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Jacobites lyrics
Genre: Rock
Jacobites (1984) 01. Big Store [Original] [add]
02. Kissed You Twice [add]
03. Hurt Me More [add]
04. Jacobite's Grave [add]
05. Kings & Queens [add]
06. Silver Street [add]
07. Hanging Out the Banners [add]
08. Need a Friend [add]
09. Little Bird [add]
10. Angels in My Arms [add]
11. For the Roses [add]

Robespierre's Velvet Basement (1985) 01. Big Store [add]
02. Snow White [add]
03. When the Rain Comes [add]
04. Every Girl [add]
05. Fortune of Fame [add]
06. Where the Rivers End [add]
07. Hearts Are Like Flowers [add]
08. It'll All End Up in Tears [add]
09. She Never Believes [add]
10. Silken Sheets [add]
11. Ambulance Station [add]
12. Son of a French Nobleman [add]
13. All the Dark Rags [add]
14. Into My Arms [add]
15. If I'm Crying [add]
16. Country Girl [add]
17. Sloth [add]
18. Someone Who Cares [add]
19. Before I Die [add]
20. Pin Your Heart to Me [add]
21. Road of Broken Dreams [add]
22. One More String of Pearls [add]
23. I Am Just a Broken Heart [add]
24. Only Children Sleeping [add]

Heart of Hearts (1996) 01. Can't You See [Single Mix] [add]
02. Don't You Ever Leave Me [Single Edit] [add]
03. Heart of Hearts [add]
04. She Belongs to You [add]
05. Liquor, Guns and Ammo [add]
06. The Rolling of the Hearse [add]
07. That Girl [add]
08. Puppeteer's Son [add]
09. Penicillin [add]
10. Love's Cascade [add]
11. Travelling European Blues [add]

God Save Us Poor Sinners (1998) 01. God Save Us [add]
02. I Miss You [add]
03. Heartbreaks [add]
04. The Wishing Well [add]
05. Second Time Around [add]
06. I'll Care for You [add]
07. So Unkind [add]
08. Never Apart [add]
09. Blonde Angel [add]
10. She Sleeps Alone [add]
11. Teenage Christmas [add]
12. Cramping My Own Style [add]
13. Elizabethan Balladeer [add]

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