goodbye [add]
11. Lost in Love [add]
12. Let It Be Me [add]
13. Santa Lucia [add]
14. It's Five O'Clock [add]
15. Una Furtiva Lagrima [add]
16. I Want to Live [add]
17. Mamy Blue [add]
18. My Reason lyrics
19. Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun [add]
20. Medley: Forever and Ever/My Reason/Goodbye My Love Goodbye [add]
21. Dinata [add]

Christmas with Demis Roussos (2006) 01. Silent Night [add]
02. Amazing Graze [add]
03. Glory Glory Hallelujah [add]
04. Jerusalem of Gold [add]
05. Kyrie Eleison [add]
06. Come All Ye Faithful [add]
07. When a Child Is Born [add]
08. II Est Ne le Divin Enfant [add]
09. Hark! Hearld Angels Sing [add]
10. Little Drummer Boy [add]
11. Es Ist Ein' Rose Entsprungen [add]
12. What Child Is This? [add]
13. Mary's Boy Child [add]
14. Gloria in Excelsis Deo [add]
15. Petit Papa Noel [add]
16. Minuit Chretien [add]
17. The First Noel [add]

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