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Meske, Keiser & Kircher lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Titanic II: The Comedy Album (2000) 01. The All New Titanic II [add]
02. Make It So [add]
03. Check In [add]
04. Mrs. Kennedy [add]
05. The Great Unwashed [add]
06. The Plot Contrivance [add]
07. The Press-Board Jungle [add]
08. Beat It [add]
09. Up the Crows Nest [add]
10. Tea, Earl Grey, Hot [add]
11. Oh Garcon! [add]
12. Mister Elevator [add]
13. Here's Johnny! [add]
14. A Little Target Practice [add]
15. Polish Your Head, Sir? [add]
16. Supplies and Demands [add]
17. The Seven Year Itch [add]
18. Dr. Smith and the Elephant Man [add]
19. The Face Lift [add]
20. Tongue Twisters [add]
21. That Calico Freak Is After Me! [add]
22. Mister Elevator, Pt. 2 [add]
23. There Is a Tavern in the Town [add]
24. Sorta Makes Me Feel Like Yodelin [add]
25. Full Reverse! [add]
26. Mister Elevator, Pt. 3 [add]
27. Tricky Dick and the Sinking Ship [add]
28. The Price of Freedom [add]
29. Women and Cherubs First! [add]
30. God and the Unsinkable Titanic II [add]
31. Hold Onto Your Hats! [add]
32. The Plot Contrivance, Pt. 2 [add]
33. Captain Sybil and the Ice Water Enema (or a Shameless Set-Up for a ...) [add]

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