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Nick Harper lyrics
Genre: Rock
Seed (1995) 01. Glittering Eye [add]
02. The Kilty Stone [add]
03. Radio Silence [add]
04. Crazy Boy [add]
05. Three Magpies [add]
06. Big Jim and the Twins [add]
07. Thanks for the Miracle [add]
08. Building Our Own Temple [add]
09. Pendle's Choice [add]
10. Mr. Grey [add]
11. Peace, Love and Happiness [add]
12. Janet and John [add]

Smithereens (1998) 01. Smithereens [add]
02. Ghost of Her Touch [add]
03. In Our Time [add]
04. My Baby [add]
05. The Tyger [add]
06. Twisted [add]
07. Out of It [add]
08. Two Way Thing [add]
09. No Truth Up in the Mountain [add]
10. The Magnificent G-Seven [add]
11. She Really Was [add]
12. Everything's Better [add]
13. Acoustic Smithereens [add]

Instrumental (1999) 01. Swansong [add]
02. The Sky Goes All the Way Home [add]
03. The Whack 'N' Riddle Tree [add]
04. Harperspace [add]
05. Like Punk Never Happened [add]
06. Riverside (Revisited) [add]
07. Instrumental [add]

Harperspace (2000) 01. The Verse Time Forgot lyrics
02. Happy Man lyrics
03. Aeroplane [add]
04. Karmageddon [add]
05. Roomspin [add]
06. There Is Magic in This World [add]
07. Nothing But Love [add]
08. Watching the Stars [add]
09. Kettledrum Heart [add]
10. She Rules My World lyrics
11. Song of Madness [add]
12. Before They Put Me in the Ground [add]

Double Life (2002) 01. She Rules My World lyrics
02. Karmageddon [add]
03. The Verse Time Forgot lyrics
04. The Magnificent G7 [add]
05. Aeroplane [add]
06. The Kiltystone [add]
07. Flying Dog lyrics
08. The Galaxy Song [add]
09. Headless [Official String Break Version] [add]
10. Building Our Own Temple [add]
11. In Our Time [add]
12. Janet and John [add]
13. Crazyboy [add]
14. Guitarman [Whole Lotta Love Mix] [add]
15. Out of It [add]
16. Watching the Stars [7 String Version] [add]
17. Kettledrum Heart [add]
18. The Consumer Meets the Wolfman [add]

Blood Songs (2004) 01. Foreplay [add]
02. Love Junky [add]
03. Lily's Song [add]
04. Love Is Music [add]
05. Imaginery Friend [add]
06. Stronger [add]
07. Vampire Song [add]
08. The Wanderer and His Shadow [add]
09. The Kissing Gate [add]
10. Boy Meets Planet [add]
11. My Little Masterpiece [add]
12. Blood Song [add]

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